TOP kitchen products that save our Earth

top kitchen products

To us, Earth Day is a symbol of the possibility for sustainability and logical thinking to become a way of life. What’s more, how is this even possible? Making it more manageable by breaking it down into smaller pieces. In reality, the simplest solutions we implement in our daily lives may have a good influence on our environment. Together with we can make a tremendous difference by taking little steps. We’re particularly interested in making our kitchens more eco-friendly so that we may live a bit greener every day, not just on Earth Day. Here are our favorite organic foods that are healthier for us and better for the environment, as well as keeping our kitchens clean and orderly. These eco-friendly trades and top kitchen products will bring you closer to nature: 

A glass water bottle that can be refilled

Reusable water bottles are essential to our general health and wellbeing because they prevent us from becoming dehydrated or having to purchase (and waste) a bottle of water when we leave home. Both of us don’t want to. We can stay hydrated without worrying about the environmental impact of single-use plastic bottles thanks to the bkr glass water bottle. 

Unlike other reusable water bottles, this glass bottle has no BPA or phthalates and is coated in the season’s hottest colors of silicone. In addition to hydration and sustainability, leaving the house with a BKR glass water bottle is more of a fashion statement.

Bags for storing items- top kitchen products

We’ve learned the hard way that sustainable cuisine is almost difficult to produce without a stable food storage system. The remainder of the chopped onion and cilantro, as well as the additional rice, may be hidden in a single curry dish, and you’ll see what we mean. It’s a good thing Stasher bags are so adaptable and comfy. Because they are made of platinum silicone, they can withstand the heat and pressure of any of these appliances. They can also be easily cleaned in the dishwasher

When it comes to single-use plastic, it’s long overdue: There are around 1 trillion plastic bags used each year globally, many of which end up in the ocean. The Endangered Seas collection from Stasher has new hues inspired by the sea, so you can join the fight to save our oceans. Some of the proceeds from this new line will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to ocean preservation.

Dishwashing block

We are all for doing away with single-use plastic bottles wherever possible. Disposable dish soap bottles may be replaced with a dishwashing block, for example. Because it’s devoid of harsh chemicals and harmful components, this vegan dishwashing block lasts for at least two months while effectively eliminating oil and grime. 

A moist sponge or brush (until foam develops) is all you need to do to remove the block of ice from the sink and begin dishwashing. This Earth Day, we can offer our world a gift by reducing the number of plastic bottles we use.

Garbage bags that can be composted

A garbage can full of rubbish is always a mess, but when it’s encased in a massive plastic trash bag, it looks much worse. Plastic bags disintegrate over a period of 1000 years, whether in a landfill or in the natural environment. 

Compostable garbage bags will be a welcome addition to your recycling and composting efforts if you already do so. But at least biodegradable garbage bags provide us a sense of satisfaction without adding to the plastic waste catastrophe. Approximately 100 billion plastic bags are used by Americans each year.

Towels made of bamboo

Paper towels are our kitchen’s best friend and one of the top kitchen products when it comes to convenience. Paper towels, it turns out, are quite harmful to the environment, something that the majority of us are completely unaware of. Paper towels can’t be recycled since they disintegrate in landfills and produce methane gas. It is 23 times more efficient than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Fortunately, these bamboo towels may be traded in for paper towels. 

With 20 tear-off sheets that can be machine cleaned and reused up to 120 times, this 100% bamboo alternative is as easy as paper towels.


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