How to get rid of fruit flies in the house

get rid of fruit flies

Fruit flies are a very annoying thing. It can make your life get rid of fruit flies. When you are supposed to eat your food with your guest or family members, it can disturb you. Also, it can make you feel disgusted. Fruits flies are tiny. Generally, they grow up in ripe fruits. When you serve some ripe fruits to your guest, discovering fruit flies, there can make you feel dismal.

It isn’t very kind to you too. Not only in ripe food, but fruit flies are also growing in desserts. It means fruit flies love to grow in a sweet item. The moist place is also their favorite place to unwind. When you make a party in your house, serving some drinks like beers and juices, if you have fruit flies in your home, they can dive in there.

That is very disgusting for all the guests. It can make you feel uncomfortable in front of some valuable person of yours. Not only that, but fruit flies can also decrease the value of yours. We are always looking for a solution to get rid of this kind of unwanted thing. Let’s know more about fruit flies.

What are the fruit flies?

When you are discovering some flies in your kitchen, where you kept some ripe fruits or sweet items without a lid, that are known as fruit flies. These fruit flies are not so harmful to your health. but it can cause so many problems in your life. In severe cases, it can be detrimental too. It can bear the bacteria. Fruit flies also destroy the quality of food. The environment of your house can be decreased for it.

Fruit flies are generally growing in fruit. When you cut some ripe food and leave those uncovering, fruit flies can immediately grow there. You won’t like to have these fruits at all. So, we can say it can waste your food too.

Let’s see some disadvantages of it in detail. To understand it correctly, a brief discussion will be given at each point.

The disadvantage of fruit flies.

  1. It’s not possible to enjoy the food.
  2. Fruit flies infest home.
  3. Fruit flies can produce bacteria.
  4. It can make you sick.
  5. It isn’t charming.
  6. Decrease the value of your home.


It’s not possible to enjoy the food-

 This is a critical point. Fruit flies will not give you the scope to enjoy your food. When you want to eat some fruits, fruit flies can annoy you more. You cannot eat your favorite fruits properly. It can ruin your mood.

Not only for that, when you need to eat some fruit for your baby, but you also have to take much time to eat him. In this eating period, fruit flies can ruin your fruits, and you don’t want to eat those fruits to your baby. It also destroys your reputation when you are serving some ripe fruits to your guest and the discover fruit flies there.

Fruit flies infest home.

Fruit flies can infest your home. Once you discover some fruit flies in your house, it will increase rapidly. Fruit flies can grow so early. It takes only 7-8 days to adult the eggs of fruit flies. They will quickly improve.

Fruit flies not only find in the ripe fruits, but they also found in potatoes, onions. It can decrease the value of your kitchen. When you are making juice, and keep the liquid away to get rid of fruit flies, but your dirty blender cannot fill your hope to keep them out. Fruit flies can take hold there.

Fruit flies can produce bacteria.

 Fruit flies are not that harmful; we know that. But denying the fruit flies is a terrible decision. Because fruit flies can bear the bacteria that can be harmful to your body. Fruit flies also grow in some dirty places or dustbin.

After that, they come to your home, and you discover them in your fruit. If you eat those, you will be affected by some disease. They can bear the bacteria from the dustbin or the drain. It can ruin your food value. So you should be aware of it. Make sure you are not eating that food.

It can make you sick.

As it can bear the bacteria from dustbin and drain, it can make you sick when you are eating those ripe fruits where fruit flies are founded.

Fruit flies can dive-bomb in your juice too. You may think that you are discarded. Those from your fruits or juices can ensure you to not getting sick, but it already spread the bacteria in your food. That can make you ill, and you have to face some problems with it.

It isn’t delightful

The most crucial difficulty of fruit flies it can annoy you more. They fly over the food, and that can ruin your mood to eat. Also, we can find the fruit flies in the kitchen; it can destroy the environment of the kitchen.

When you are working in your kitchen, making some food, fruit flies can annoy you. You cannot leave your onion there. They can sit there and make this food unhealthy. Fruit flies can also make your kitchen unhygienic. You have to suffer more for these fruit flies.

Decrease the value of your home

it can decrease the value of your home. When visitors come to visit your house and see the fruit flies in your kitchen, it can make them feel that you are living in an unhygienic house. They don’t like to stay in your home. Also, you will be disrespected for those fruit flies. Your guest will also don’t want to keep in your house. For that, it can decrease the value of your home as well as yours.

These fruit flies are very unrespectable for all of us. We don’t like to stay with this kind of harmful elements. That is a significant problem in our house.

