6 Signs Your Washing Machine Needs Repair

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A washer is not an appliance of luxury. It is an essential part of our life to help us lead a comfy life. Every day this appliance is put to use, and it is subject to daily wear and tear. There is some DIY repair work that we do ourselves. 

Whenever your washer gives a hint that it is going to stop functioning, it is very difficult for us to diagnose the real problem. Even if the appliance works, if there is an abnormality in the working of the appliance, you may lose money due to excess power and water usage.

Here are top 6 sings when your washing machine needs repair: 

1. The appliance is so noisy: 

If your washer makes an ear-piercing noise unlike its usual noise, you can be sure that there is something wrong with the washer. If you happen to hear a loud noise, first, rearrange the clothes to make the clothes spread evenly spread out inside the machine. If the motor of the machine is not firmly fixed, it will make an awful noise. Then also, you can tight the motor and repair the appliance. If these two methods don’t help, consult a professional to fix the problem and make it work as soon as possible.

If your washer is not on a flat surface with all four wheels on the level surface, your washer is likely to make a noise. You can build a platform that can hold the washing machine to its surface perfectly. In spite of all your efforts the appliance makes a huge noise, it is an obvious sign of washer repair.

2. Water seepage into the floor: 

When you see a pool of water around the washer, it is a sure shot sign that the hose pipe connected to the machine has some problem. After a lot of spinning and rotating the hose pipe connected to the washer has become loose.  Tighten it and fix the problem then and there. If the problem persists, call a washer repairman to fix the water seepage or look for a replacement of the appliance.

3. The drum fails to spin: 

If the drum doesn’t work, there are different reasons and problems you have to work on. It may be due to a defective belt or a cracked lid sensor. In either of the cases, the washer refuses to rotate. Never try to fix the error yourself in this case. Call to your nearby washer repair service center.

4. The drum doesn’t fill or hold water: 

If the drum doesn’t fill water or doesn’t hold water, there may be a problem with an inlet or outlet of water. Sometimes the water hosepipe may be twisted, leading to a problem. If it happens, place it properly to get rid of the problem. Otherwise, check for the washer drum. If it moves or doesn’t work, call a technician to fix a washer repair then.

5. Water doesn’t drain out properly: 

If the washer doesn’t drain water properly, it may be due to excess lint material in the drum. It may hinder the proper functioning of the washer. Sometimes, the drain pipe may be clogged that hampers the proper functioning of the machine. Replace the drainpipe to get rid of the problem.

6. Top loading washer has become old: 

Top loading washer is more expensive as the parts of the washer are a little more expensive than the front-loading washer. When you have a faulty top-loading washer, the repair for it also may be a little expensive.

Bottom Line

When you have checked your washer for these 6 signs and, you can’t find the problem, you may have to call a trained repairman.

It is always advisable that you check for a new washer when your appliance is 8 years old. It is a fact that you may extend the life of the machine until 11 years. But after 8 years the money you spend for washer repair is huge. It is always better to look for options after this. When you have only a little space to accommodate a washer, you can go for a washer that has a dry combo unit in it. It will help you to save some space in your homestead.

In short, your laundry machine is an appliance that has a life of 11 years. If your washer has a problem, it is better to attend it at the earliest to continue with your day to day activities without any interference. Always look for hints that show a problem that needs to be fixed by a professional washer service person. There is always a high chance that we can fix the problem ourselves. Thoroughly check your washer to identify the exact problem. Even after that, if you can’t get a clue of what might have happened, call a professional who will help to fix it.


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