Analysis of Scientific Facts Described in the Quran


Quran and Scientific credibility has been an issue of debate for a long time. Atheist Scholars would present their argument on the basis of Quran’s relevance in modern times and they would claim that it’s just not effective anymore. Musli scholars on the other hand are of the concept that Quran holds its truth for people of all times.

We’ll try and analyze some of the statements of Quran that indeed are good for the modern times. This debate analysis is going to be purely unjudgmental and we’ll leave the final decision to you.         

  1. The Big Bang and the Expansion of Universe

Quran says…

“Then God turned to the creation of the heavens (the planets), when they were but a smoky substance.” (41:11)

And at another place, it says something like this…

“Do the unbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were joined together before we separated them, and that We brought all living things into existence from water? Why do they still not believe in God?” (21:30)

Now, when analyzing these statements, we have to keep in mind the fact that Quran is a Book that is over 1400 years old. At the time there were no scientific advancements being made and people knew very little about these facts.

Now the above statements are an obvious refence to rather modern scientific concepts like the Big Bang Theory and the expansion of universe.        

  • Origin of Living Organism

Science has been studying the origin of life for hundreds of years and it was not until recently when they came to know that water is the basic unit responsible for creating and sustaining life. Quran described that fact over 1400 years ago   

“We made every living thing from water. Will, they not believe?” (21:30)”

Still, people are eager to learn more about the details of these facts. There are many institutions that have dedicated their lives towards learning and understanding the Quran. You can even Learn Quran Online now if you have access to the internet.

  • Embryology

Quran explained the stages of development of embryo way before there was any way to practically observe and imagine it. And just recently, modern technologies just confirmed the following statement…      

“We fashioned the thing which clings into a chewed lump of flesh and We fashioned the chewed flesh into bones, and We clothed the bones with intact flesh”. (23:14).

  • Reproduction in Pairs

Reproduction is a concept that’s been taught to our kids from a very young age. The bases of this concept are, every living thing, be it animals or plants, they all reproduce in the from of pairs. The thing about plants being in pairs was a great mystery that is solved just a few decades back, but Quran statted that fact over 1400 years ago

 “Do they not look at the earth, where we created the plants in pairs”. (26:7)

  • Wind… as Source of Insemination

The insemination and impregnation in plants was a great mystery not until science finally came around and said that it can happen through air. Quran had already stated that fact in the following words…  

“We have sent the winds as a means of insemination and impregnation, and then sent down rain from the heavens.” (15:22).

There are institutions that teach Online Quran Classes for kids. You can enrol your children their to make them learn more about the scientific facts being explained in the Quran.  

  • How Milk is formed in Animals   

Development of milk in animals was a great mystery that science solved just a few decades back. This discovery also back Quran’s following statement…

“There is in truth for you a lesson in your animals and flocks. We give you to drink a pure milk derived from that which is contained in their bodies, from the merging of what is held in their intestines with blood. The drinking of that is then made easy for those who drink it.” (16:66).

Final Thoughts:

Muslims Claim Quran to be a comprehensive book filled with wisdom for people of all times. And we’ve got to say, the above-mentioned statements really do hold truth and credibility with them. But still, this is just a brief analysis, the final decision about its truth is yours to make.  


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