Do the whole 48 Hours Jam in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Do the whole 48 Hours Jam in Las Vegas. Okay, so we understand that you got one weekend away and you planned a trip to Las Vegas. While you pick a Wynn or an Excalibur Las Vegas because of the amazing deals they offer and sort out your transport, the real challenge for you is simple. You have only 48 hours and you need to scram a whole portion of your Las Vegas bucket list in this. So, to make things simpler for you, here is how we feel you can curate the 48 hours in Las Vegas:

Day one


You have just landed in Sin City early in the morning. There’s no better spot we can recommend for you to click the lovely photo than near the retro milestone: the one that says “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign. In case you’re hailing a cab into town from the air terminal, you’ll be able to spot it as soon as you enter towards the Southern side of the Strip, which is situated towards the southern side of Mandalay Bay. You will realize where to pull over, where there’s constantly a horde of vehicles and a steady glimmer of cameras keeping you amused and busy at the same time.


In case you want to splurge on a rich lunch, then we recommend you head to the Venetian. Firstly, you can check in wherever you are staying. There is a repository of good housing options in Vegas. From Bellagio to Excalibur Las Vegas, there is plenty you can pick from.  Post a good lunch in one of the many rich restaurants of this culinary hub, you can simply head for a gondola ride.


This is the time when your fun begins. Get onboard the High roller- which offers you one of the best bird-eye views there is! The ride will go up to a duration of thirty minutes and presents you with the most beautiful and unbeatable views of the strip along with the large stretch of the desert that is behind. Post all this, take a stroll through the strip- because you cannot have enough of this for sure.

Day two


We recommend you start with a rich spread of brunch at Excalibur Las Vegas. Post this, be set to enjoy the vintage side of downtown Vegas. Venture into Fremont Street experience, which is a promenade only for pedestrians. It does not only offer you a zip line, but the amazing cocktails here are sure to put you on another high altogether!

The time before you depart

Well, like the day before, we are sure you won’t get the full night to spend here if you need to head back. So, try attending a show or simply stroll into China Town. Additionally, places like Pizza Rock are worth trying out too. So, ensure that you do not end up missing all of this that Vegas has to offer to you!


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