What Is Feng Shui And How Can It Be Used To Transform Your Home?


Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of the balance of chi (energy) in your home. The overall goal of feng shui is to invite positive chi into your home to make a space feel more energised and balanced. While some people believe it to be a pseudo-science, one cannot deny how different a space feels after it has been optimised with this ancient Chinese practice in mind. So, how can you utilise feng shui to transform your home? 

Go up! 

By integrating some vertical shapes and lines that traject toward the ceiling, you represent growth and expansion. Simple changes like adding a large tree to the corner of a room or installing some tall bookshelves can make the world of difference. 


A cluttered and untidy room takes up vital resources that new, incoming energy could be using. Use this as an opportunity to clear out some old junk from your home that you no longer need. You can either throw it, give it away to charity, or try and make some extra cash by flunking it on eBay

Similarly, make sure that all entry ways in your home are clear. This represents the entry-point for positive energy coming into your life so you don’t want anything getting in the way! 

Not only will this create a more relaxing environment for you, but a clutter-free space makes for a clutter-free mind. 

Remove all obstacles 

This ties in closely with creating a clutter-free space, but make sure you remove all obstacles from your home. Think about how you move throughout your home on a daily basis; do you keep bumping into things? If so, this could be a good opportunity for a much needed re-arrange. 

Add plenty of green 

Liven up your home with life! What better a way to add more energy to your home than with the living embodiment of life and energy? That, and a greener space is far more beautiful than one lacking in colour. 

Opt for metal

It is said that metal furnishings and décor in the home can help with clarity, sharpness of thought, calming, and balancing energies. If you have been feeling unproductive at home, then introducing this element might just give you that little boost you need. 

Love wood 

Natural elements like wood can really transform a space as well. Try installing hardwood flooring or buying some beautiful wooden furniture to give your home an earthier, grounded vibe. 

Interior decorators and realtors use these tricks 

Feng shui is a widely used practice that many experts utilise. Reputable real estate agents like DD Property often practice these techniques in order to bring more positive energy into a home and make it more appealing to prospective buyers. So, why don’t you give it a go and try it yourself? We are certain that you will feel much more comfortable in your home with the added balance of elements and spatial optimisation. 


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