How to Conduct a Social Media Audit with the Help of NetBaseQuid

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Today, just as every second is essential, data and record-keeping are in a similar way necessary. Social media users all over the world will be over 3 billion by 2021. This creates incredible business opportunities for companies. It is an even bigger reason as to why most companies today invest more in social media marketing. However, not every online platform will favor every business. This is why it is important to counter check on what will work and what will not. 

If this is not done, you will waste a lot of time, effort, and money. You need not worry as a social media audit will help you. The results will give you the insight to make it big in this social field. You will however, need to have the necessary guidelines to perform a complete social media audit. 

NetBaseQuid comes in to help you learn the various guidelines and ways to manage and assess your data. It will show you how to put your social media audit tools into use to ensure success. NetBaseQuid provides proper management strategies and the use of these tools for the growth of every business. The word audit sounds scary and sturdy, but NetBaseQuid has got it all covered for you. Therefore having this information at your fingertips is essential. Below are guidelines on how you can easily perform an audit. 

Create a Document for the Audit

 Note, you will need to have everything in place before beginning your work. A spreadsheet is the best way to keep track of the information you collect. Google Docs or Excel programs can easily do this. Create columns depending on each social platform you use. For this, it is recommended to have them in this order;

  • A link to your profile
  • Your social handle
  • Account manager
  • The mission statement for the social account
  • The top three posts that engage clients
  • Three important metrics
  • Demographic information

After this, ensure that you track down all your social media accounts. Please list all the accounts in order of how frequently you use them. Also consider going for old profiles, which your company used before you began investing heavily in social marketing. This will also give you an excellent chance to take note of those platforms that you do not yet have a strong social media presence.

Search the Web 

Search your company’s name on the web and see what social accounts will come up. If there are any social accounts you do not know that have your brand name, do some investigation as they might be imposter accounts. Visit each social account and record your findings. 

Ensure All Accounts Are Complete

All the accounts supporting your brand should be complete and on-brand. That is in terms of their profile images, bio, handles, posts, and all that. This goes a long way into sharing out company’s information to potential clients.

Pick Out Some of Your Best Posts

Look at some of the posts in each account that created a circle of engagement with clients. Record these posts on the spreadsheet. Check the pattern on responses, are they negative or positive, do videos engage them more? Maybe photos? 

Check the Performance and Audience for Each Network

Different social accounts work differently, and therefore you should record all the data and patterns you see on these accounts. Choose which account will work out best for you. Also, understand the concentration of your customers for each social account.

Centralize All Accounts, Passwords, and Management

Against all accounts, show the channel owners, their passwords, and a tool you use to control passwords. It is recommended that all passwords be centralized and controlled, especially if different people manage them. The social audit at this stage is complete.

Conduct regular social media audits on all of your social media tools to ensure everything is on track. It will also give insights into how the accounts are performing. Consider having a quarterly audit to help keep everything on track.


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