5 Tips to Speed up Your Internet Connection

Speed up Your Internet

Tips to Speed up Your Internet Connection. All of us are on a common consensus in terms of a slow internet connection. Be it to watch movies or playing online games, a slow connection can be a damp squib in terms of your online experience. Sadly, not everyone can switch their internet connections, the reason being there exists a single service provider in some places. If you happen to fall in that class, you have to ensure the best from your internet experience.

You need to be sure that the condition is better before you plan to speed up the mywifiext local internet connection. If you feel the connection is low or suspicious you need to conduct an internet speed test. Speed test. Net is a great platform to check the speed of your internet connection with the press of a button. Once you have the results compare it to the download speed and figure out whether the connection is really slow as per promised protocols. Once you are suspicious you need to try things on the given list

Restarting the router

To turn the machines on and off is one of the ways to address the problem. This can be done by manually switching on and off the device, pressing the power button off or even logging in through the router after switching it off. A recommendation is to wait for 10 seconds before you switch on the device through the time set may vary mentioned by a manufacturer. In any case, a minute or so would be enough.

Installation of antivirus software

The chances are that you might have gone on to download something that you should not have done and end up with malware on your computer. Malware hijacks the bandwidth that slows down your internet connection. If you do not use antivirus software, you are putting secured information like a password at risk. Not only you end up slowing your internet connection malware provides an opportunity to steal sensitive information. You need to check out the best antivirus software that would work for you. Not only in terms of features, but you also need to be concerned about the security aspect.

Securing the browser

The virus makes its way through the browser, so it is important that you protect the area. First, you have to install antivirus software which is to be followed by a secured browser. If you are not sure about the type of browser, you are using you need to look at ways to obtain a secured browser.  

Opting for a Wi-Fi Extender

Opting for a Wi-Fi extender seems to be a sensible idea. One can buy a Netgear extender. For its set up, Mywifiext.net works as a web-based user interface when you are able to manually configure the process of installation. Even if you rely on this mechanism, error messages can spring up. Then you can try it with this IP

Upgrade your equipment

While Wi-Fi gear can run for several years before failing, you should think about replacing older equipment. Most of the homeowners are acquainted with access points and network routers, but they might not understand that Wi-Fi technology improves continually. Newer Wi-Fi gear usually runs quicker, is more trustworthy, and provides better compatibility with the gadgets you use to join the internet at the house.

Rely on Ad block

Ads can be really annoying and might spoil your browsing experience. The first thing you have to do is to install Ad-block all the more so if you have a slow connection to start off with. If there is no need to load ads then you should not, as information from multiple servers can be obtained. A longer period of wait accrues in order for the web page to load.


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