Top Tips To Conduct A Frugal Wedding

Frugal Wedding

A Frugal Wedding. Weddings are a pricey affair. However, it does not mean that you put all your savings, only to make your wedding day grand. So, if you wish to ensure that your wedding is frugal and not cheap, you can follow a few tips. Here, we have come up with 6 effective tips to save big on this day, despite being cheap. 

Seek wedding help and not wedding gifts

Speak to your family or friends, and you’ll know a lot of them to have a bunch of talents. Some may be musicians, while others might be photographers. So, if you have a talented friend, you can use their help. They can offer their services to your wedding instead of gifts. You can always request your family members or friends to offer their services or help, which aligns with their talent instead of the gift. It is the most perfect way to keep your wedding on the budget. Anaida, who offers the best Node Js Course online, says that she had a photographer friend, who clicked her wedding pictures in place of the gift, and that helped her save a lot.  

Don’t let the guest list bloat

You might want to include just about everyone you know in your guest list, but that isn’t the perfect idea. With every addition to the guest list, you are only adding on to the cost. Not just that, it also makes your wedding less intimate. Weddings are not about social obligations. To save as much as possible, you should only invite people you know well. You can write down the names of all the people you know, then start whittling the list by 20% and then further 20%. Then, check whether you are happy with it or not.  

Conduct the ceremony at home or outdoors

 Jiah, who works with EduWorldUSAsays that renting a wedding hall or building can be a pricey affair. Instead of renting a building, you can consider using your home, or your parents’ home, or your friend’s home for the ceremony. Any hall that has a beautiful view works for these types of functions. You can also have your reception outdoors. It will assure a picturesque and memorable ceremony while eliminating the cost of renting out a venue. However, if you are taking the outdoor route, it is best to have a back-up plan for the venue. This will come handy in case of bad weather. You wouldn’t want to get married amidst a downpour which leaves you, your partner, your friends, and family soaked. So, before planning a wedding venue outdoors, be doubly sure of the weather. 

Don’t go overboard with the flowers

Do not ever spend boatloads of money on the flowers that will die shortly after the reception. The idea is to keep things elegant and simple. A simple bouquet for the bride and a rose for the bridesmaid each will do the needful. To save up on the cost here, you can reach out to someone who has a rose bush. So, you can take flowers from them, and make your bouquet just a day before the ceremony. Another effective way to save up on the flower cost is to opt for the fake flowers instead of the real ones. Fake flowers look just as good, and no one will even notice. Moreover, if you perform all the arrangements yourself, you’ll save big.  

Hire a family-owned restaurant or do all the catering yourself

Kiara, who did an excellent spyfu review online says that the maximum expense of a wedding is attributed to food preparation and caterer. So, if you know a caterer personally, it can reduce the food cost for the ceremony drastically. If you do not know a caterer personally, you can contact a family-owned restaurant and request the owner to directly cater to your wedding. It is best to head to the family-owned restaurants to save up on the food costs. They will 100% go the extra mile to make your wedding special.   

You don’t need the bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts

It is customary to give gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. However, it isn’t mandatory. So, instead of buying gifts for them that they might not even want or enjoy, you can write them a note to say thanks. If your friends are aware of the fact that you are planning a frugal wedding, they will surely understand. 

So, these are the top 6 ways to conduct a frugal and not cheap wedding, and yet save a bunch. 


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