Is Cosmetic Box Packaging Part of Marketing Mix?

Cosmetic Box

Every so often, cosmetic companies view their packaging as an afterthought. Considering the time, money, and effort that goes into designing and perfecting the products, businesses need to invest in quality packaging. Else, all your efforts will go in vain.   

Top brands understand the significance of investing in quality packaging. They realize not only it will keep their products safe but also prove effective when it comes to branding and marketing. In fact, it’s a sign that a brand leaves everywhere, and it can lure today’s customers way better than those outdated advertising and sales tactics.  

You would hardly come across a marketer who isn’t familiar with the term ‘marketing mix’. It was first coined by Neil Borden, the President of the American Marketing Association. Though it surfaced in the mid-20th century, the concept is still relevant and frequently used by the companies. This concept consists of four key elements: Product, price, promotion, and place. 

But lately, packaging has become an integral part of the mix because the cosmetic industry is witnessing a dramatic shift toward flexible cosmetic box packaging. The flexible packaging solution has the power to attract customers and build brands.     

Numerous innovative materials like paper, aluminum, and plastic are used to create flexible custom cosmetic boxes. Once a box is carved out of these materials, printing, lamination, and the coating is used to give it a durable structure and a clean slate to draw unique graphics and design. 

Today, leading cosmetic brands to think of packaging as a small billboard that has the power to attract prospective customers right inside retail stores, where purchase decisions are made. As a result, businesses work closely with reputable packaging partners like The Legacy Printing to choose the best size, shape, style, finish, and type of packaging. it helps present their products in the best possible way and engage target customers. 

Here we will break down all five P’s of the marketing, so you can have a clear idea of why product packaging is a crucial part of the strategy. 


For many businesses, the product is one element that could be replaced with ‘customer’. Since companies are greatly focusing on improving the user experience than perfecting the products they create. That said, both customers and products go hand in hand. An ideal approach for marketers is to look into the life-cycle of their products  to better market and revamp their strategies. This will allow them to keep up with change and innovation in the industry. 


When it comes to product, price is an obvious factor. And any change in price can affect your overall marketing strategy. It can affect both demand and sales, so marketers must consider to what extent price can influence buyers’ perception of a product. 

To determine the price of a beauty product, you need to know all the insights and gather information from all the departments in the organization. That said, marketers have to sell the products to their target market no matter how much it costs.  


The distribution of the product is a pivotal step in the marketing mix. It’s a moment when your brand’s reputation is at stake as it can either be destroyed or built. When your cosmetic products are finally put on sale in physical and online stores and people have direct access to them, you won’t have much control over things. 

No matter, how many positive things you have put out about your beauty products, if it fails to draw in customers you won’t be able to make money out of it. Rather you will end up registering a huge loss. The packaging can prove to be a ‘gold star’ of your marketing strategy if it shows off your items in the best possible way:

  • Exhibits the price
  • Portrays the benefits of the product
  • Communicates the value of the product
  • Sparkles at various distribution points      

You may have got the best product on the market, but if its packaging fails to turn heads around, you need to find a better solution to represent it. Because packaging is the first thing your target audience gets to see and an attractive cosmetic box can instantly grasp or divert customers’ attention in seconds. 


Promotion is the heart of what every marketer does—it’s about getting your product out in the most effective and creative fashion to draw customers in huge numbers and create a positive impact. 

Time has passed when cold sales calls and traditional print advertising effectively turn eyeballs towards your brand. Today, marketers have to use a range of concepts and strategies to get a product noticed and lure customers. 

Again, packaging can play a major role in the promotion of both the product and the company. It helps educate customers to make informed decisions rather than being preached and persuaded by an on spot salesperson. Events, conferences, trade shows, and giveaways are all special occasions where packaging help marketers promote products.

So make sure to develop an intuitive, appealing, and functional packaging that’ll put the product in the hands of the customers right off the bat. 


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