What are good computer cable management tips for under my desk?

computer cable management

The practice of hiding cable wires is essential, especially in your workspace. Different computer cable wires under your desk can create a messy workspace. Even if you live in a world where there are many wireless devices, you can still see a lot of cable cords snaking around. Computer cable management tips-

With that, it is crucial to know the tips for managing your computer table. Some tips for managing the cable wires under your desk include identifying unused cable wires, hiding the power plugs, shortening the cable length, collecting and tying the cable wires, and labeling it.

  • Identify the unused cables – Hiding cables that are unused is the most important thing. These unused cables tend to mix with the other used cable wires resulting in a messy one. It would be best if you stored those unused cable wires in a place where they can’t be tangled with the used ones.
  • Hiding the power plugs – The power plugs could also be one of the reasons for a messy workspace. As it is designed for its functionality, you should store it in a safe place. You can also make a DIY box where you can keep it.
  • Shortening the cable length – If possible, it is good to shorten the cable’s length. Cables that long have a higher possibility of being tangled with each other. Thus, making it shorter can be a way to create an organized set of computer cable wires.
  • Collecting and tying the cable wires – It is better to collect the wires and tie them in addition to hiding cables. In this way, you are preventing the used cable wires from being entangled with each other.
  • Labeling the tied wires – Lastly, you should label the tied wires. The labels on the cables can be beneficial in future use. The labels will allow you to identify the relevant connections quickly. At the same time, it will also help you prevent using the unintended wires to use. 

Along with the tips mentioned above, the Cable Management Box is the perfect item to help you manage the computer cable wires under your desk. It is like an all-in-1 item in working the cable wires under your desk. Some advantages of using the Cable Management Box are listed below.

  • It can hold and hide power strips and cable wires,
  • It is tidier and more attractive to look at,
  • It is safe to use, especially for loose cables.

How do I get better cable management?

Better cable management will depend solely on how you do it. The tips mentioned above can significantly help you with managing the cable wires under your desk. But if you want for an easier way, you can use the cable management box. As it is like an all-in-one item, it is very convenient to use.

How do I manage cables under a desk?

Managing the cables under your desk is very important as it can affect your work progress. There are a lot of ways to manage it. Some are tying or rolling it. The most frequently used method is by using the cable management box. The box provides the better organization of the cables under your desk.

How do I hide computer cords under my desk?

Hiding cables or computer cords under your desk is straightforward. You can use the cable management box. Before hiding the cables in the box, you should tie and label them first. Aside from the box providing better organization, it can also show a clean and tidy workspace. Hiding cables in the box eliminates the messy look of the cables under your desk. 

What are the most common cable management products?

The cable management box is the most common and suitable for cable management. It will help your workspace look more presentable. It will also help you focus on your work, preventing you from thinking about the messy cables under your desk. 


Hiding cables is best to do with the cable management box. The box is a beneficial product of desk management that can eliminate messy computer cable wires. Aside from that, you can also perform the tips mentioned above to attain a presentable workspace. You can check Amazon for more information about the cable management box.


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