We always want to get rid of the problems. For that, we have to conscious more to solve these problems. Consciousness can help us to get rid of these problems.

To prevent the invasion of fruit flies, we have to take some steps.

These steps are given below-

  • It creates a barrier between fruit and fruit flies.
  • Rinse the fruits.
  • Keep the bin away. 
  • Store the ripe fruits on the refrigerator.
  • Clean the kitchen sink.
  • Don’t keep sweet foods uncovered in the kitchen.
  • Use a trash can with a tight lid.
  • Create a trap.
  • Find out the source of the fruit flies.
  • Clean the dirty dishes quickly.
  • Apply spray.
  • Get rid of dump areas.

Here we are giving some critical steps to get rid of fruit flies. That will help you to solve your problem. We will discuss these points briefly so that you can understand very quickly and apply those in your house.


Creates a barrier between fruit and fruit flies-

You can quickly get rid of fruit flies by creating a barrier between fruit and fruit flies. For this, you can use hard paper bag to keep the fruits. Fruit flies will not be able to come in the paper bag so quickly, and you can save your food very easily.

Rinse the fruits

When you are buying fruit from the market, make sure that you are washing those fruits when you come into your home. For that, your fruits will look fresh and fruit flies don’t sit there. You can easily keep your fruit in the dining table. But it is good to eat them early. When fruits are getting ripe, fruit flies can grow there very easily.

 Keep the bin away

We all are using a bin in our house. Especially in the kitchen, we need to use a bin to keep the garbage. Many fruits peel and garbage are kept there generally. For that it gets moist and fruit flies can grow there very easily. So you should keep the bin away from your kitchen. After using your bin, you can keep in the outside of your house. So that you can get rid of fruit flies.

 Store the ripe fruits on the refrigerator

We love to eat the fruit when it gets ripe properly. But we know that keeping that ripe fruit in the kitchen can make the fruit flies. So we should keep the ripe fruits in the refrigerator. We can freeze our fruits and eat when we needed. This can help you to get rid of fruit flies.

 Clean the kitchen sink

Cleanliness should be the priority of any house. As we need to work so long in the kitchen, we need to keep the kitchen clean. Especially, the kitchen sink. We are cleaning our dishes, vegetables, and all other food there as well as fruits. So particles of that food can help fruit flies to grow there very easily. When we are cleaning those, we have to ensure that we are cleaning the sink properly. That can help us to get rid of fruit flies.

Don’t keep sweet foods uncovered in the kitchen

Sweet items are the most favorite place for fruit flies. When we are making a dessert or our favorite custard, we have to ensure that we are covering those after making. Unless fruit flies can grow there and you may have to waste those fruits for these fruit flies. So never uncover your sweet food to get rid of fruit flies.

Use a trash can with a tight lid

We need to use a trash can to keep the trash. Trash can get moist easily and many fruits peel is founded there. so, fruit flies can easily grow there and start annoying us. To get rid of those, we have to use a trash can with a tight lid. So that fruit flies cannot enter there.

Create a trap

People are applying so many trap ideas to get rid of fruit flies. The most useful trap is leaving apple cider vinegar with dish soap. For that fruit flies can be attracted by apple cider vinegar and stuck there. You can also use a banana slice in the kitchen to get the same result.

 Find out the source of the fruit flies

Finding out the source of the fruit flies can help you to kill them. You can clean the space and pay extra awareness of it. If you know the source of the fruit flies, you can easily solve the problem.

Clean the dirty dishes quickly


You shouldn’t leave the dirty dishes after eating. That can help the fruit flies to grow there properly and leaves bacteria in your dishes. You have to clean the dishes immediately for not facing the problems of fruit flies. They won’t go away on their own. So we should keep aware of it. we should clean the dirty dish after eating.

Apply spray

You can also fruit flies spray there. you can get those spray in the store or you can make it on your own. It is very easy. After making the spray, you can spray over the fruit flies and get rid of this problem.

Get rid of dump areas

Dump areas are also responsible for growing the fruit flies. In an area with dirty dustbin and drain can make your house less valuable. Also, if you have filthy space in your house, fruit flies can grow there easily. So you should ensure the cleanliness of your house and your area to get rid o this problem.

Fruit flies are a very unacceptable thing in every house. For this, we have to face a lot of problems. but we can minimize those we pay more conscious of it.


FAQ of fruit flies.


Are fruit flies carry germs?

Answer- No!


Wine or beer are helpful for fruit flies?

Answer- Yes! Fermentation items are also responsible for fruit flies.


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