Cummins Residential Generators for Sale by Prima Power Systems

Cummins Residential Generators

Some of us live in locations where the power supply authorities are pretty reliable. But that is as good as it gets. This is because there will be times when they cannot and will not live up to expectations. This might be a result of situations that are out of their control. In this blog, you will know that Cummins Residential Generators for Sale by Prima Power Systems.

A storm is just one of those things that can keep the power out. Whenever there is an outage, you need to be fully prepared to handle the situation. One of the most logical things to do is have a generator to supply electricity until things return to normalcy.

There are many reasons why you should do this. Preventing damage to food and several other things that depend on electricity supply is one good reason. This is just one of the benefits of having a generator as there are more.

Understanding the importance of a generator is great, but there is more that you need to know. How to get the right kind of generator is one of those things. This is because there are several products out there.

This article will discuss the best generator option for residential use. We suggest that everyone follows through to the end of this article considering the importance of this subject.

Generator Options for Residential Use

Are you considering getting a backup machine just in case of power failure?

If you are, then you need to be aware of all your options to make the right choice. To this end, the options available for residential use include:

Portable Generators

They are portable as the name suggests. This means that they can be engaged even outside your residential base. You can take them with you for camping purposes and never have to worry about getting electricity outdoors.

Many of these options run on gasoline fuel. But some options rely on propane, diesel, natural gas, and other fuel alternatives. For more on this subject, you can check here.

Standby Generators

This option is special in many ways. This is especially true considering its mode of operation. You do not have to manually turn it on for instance as it comes up the very moment there is a power outage. So, you have no hassles with this option.

However, it costs a lot more than the option discussed above. Many homeowners admit however that it offers real value for money spent. Also, it is very common in commercial areas because of the ease of operation and several other features it offers.

Portable Vs Standby Generators – Which Is the Best for Residential Use?

Standby generators turn out to be a better option for residential use than the portable option. This is because of the several edges it has over its counterpart option. Some of them include the fact that:

No Noise Pollution

The use of portable generators is not permitted in some places in the country. This prohibition is usually taken very seriously by housing authorities in some cases.

One of their explanations is the inconvenience it presents as a result of noise pollution. Although technological advancements have enabled many manufacturers to come up with less noisy options, it still does not come close to standby generators.

The standby option is very good in the sense that it does not constitute noise pollution. This is a reason you might want to consider it for your residential needs.

Appearance and Design

We are not saying that portable generators do not look good. Many of them appear great. However, we consider the standby option to be a lot better in this regard.

This is especially because you do not have to use wires that make the whole place look awkward. Everything is just neatly installed and operated. Speaking of how standby generators are installed, you can visit for more on this subject.

Automatic Operation

The installation of standby generators has to be left in the hands of professionals. This alone is an advantage as the chances of experiencing complications caused by a poor installation are very little or null.

But other than this, this option operates automatically because of the professional installation process and the functional design of the machine. It begins its power supply operation the very moment there is a power outage. For us, this is one of the biggest highlights of using it.

More Eco-Friendly

We did mention that the use of portable generators is not permitted in some parts of the country. Another explanation for this is the damage it poses to the environment through the emission of carbon.

Well, the truth is that manufacturers are doing a better job coming up with products that emit very little of this greenhouse gas. But you do not even have to deal with as much as that little with standby generators. This is because it is a lot more eco-friendly than the portable option.

For the record, there are possibilities of CO poisoning from portable generators which is why (especially) environmentalists frown at it. So, you would be better off with a standby generator. This is because its professional installation requires that it is stationed at a safe location even though it does not emit as much CO gas.

Better Chances of Coping Outdoors

Even with their great looks that align with your landscape, the standby option is designed to handle a lot. So, it will not give you problems as many portable generators come rain or shine.

It is stationed outdoors permanently and can handle the cold and hot seasons. This is even though there are measures you should take to better protect it. On the other end, a portable generator cannot be stationed outside permanently.

It is not built to work this way. You are to take it indoors after it has served its purpose. This means that you have to deal with the stress of moving it here and there. Well, this is not a problem with standby options.


Standby generators are better than portable generators for residential purposes as explained above. However, you should know that they come at a cost but will certainly give you value for your money.

This is as long as you get the right product which is why you need to seek expert opinion. We advise that you consult credible review platforms to help out.


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