Construction Documents as the Part of Your Digital Transformation


Each present-day contractor is willing to achieve more and more business goals while spending modest funds. A win-win strategy for today’s representatives of the construction sector is to start their way of digital transformation. Each step will bring success and optimize your building pipeline in general. Especially when it comes to construction documentation.

Without well-managed document flows, it is impossible to raise KPIs and dream about high-profit margins. For this purpose, each phase of construction should be accompanied by the best-matching tools. For example, the pre-construction stage is almost impossible without great building estimator software by Conwize and cloud-based programs for reporting, analytics, data sharing, and other procedures concerning information processing.

The same story is about construction and post-construction stages. It is useful to transform approaches to construction documents as soon as possible. Especially if your processes are far from digital-friendly and paperless. Let’s take a closer look at the most common rule all the businessmen in the building sector know well – well-managed documentation is one of the most important KPI factors. Your construction documents are namely these key performance indicators.

Construction Documents: Outdated Standards That Ruin Your KPIs

As construction documentation is one of your key performance indicators, it is better to explore all the peculiarities of the document flows in-depth beforehand. For example, there are many outdated trends and standards most contractors respect even now when it comes to their management routines.

Thus, do not be surprised if your competitors in the niche will be more successful than you. The problem is lacking adoption rates and poor flexibility of your existing systems to high-tech solutions that hit the market. For example, your partner, customer, or other stakeholder is willing to share any e-document. But your company is not able to get electronic spreadsheets and your team has no idea about cloud-based databases or document-sharing algorithms.

14% of overall difficulties with documentation flows in construction relate to zero digital-friendliness. But, usually, these figures are even bigger. Standard operating procedures are often outdated. That is why it is high time to change everything to have fruitful results finally.

How to Improve Your Construction Document Management?

First of all, you should be ready to mitigate all your future risks. It concerns construction documentation as well. This way one of your important KPIs will be OK while healthy standardization with all updated essential components in the pipeline will take place. Do not forget about other necessary aspects like your corporate culture and your team’s competence level in the context of digital-friendly document flows. 

For example, only paperless procedures together with cloud-based data-sharing strategies are on-demand today. Your teammates should understand how to use these tech solutions and be ready to switch from manual reporting with high risks of human-factor errors to automated document flows.

Your task as a lead manager is to invest in new technologies, onboarding, and training of your team to make the pipeline digital-friendly together with your construction documentation. For this purpose, take a closer look at the range of helpful tips:

  • Increasing the frequency of reporting data sharing is not about absolute high value. All the manually-done reports are vulnerable in the context of human-factor errors. That is why it is better to run investments in automation and digital transformation first. 
  • The corporate culture should also be transformed. It is possible due to regular meetings and changing rules where you ask your teammates to send e-spreadsheets, explain to them how to use any management or reporting tool, etc. 
  • You should prioritize good data with accurate figures based on high-quality analytics. Explain to people that it is possible to do so only with the help of great efforts and transformations inside the company where helpful software and other tech solutions will come first. Then, workers go together with their decision-making properties and supervision abilities. 
  • Establish all the novelties step by step. Implement all the digital tools one after another. Let your workers understand all the concepts and peculiarities of updated document sharing and data processing in general. 

To sum up, construction documentation can be managed better through the best-matching software. For example, estimating tools, cloud-based programs, AI-based tools, BIM systems, and other high-tech approaches can make a difference when it comes to your corporate document flow. Prioritize data in your company, identify ones who can help with onboarding, and implement digital tools and transformations step-by-step to avoid any shock among people.

Do not forget about your digital strategy that covers all the KPIs. But remember that it is most reasonable to start with the construction document flow optimization. This is one of the most important key performance indicators. Your stakeholders will mention how gaps disappear in your existing systems and algorithms of data processing & sharing.   


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