5 Reasons Why Mylar Bags are The Packaging Solution For You

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When you’re in the market for a new packaging solution, there’s no shortage of options. If you’ve done your research, though, you know that only a portion of these will be suitable for your product. You need a packaging material that offers superior protection from the environment and durable insulation in its interior. Check out the following five reasons why Mylar packaging could be the best solution for you.

  1. Mylar is an affordable option. Many business owners worry about finding a packaging material that fits into their budget, but that’s exactly what makes this such an appealing choice. Mylar is known for its low cost in comparison to other materials, which means that it could help minimize expenses and boost profits. It’s an especially great value considering the layered insulation and effective protection it provides to any product.

Protection From Water, Light, and Odor

  1. Mylar bags insulate from moisture. Whether you’re using custom stand up pouches for vitamins, food, or herbs, you need to be confident that the packaging you choose will protect its contents from moisture. When it comes to preventing water damage, Mylar is top-notch. Each of the layers of a Mylar bag is specially designed to resist moisture and keep the product safe. This is important given the fact that water can irrevocably damage a product, causing mold, mildew, and contamination. Keep your product safe and dry with a Mylar bag.
  2. Prevent odor from escaping. Sometimes the concern comes from inside the bag. This is often true if you happen to be packaging a product that’s particularly odorous. This may be the case with herb products and even some foods. Luckily, Mylar can combat the problem and prevent the product from announcing itself with its smell. It’s so effective, in fact, that many people call the material “smell-proof.” It achieves this effect by utilizing a vacuum seal closure that removes the offending air from the package. This, coupled with its long-term preservation abilities, makes it the material of choice for many industries.

Puncture Resistant

  1. Resist puncture in transport. It’s unfortunately true that most product loss happens over the course of transportation. As goods are moved from a manufacturer to a retailer, damage can easily cause lost profits. If you’re using recyclable stand up pouches made from Mylar, though, you never need to worry about losing product to packaging punctures. Mylar is highly puncture-resistant thanks to its multiple layers and high tensile strength. This means that the material can be subjected to significant impact and still resist breakage.
  2. Allow customer handling without worry. Transportation isn’t the only way that that packaging can be broken and product can be lost. When customers handle products, they may unintentionally compromise its packaging and cause a tear or puncture. When you invest in Mylar packaging, though, this is less of a worry. Mylar is highly resistant to punctures and tears even when it is being handled roughly. Enjoy peace of mind when you package your products with Mylar.

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