Honest review of bona hardwood floor cleaner

bona hardwood floor cleaner

Keeping the natural beauty of the hardwood floor, the proper cleaning method and regular cleaning is a must. But, sometimes, we are unaware of the cleaner, including what type of cleaner we have to use and how to. Now here we are going to talk about the best hardwood floor cleaner that is bona.

It is mainly made for wood floors. By using the bona Harwood floor cleaner, you will get the most comfortable cleaning than ever. Users love this cleaner as it is safe and easy to use. And according to user reviews, the bona hardwood floor cleaner has gained much popularity. But it’s essential to use the bona Harwood floor cleaner properly. Now in this article, we have covered how to use the bona hardware floor cleaner with its reviews.

How to use bona hardwood floor cleaner:

If you want a deep floor cleaning, then you have to use your bona hardwood floor cleaner properly. By following the step by step instruction, you can maintain your floor beauty for long years. So for proper retention of the floor cleaning, here we have discussed the bona hardwood floor cleaner instructions in several steps. These are as follows-

General process:

If your floor is not so much dirty, then the general process of cleaning using the bona hardwood floor cleaner will be sufficient. The method of the available floor cleaning process is as follows-

  1. For varnishes, painted and hardwired or oiled floor, the following steps have to maintain-

Step 1: preparation of floor cleaning is the first step. Keep all the equipment ready such as your mop, vacuum, and bona hardwood floor cleaner near to you.

Step 2:

Spray on wood floor cleaner over the dirt and clean with a bona hardwood floor cleaner mop. You can also use some other type of floor mop. Wipe the floor properly and rinse the pad in water to clean the mob’s surface. Squeeze it carefully and continue to clean. If your bona mop pad surface is soiled much, then it will also put dirt on the floor. So clean the mop surface properly.

Step 3: If your floor is oily, then use a bona hardwood floor cleaner with a bona cleaning pad. By using both, it will be easy to clean.

Step 4: If your floor looks dull and you found scratches or some other type of stains, then at first vacuum the floor carefully and clean the surface with a bona hardwood floor cleaner. It’s useful if you use a bona pad on your bona mop. After that, apply one coat of bona hardwood floor polish or refresher with a bona pad. It will provide a natural finishing over the floor surface. Now let it dry for 2 hours. 

For marble, ceramic tiles, laminate, vinyl or linoleum floor-

Ste 1:  For regular hard surface cleaning, spray bona tile & laminate cleaner and wipe the floor. You can use a bona cleaning pad on your bona mop or some other type of mop or pad for cleaning purposes. Now rinse the mob in water and squeeze properly.   

Step 2: For scratches and dull floor management, it’s the first step to use the vacuum the floor properly. Now clean with bona tile & laminate cleaner. 

Step 3: Now, it’s time to use bona tile and laminate polish with a bona applicator pad.

Weekly maintenance:

If you want to keep your floor clean, then weekly maintenance is a must. Sometimes it’s difficult to reach like corners and the spaces between hardwoods. In that case, it’s ideal if you do weekly cleaning to get the hard corners of the house using vacuums and wet mops.

Monthly schedule for polishing: Monthly cleaning is also essential for keeping your floor polished and furnished. Polishing provides a greasiness that offers extra protection on your hardwood floor. It also renews and refreshes the floor finishing, including the microscopic scratches. Depending on the condition of your foot, it’s better to polish the floor after every 2-3 months with bona hardware floor polish.

Yearly schedule: The yearly plan has to maintain after every 3-5 years. If your floor has deep scratched, then sanding and refining will help to repair this type of damage. Yearly maintenance provides new refining polishing by replacing old protective finish.

Bona hardwood floor cleaner review:

As bona in one of the highest-rated and most recommended options for most of the users. So it is the ultimate question, “why it is so much popular”? The answer lies in this section. This answer mainly depends on what is the ingredient of the bona hardwood floor cleaner, what its benefits, how it is used, packaging, how users feel about it, and the bona hardwood cleaner reviews. These are as follows-

Packaging: Bona hardware floor cleaner comes in a spray bottle or large refill tank and is available at your local home improvement store or also you will get it in amazon store. Now it’s time to review the bona hardwood floor cleaner

Type of floor on which it works:

Bona hardwood floor cleaner is made for using on an unoiled finished wood surface that means natural hardwood floors. It is designed in such a way that it provides the surface finishing like polyurethane. But if you are confused about what types of finish your floor has then it’s better to use water and scarping methods that work best.

For oil base floors some special types of cleaner such as bona professional series natural oil floor cleaner are required. You can also use it on tile, stone, wood floors. But for the designer wooden floor, it’s recommended to use a bona tile & laminate floor cleaner. It will provide better cleaning. But don’t use bona tile & laminate cleaner on the hardwood as it can damage the finish.

Bona hardwood floor cleaner ingredients: It contains three body-safe co-solvents – PPG-2 ether, butoxy propanol, and ethoxylated alcohol. Al these are work against greasy cooking spill without smearing it around. It also contains trisodium salt like chelators which is an organic compound.

