All You Need to Know About PayTrace – Powerful and Secure Payment Gateway


Know About PayTrace – Powerful and Secure Payment Gateway. PayTrace is an independent system for payment gateway, especially for excellent customer support. It has all the advanced merchant services which are important in the extension of payment. The good news is that it provides great assistance through phone, mail, online transactions, mobile transactions, cash in advance and point-of-sale. It is a powerful system that can also be customized as per the needs of the user. It can be easily integrated into any merchant’s credit card. All-inclusive payment support solution is the highlight of this extension.

We have provided a complete guide on PayTrace, an amazing online payment gateway. Let’s get started with it and get a clear idea of why you will get benefited by purchasing PayTrace.

Sale Transaction

PayTrace allows receipt printers and card readers to be integrated into the extensive sale system. One can also carry on the transactions with and without the card. Here, the main objective is to ensure that the transactions are carried very swiftly.

Transaction through Mail and Phone

One can also carry on credit card transactions with email or through call. It also comprises recurring bills of services and products. On top of that, there is a solid customer storage vault which has the fraud equipment that is produced to protect your valuable data from any type of theft and wrong practices.

Effectively Helping in eCommerce Transactions

PayTrace proffers services that can improve the security system when it comes to the functioning of the eCommerce activities. This also entails hosted solutions, shopping carts, and putting more effort into the development activities.

Boost Mobile Transactions

By using the mobile application, one can undertake the payments at anyplace by utilizing the IOS device. There is also an additional card reader which enables you to perform the swiped transactions. Other transactions can be carried easily in the app.

Monetary Factors

There are mostly two pricing plans in the PayTrace Magento2 extension. One is basic and the other is pro. You can redeem any plan as per your requirements. Let’s know the two of them in detail.

Basic plan – The installation is free in the PayTrace. You would need to pay $15 monthly fees for the vertical terminal. Additionally, there is $0.30 transaction processing fees.

Pro Plan – Here, the Pro version is not free when comes to setup. The fee for set up is $75 with a monthly fee of $20 for each virtual terminal. You would also need to pay transaction processing fees of $0.10.

PayTrace is basically a resolute solution that includes internet-based and mobile-based payment and it also has the feature of combining with receipt printers and card readers. The best part of both these extension plans is that they compliant effectively with the PCI standards and have a highly robust security system. Both of these extensions have round-the-clock support which is the best part of the extension. Moreover, PayTrace Basic can also handle the transactions for all major credit cards. One by manual transaction and one through the credit card readers.

Other Lucrative Features of PayTrace

There are many other features of PayTrace which cannot be ignored. Have a look at them!

  • It stores credit card transactions that help in regulating the transaction;
  • It has a hassle-free partial refund, full refund, and void credit card transaction facility;
  • It is easy to change the transaction before it is settled;
  • Easy functioning of the transaction with smartphones;
  • Creating receipts and three reports

PayTrace Pro has all the features of PayTrace basic along with other features that can enhance the customer service method. Also one can easily maintain various user sign-ins. It is also practically possible to link more than one PayTrace account. The main objective of rendering various account choices to merchants helps them to control the cash flow. It also reduces their task of allocating duties to other employees.

Merchants are also able to store customer information for any future use. This information can also be used for encryption and tokenization. Merchants also have the tendency to charge and create multiple accounts at one time. By this, they can also create multiple transactions at a single time. This feature can be advantageous when it comes to recurring payments. However, there will be an additional fee of $5 that is being charged every year to get this feature. This fee increases as per the increase in NSF charges.

It is quite easy to maintain the customer profile which improves customer service like never before. These customer profiles are also utilized as third-party solutions pertaining to the salesforce and customer relationship.

There are mostly three types of custom reports that you can create by using the official and basic version of the software. Moreover, the custom report also helps in simplifying the revenue and fee trends. Merchants can create a pre-integrated shopping cart for the products.

For those who do not want to start from the base, a pre-integrated product shopping cart is available to be plugged into a common site. But, there is an additional charge of $ 15 on a monthly basis to avail this service. Developers have advanced API System that helps them to combine their online payment gateway system with the eCommerce framework. Merchants who want their online payment to be customized with their basic requirements will find PayTrace  magento2 extension quite beneficial. If as a merchant you are not in search of many advanced features, the PayTrace Basic would be a convenient choice for you.

Security Factor of PayTrace

It is important that Paytrace security is tight as ingenious payment gateway will be transmitting and controlling the payment data in any organization. Assure that there is complete secrecy and security to meet the security standards like the PCI compliance. It also involves tokenized security. With the help of this technology, it is possible to protect people from any kind of data fraud. These systems are developed in order to check payments without the requirement of the bank account information and transmit card. Due to this, the payment data becomes less overwhelming. The tokenization system does not store the payment information which again improves the security of the transaction. It saves the token, so the customer need not worry about losing the data to the wrong hands.

Without tokenization, the system stores and transfer the encrypted data. With the assistance of SSL technology, the information which is identified can be protected while it is transmitted. By initializing the multi-factor authentication, it is possible to protect the data being misused. Furthermore, there is a different set of permissions for users. With the integration of timely time-out connections, one can reduce the chances of unauthorized access.

The Parting Thought

As you have seen above, PayTrace Magento 2 extension is important for effective and secure transactions. While comparing PayTrace with other payment gateway providers, you would know that PayTrace is one of the most convenient and updated Magento2 extensions. It has all the quality when it comes to completing the transaction. With an ocean full of features and reasonable pricing, Magento extension is the most essential thing merchant must use to glorify their business.


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