How to prepare for an event

prepare for an event

Fashion is often on the forefront of our minds but not nearly as much as when there is an upcoming event. Most women are goal-focused when shopping for an event. There is very little concern for the value and wearability of items purchased when focusing on one particular event. This article addresses a few key points to consider when purchasing your Zimmermann dress to prepare for an event, your Camilla and Marc skirt or your Karen Walker sunglasses.

Firstly, let’s take a look at value to prepare for an event. 

Whenever looking to purchase an item, I personally focus on the cost per wear of anything I buy. How is this done? It really is very simple. The price of the garment is divided by the number of times that garment is worn. The number you get will be high or low. The key is to try and aim for the lowest possible number. This means that you are getting great value out of your purchase. 

No, this doesn’t mean buying cheap for prepare for an event. 

You can purchase a cheap dress for $50 and wear it once. Your cost per wear or CPW will then be $50 as the one time you wore that dress, cost you $50. An alternative and more preferable option is to purchase a high-end dress from a Zimmermann sale.

This dress could cost you $300, but you could wear it 10 times. For this particularpurchase, your CPW is $30. Substantially lower and better value than the cheap $50dress you bought. Plus you will have achieved a much nicer luxe look. This is why it isimportant to purchase garments that will be able to be worn many times.

Secondly, versatility. 

How versatile is the pair of Zimmermann bow shoes that you just bought? This point is closely intertwined with the above. If it is very versatile – this means it will be able to be worn with multiple outfits for multiple occasions. The higher the versatility of the purchase, the lower the CPW, and the better the value.

Does it spark Joy? 

Ultimately you want to find fashion that brings happiness above all. Versatility and value are only really achieved if you feel great in the dress, pants, skirt, sunglasses or swimwear that you buy. Fashion should make you feel better, improve your self-esteem and compliment your personality.

Online versus in-store shopping. 

When shopping from a sale, be it Camilla and Marc or a Zimmermann sale, it is important to touch and feel a garment before you wear it. This can be achieved with online stores that have a great return policy. So instead of trying the clothes or accessories on in a change room, it can be done in the comfort of your own home. If it is not suitable, it is sent back for a full refund.

Reaping the benefits

In conclusion, event or no event, there are some other factors to consider when buying an outfit. You don’t want to be that person that has to pull out her credit card every time an event rolls around. After all, this event only lasts for a few hours. Does the life of the garment end there?  Or will you be reaping the benefits of this great purchase for many more fun times to come? I prefer to choose value, versatility and ultimately joy in everything I buy.


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