15 ways to paint a bathtub – a bathtub makeover guide

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From explaining mirrors and sculptural bathtub paint to gorgeous colors and indoor open-air showers, the configuration of toilets has made amazing progress in the basic choices of the past few years. If you are thinking about changing things in your main shower or dressing room, please check whether there is something that touches you other than structural thoughts.

Shapely tile.

You don’t need to grind the secondary floor tiles to get bigger ups and downs, similar to the Hacienda floor tiles from Ann Sacks. Combined with fresh white partitions and cabinets, the exciting tiles look rich and warm.

Natural pronunciations.

With the entirety of the fired and porcelain surfaces in a shower, a touch of natural bathtub paint shading and surface goes far toward causing the space to feel progressively close to home. Attempt a cut wood stool, bordered towels, a woven container, or kilim-style carpet.

Sculptural tub.

In the event that a lavish splash is at the highest point of your fantasy shower list of things to get, consider something along the lines of this smooth, sculptural number from Victoria and Albert Baths. The natural shape is satisfying to the eye, and the raised back makes leaning back while you drench serenely.

Driftwood reflect. Here and there one change is all you have to radically adjust the look and feel of a space. A valid example: Swapping out a medication bureau for a major, somewhat wild-looking driftwood mirror can sling a washroom from ho-murmur to dazzling.

Wet the entire fired and porcelain surface bathtub paint in the shower, the natural shadow and surface touch will make space gradually approach the home. Try cutting wooden stools, edging towels, woven containers, or Killeen rugs.

Sculpture bathtub.

If you reach the highest point on the list of fantasy showers you want, consider the smooth, sculptural lines of Victoria and Albert Baths. The natural shape is pleasing to the eye, and the raised back allows you to lean backward when wet quietly.

Driftwood reflected.

You need to make a change here and there to fundamentally adjust the look and feel of the space. An effective example: using the pharmacy to change a large, seemingly wild driftwood mirror can make the toilet from a murmur to dazzling.

A wooden-looking boat ride.

Keep the vibrant appearance bathtub paint of the coast directly through the shower, without damaging the water because of the use of Corian tablets, the slices look like a boat ride.

In this ace shower, the roof and partitions are poplar lap panels, and Corian created a shower area to coordinate.

The large glass shower, gooseneck-shaped shower head, and dim hexagonal tiles on the floor create a brand new beachfront look.

Herringbone tile floor.

Not as expensive as laying a wooden floor in the shower, and as it gradually wears out, the herringbone wood look tiles provide a wood-look while protecting your consumption restrictions.

Coastal flashy style.

The shining shell-shaped backsplash and the sparkling wall lights combined with the frameless mirror and illuminated translucent counter agate counter add a stylish touch to this ace shower. Fresh white shipbreaker dividers and straightforward mirrors prevent things from getting too high.

Colorful mosaic.

Vibrant blue mosaic tiles are unobstructed, especially in today’s clean lining showers. In general, the larger shower head and simple-to-use built-in shelf are other items needed.

Megawatt yellow.

Give your restroom or make-up room a shining makeover bathtub paint, and the two facing partitions are painted bright yellow. Bright tones like this bring incredible scenery to photography, so you can use and hang a grid of photos in a coordinated white edge.

High contrast everywhere.

The high-contrast combination has absorbed steam in the bathroom. The white tram tiles and charcoal dim paint on the divider are very chic, and the high-contrast tiles designed on the floor have brought it to a new height. Finally, draw a solid note in a dark pot with a two-tone stool on the pattern, a realistic towel, and maidenhair greenery.

The nuances of navigation.

Nautical lighting, an iron bucket, and a white marine partition and roof meet in this typical Nantucket beach house.

The customized dressing table can provide enough capacity without being overwhelmed by the open rack on the base.


In the case of a realistic tile backsplash, it plays a major role in small amounts of powder. Since only a few blocks are required, it is easier to legalize cash spent on extremely special things. Try to make herringbone, ikat, herringbone or hand drawing, or spend too much on custom mosaics.

Dehn Bloom design

Statement separator. Use stencils or letter decals to display some of your favorite sentences directly on the dividing line.

When using decals, be sure to choose a vinyl type vinyl. Compared with the flower type, the vinyl type is more desirable in the viscosity of the shower.

Die frills.

The slightly white and wooden dressing table and the shaded square tile partition established the leading pace in this kind of home life in Los Angeles-but it is the medieval style of clay pots and wooden owls that caught everyone’s attention.

And keep in mind that the leather toilet in the Moroccan style in this picture is unobstructed, and you are likely to be in an ideal state and perform an open-air interpretation to avoid the need to keep it near the showerhead.

This is a two-part epoxy coating that you can combine in a 1-quart bracket (no additional compartments are required, just use the bracket from Part B). You can use it on porcelain, pottery, and fiberglass.

I treat the bathtub paint as a partition. At the end of the day, I used a 2-inch Purdy ribbon brush * to “cut in” the area I knew I couldn’t reach with the roller, and then I painted the entire large area with 6.5 inches. “Roller.

The general working time is about 4 1/5 hours, and the time through the entire process (calculating the drying time after preparation and the drying time between the layers of paint) is about 8 hours.

  • The preparation takes about 1.25 hours and is a multi-step process, including:
  • Rinse the bathtub with water and fade to eliminate mold,
  • Clean the entire bathtub with comet,
  • Clean the bathtub with Lime Away * and decontamination pad, then
  • Use 400/600 thick dry / wet sandpaper to polish the bathtub *.
  • These drip instructions are accompanied by rust oil tubs and tile repair paint kits.

After the whole process, I used a fan to dry the space completely. I let it dry for about 90 minutes while eating, and then prepare to paint. Before painting, I cleaned it very well with dry fabric, then “cut in” with a brush and caught up with the roller in a large area.

After applying the main layer of bathroom paint, I dried it for about 90 minutes and then applied the subsequent paint.

At that time, the main coating was completely dry, and the paint was really hard … to such an extent that I reached the bathtub while applying the subsequent coating while my bare feet stayed in the bathtub. Some areas, but did not destroy the paint in any way. To be honest, I even sat at the edge of the bathtub at a certain time, and even hurriedly pulled my ass over the edge of the bathtub, the paint was very beautiful. Therefore, I am almost certain that after the necessary three days of drying / repair time, the paint will become unimaginably firm.

That’s it! That is my participation in the painting bath! If I forget any information you need, or if you have any questions, please let me know and I will serve you wholeheartedly!

Frequently asked questions are the ones I know best about this company:

Can you do this on the paw foot bath?

We didn’t give the hook-foot bathtub a shot, but I don’t know why not.

Can you use it in the bathtub?

No! This item is not made to surround the bathtub.

Can you use it on the sink?

We don’t need to do this, but we can! I saw other people use it on the sink.

How many units do you need?

We like to put two or three covers on the bathtub. One unit, we can paint a layer on the bathtub. There are some paintings on the tiles around the bathtub. We usually get two bags without a doubt to get a cover that is adequately covered.

What do you do with a grouting line for tiles?

We paint on tiles and grout lines. The paint is well covered.

Does the paint peel or flake?

We propose to apply several layers of paint to the bathtub and tiles, and the paint will not flake or chip. You don’t want to use harsh cleaners after finishing, but it works well.

Will the water temperature affect the work of the paint?




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