Best apps for earning money

best apps for earning money

Intro of best apps for earning money

The internet is undoubtedly full of application software that can help your ideas bloom. But I’m sorry to say there are only a few apps that can bring real money. Many of the software you see on the internet is not accurate, to begin with. However, you will be happy to know that we have collected some of the best apps for earning money. Furthermore, these apps will not harm you or steal your private data. 

 In reality, these apps are not an alternative to any full-time job. But having a source of passive income will indeed decrease your money problems. If you are thinking of ideas for small businesses, then utilizing these apps will surely help. So, let’s begin with the article. 

Best apps for earning money

Specifically for those who are searching for best game apps to make money, then this article is undoubtedly for you. But all best apps to make money fast are not real, or they are just here for some time. So, to end your search, here are the top best apps for earning money in real-time. 

  • Amazon Seller
  • eBay
  • Ibotta
  • … … …

In a hurry? Particularly, don’t rush on everything you do. In fact, these apps will only give you a source of passive income if you provide them with time and effort. I repeat these apps are not for full-time work purpose. 

Amazon Seller (Charges 0.99 per product)

Firstly, the Amazon seller is the most effective way to earn money online. Usually, you don’t need to know any skills to earn money through it. Until now, Amazon Seller has been the world’s most popular retailers. So, the way its works is, you get the software on your phone and become one of their retailers. Then they will let you sell things or services online. 

If you want something practical, then this is a great way to begin your business. However, you do need to may about 0.99 dollars on every Item you sell. But this is a small price to pay as you will earn tons of money selling them. Additionally, if you have a whole shop to sell then, you can get the subscription. So Amazon Seller will not charge you the 0.99 dollars on every sell.

How do I become an Amazon seller?

There are surely some things you need to learn before starting your Amazon Seller business. To begin with, you would need an account to start. Then comes the next steps,

  1. Firstly, you need to check all information like GST Number & Pan, Zip code, address, etc. are correct or not. And then Register on your Amazon Seller account. 
  2. Secondly, you have to upload your listings so that customers can see your products. 
  3. Finally, after a buyer bought your product, make sure that they get it on time. The buyer will give you your amount. 

So, utilizing these simple steps, you can become an Amazon fast and easy. 

eBay (Best Apps for earning money)

Payment: 10% Basic

Similarly to Amazon seller, eBay is also an e-commerce website. So, eBay lets its users sell their products that worths money. In fact, eBay stands as one of the best selling platforms in 2020. In reality, almost all present users will know how eBay works. However, the eBay application is not as easy as it seems. 

Furthermore, the eBay app will only let you earn some passive income if you have a constant source of products. But when you start to sell your stuff constantly on eBay, then success is just a few moments away. Therefore, if you want to start an online business, then you should certainly install the eBay app on your phone. 

How does eBay work when selling?

In general, eBay works as a platform to sell your products. Simply add your product description and of course the photos of your product. In case when someone likes your Item, they will contact you and ask you to ship it. So, after the buyer confirms the payment, ship your products to them. 

However, all e-commerce platforms have something in common. And that is, if your products are not up to the mark then you need to replace it. But, other than this, there is no catch. 

Ibotta (Monthly fee: 3.99$)

Ibotta is probably the best apps for earning money when it comes to user support. Off course, Ibotta is not just an e-commerce platform. Instead, it is more efficient and well balanced. In fact, it provides users with the best ways to earn some cash back. Furthermore, this app is so easy to use that; even a mear child can do it. 

So, how Ibotta works are, Ibotta will show you some tasks to do. Then you need to complete those tasks to earn some money. Every time you complete your job, Ibotta will certainly give a checklist on your Ibotta app. 

Cashout money on Ibotta expire?

Firstly, Ibotta is pretty good when it comes to user support. If you want to save your earnings in your Ibotta account then you can keep it their forever, This feature of Ibotta is indeed a lifesaver for those who are saving money for college or something big. 

Now if you want to cash out from Ibotta, then simply go to the account section. After that, you have to select Withdraw and then PayPal or Venmo. Finally, enter the amount you want to withdraw and then Ibotta will transfer your money. 

Etsy (Charge 0.25$ per Item)

To begin with Etsy, most individuals are musicians, hobbyists, and creators. So, People like them need a platform to sell their creative products. And that is why Etsy comes to this online earning sections. Furthermore, you can sell anything you want, especially your handcrafts. Additionally, you can find a selection of items, and almost everything is handcrafted, collector’s edition, or one of a kind. 

