Four Time-Management Tips for Students

Time-Management Tips

University may be the first time that young adults are completely in charge of their own schedules and time management, and it can be a struggle for many! There is no shame in taking advantage of the resources that are available with these Time-Management Tips, and they can range from shared calendars to an essay writing service.

  1. Create Calendars

Nearly every university student has a smartphone, and all smartphones come with a calendar app. There are also plenty of great calendar apps that are either free or very low cost. The best calendar apps let users colour-code entries and share calendars. Students should find a calendar app that they feel comfortable with and make sure to use it for assignments, due dates, and everything else.

Remember to include things such as errands, exercise, and social events on the calendar. It is easy to forget that these are things that need to be done, and that time needs to be set aside to make sure of that. Students should not overschedule themselves to the point where there is no time for basic self-care, and including such things on a calendar is a good reminder.

  1. Set Reminders- Time-Management Tips

Using a calendar is the first step toward better time management; the second step is setting reminders. The calendar app should allow you to set reminders such as “history essay due in two days.” Most students always have their phones with them, so setting reminders is a great way to stay on track.

Just as writing an outline sets you up to write a good paper, the act of breaking down what you need to do and when you need to do it sets you up to work efficiently and not miss any deadlines (reach out to an essay writing service if you need to). 

  1. Prioritize

In and out of university, it feels as if there is never enough time to get everything done. Sometimes better time management will make a difference, but other times, it is true that there is more to do than there is time to do it in.

When that happens, students will have to prioritize. Sometimes that prioritizing includes outsourcing. If a coworker is saving up for a new car, they may be quite willing to cover an extra shift when time is tight. Or, if a student has an essay due but no time to write it, they can contract with an essay writing service to cross it off their list.

  1. Multitask

Sometimes a little creative multitasking is necessary to make the most of a block of time. Students need to do laundry and students need to study. How about planning a group study session at the laundromat? Or go one step farther and order pizza so you can study, eat, and wash clothes at the same time?

If the instructor has given permission to record the lectures, a student could relisten while working out. It may not be conventional workout music, but it’s another way to maximize efficiency. It might even help the student retain the information better.



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