The isothiazolinone used in bona helps to preserve organic and biodegradable products and eradicate harmful bacteria. It has a blue HP colorant component that won’t satin floor but water-soluble, aesthetic, and washes out easily. It is used so that you can differentiate for water and other spills.

Safety issues: Bona hardwood floor cleaner contains all the ingredients that are safe considering your family health issue and for the environment. It has gained a green guard gold stamp as it contains low VOC emissions and uses a safe formula that is also harmless for your pet. Its neutral pH preserves the floor finish.


It is certified as the best hardwood floor cleaner by different institutes such as the good housekeeping institute ranks as the best out of 20+ floor cleaning products,  the spruce has named as the best overall for hardwood floor cleaner, and real homes have concluded by considering it as a good cleaner. It is an impressive endorsement.

Other products of bona: There are some other types of products available. Bona products are available for polishing, dusting, spraying mops, cleaning. All these are an essential tool for floor cleaning.

Complain about bona hardwood floor cleaner: The common complaint that we commonly hear about this cleaner is that it lacks proper fragrance. Thought it contains essential oil but it is not so prominent like another floor cleaner. 

Is it worthy enough to use bona hardwood floor cleaner:

In short ‘Yes’ and it can be concluded under the following section-

Cleaning performance: you will get so many positive reviews on bona. And most of the reviews are awesome which proves it the best hardwood floor cleaner. You don’t have to wait after applying it to the floor. It is formulated in such a way that after applying it on the floor it will dry quickly and you can use mop over the floor. To get the best result, use the bona hardwood floor cleaner in the same direction of the floorboard. This helps to prevent flashing and pick up the dirt sticking between floorboards.

Properties: it kills the maximum germs and leaves no sticky residue by providing a clean and smooth surface. No harsh chemical smell you will found

Focus on floor cleaning:

Bona is dedicatedly working for floor cleaning for nearly 100 years. And millions of people have faith in it. And you can use the Bona hardwood floor cleaner as raw form. It is not required to mix with water. 

Easy to use: Its user friendly. Just spray over the dirt and wipe it with a mob. For convenient use, Use a bona hardwood floor cleaner putting in a spray bottle rather than pouring in on the floor straight from the refill container. Again, it is PH neutral and environmentally safe.

Tips for keeping your floor protective:

Use of proper tools: it’s an important fact to use the proper tool for cleaning the floor properly. Usually, a mop is consist of a washable machine and microfiber rug to clean the dust. Use a good dusting pad so that each small particle is attached while cleaning the floor. Regarding this matter, the bona hardwood floor cleaner provides a wide range of cleaner and tools to make the right selection easy for you. 

Use of protective pads: While moving from one position to another or keeping your furniture in one place for a long time some scratches or stain you will found. For that, it’s always a better solution to keep your floor safe from furniture scratches using protective pads. Place protective pads or caps below the edge of furniture to save the floors.

Use of doormat: Use natural rubber rug underlayment with a waffle pattern in the entry door and high traffic area.

Be careful using sharp utensils:

in the kitchen or dining room sometimes your sharp utensils can drop on the floor. In that case, it’s better to put a doormat or a piece of cloth while working under your feet. Again you can cover the floor with a floor mat for protecting all types of scratch and stain.

Avoid greasy cleaner: Avoid using wax, vinegar, and all-purpose floor cleaner. These types of cleaner make a rough finishing over your floor. Vinegar and water make the floor finish dull for use for a while and soap and wax leave a deposit of the particles. Again some people like to use a steam cleaner that puts long term damage also. 

Use a scented cleaner for a refreshing atmosphere:

It’s your sweet home where you will stay after your all-day work. For that reason, it’s better to maximize the outlook of the home by using a scented cleaner. It’s not directly related to floor cleaning but by doing so you will feel relaxed. Again it may be unknown to you that scented cleaner contains an extra essential oil that is beneficial to clean your floor.

Other cautions:  if you are fond of pet then it’s better to trim their claws to avoid scratch on the floor. Large claws can put permanent scratches on the floor. Again, High heel is considered an enemy to the floors. So try to avoid wearing high heels inside the house. But for outside going, you have to put your fav high heels. In that case, put a doormat under the high heels. This will help to protect your floor.


Is it suitable to pick up bona hardwood floor cleaner for floor cleaning?

As it’s a water-based formulated cleaner so it is suitable for any finishing wooden floor. 

How to use the bona hardwood floor cleaner properly?

Avoid the excessive use of liquid on the floor. Squeeze properly before using a mop on the floor. And not directly use from the bona hardwood floor cleaner refill bottle. It’s good to put in on a spray bottle and then apply on the floor.

Is it necessary to dilute bona hardwood cleaner?

Not. You can use it as a raw form.

Does bona hardwood floor cleaner kill germs?

Bona hardwood floor cleaner is formulated by hydrogen peroxide that kills 99.9% of household germs. 










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