Therefore, if you want to start selling your handicrafts, then Etsy is one of the best apps for earning money. In fact, potential sellers will always get a better advantage if they can express their skills more. 

Etsy for beginners

Etsy is indeed very easy to start your online business with. If you are a newbie in this field, then follow these simple steps,

  • Firstly go to the official website of Etsy and then sign up.
  • After that, go to sell on Etsy and then click the Etsy shop option.
  • Furthermore, you have to customize your shop settings. For example, shop name, product items, Payment methods, etc. are a few. 
  • When you finish doing all these, simply sit ideal and wait for the money to come. 

Surveys on the Go

In reality, there are very few apps that will let you earn real money with surveys. But Surveys on the Go is an entirely different case. Similar to other surveying apps, a survey on the go lets you take surveys on various topics. But the critical difference is that Survey on the Go gives you real cash with points and Google Opinion Rewards. 

However, there is a downside to the Survey on the Go. And that is, this app for earning money will not give you more than one Survey per month. Therefore if you think of earning tons on the money with Surveys on the Go, then you will surely be disappointed. 

Which Survey do apps pay the most?

Survey apps can indeed let you earn tons of money. But some pay more, and some are just scams. So, here are some of the most paid and real Survey apps in 2020.

  • Shopkick.
  • Inbox Dollars.
  • Pinecone Research.
  • National Consumer Panel.
  • Swagbucks.
  • Harris Poll.


We all know a few things or two about youtube and how it works. But most of us don’t know the ways to earn money with it. Well basically, you upload a video on your channel and wait for it to get views. Youtube will pay you loads of money if you can gain millions of views. However, earning money through youtube is not so easy. And so shear dedication and mental strength is a must if you want to earn money with youtube.  

FAQs of best apps for earning money

Which app is best for earning money?

Surely the internet is full of scams when it comes to the best apps for earning money. But in reality, only a containerful of them will really be worth your time and effort. So, to sort your days a little better, we have selected some of the best apps for earning money. See below.

  • Swagbucks.
  • Cointiply: Earn money in Bitcoin.
  • Perk app.
  • Playment.
  • MooCash.
  • Google’s Opinion Rewards.


How can I make $100 a day?

Firstly, making a 100$ a day can be quite a relief when you have financial troubles. However, earning a hundred dollars as a passive income can be quite challenging. But if you have the skills to do it, then you can certainly earn even more. So, the simplest ways how you can make a hundred bucks are,

  • Taking online surveys.
  • Online selling
  • Becoming a commenter on videos and movies.
  • Sell your handicrafts.
  • Take part in research works online. 
  • Invest some money on Forex or the stock market. 

Does lucky Plinko really pay?

Indeed all apps that have the Play and get real money tag are all fake. So, Lucky Plinko is no expectation in this market. Undoubtedly, you will earn no money at all. Even if you invest most of your time in the Lucky Plink game, you are left with nothing but sorrow. In fact, there have been tons of reviews where Luck Plink took all the money people invests. 


What is the best game for earning money?

In general online games, make are a complete waste of your time and effort. But still, out of nowhere, people claim to have earned some money though some of them. Therefore, here are some of the best game for making money,

  • Point Club
  • InboxDollars.
  • .Pogo.
  • Gamesville
  • Bingo Mania.
  • Swagbucks.


How can I get free PayPal cash?

In reality, Paypal will not pay you any money without any reason. But if you consider having an online business then, you can surely earn some money with it. Some survey apps can let you make money with Paypal only by answering some questions. However, you can’t get free PayPal cash what so ever. 


Can Instagram pay you?

Instagram is a massive platform for influencers that team up with businesses and promote their adds. However, for this to happen, you need to have tons of followers and then seek sponsorships. You can indeed earn 5-100$ from Instagram only from sponsorship programs. 


Wrapping up with the best apps for earning money


In this article, we have discussed some of the best apps for earning money. We have indeed searched tons of online reviews and found all the above apps to be legit. So, if you desire to gain some extra cash for your family, then use them as you wish. But don’t forget that these apps will only provide money after a specific time. 


Therefore, if you are looking to earn money instantly, then they will be of no use to you. However, these apps will surely be a source of passive income for small business owners and entrepreneurs. So, this is all for now. Have a nice day. 



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