How to go live on Periscope Live?


In the current era of digitalization, live streaming has been blooming and growing at a rapid speed. It has been helping many big or small businesses and brands to leverage. Whether a brand wants to establish itself in a strategic market or the key player wants to change its image live streaming serves all. It helps in expanding the reach without any geographical limitations thereby boosting sales leads. Recently, a battle on various social media platforms is on, to serve the best live streaming solutions.

When we talk about live streaming and live streaming platforms, periscope is the first app to be talked about. Have you ever thought from where live streaming came into play and became the favorite marketing tool for digital marketers? Initially, Live streaming on periscope was introduced in 2014 which was later purchased by twitter in 2015. Since then periscope is well integrated with twitter which allows periscope live stream to be shared on twitter as well. 

Twitter is a well-known app used for business as well as personal purposes. When a live broadcast on periscope is shared with twitter followers it is likely to gain more clicks and likes thereby increasing the brand reach. Periscope live stream even has its specific set of audiences that are likely to tune in live at the time of live broadcast on periscope. Followers on twitter will be notified about the live stream as soon as you live webcast on periscope. 

Live streaming on periscope is not as tough as it is thought to be. A smartphone, tablet or a PC, you can simply live stream on periscope from any device. 

Whether a brand wants to broadcast a brand event, showcase product demonstrations, show behind the scene scenarios or organize a product launch, you can simply live broadcast on periscope and reach millions. Periscope live stream allows live audiences to add comments and likes to show appreciation. It helps in boosting interactions while building a customer-brand relationship. Periscope video streaming solutions have an inbuilt map feature that allows viewers to explore the broadcasted videos from around the world. Periscope live streams are saved automatically for 24 hours once the event gets over. It allows viewers to catch the saved version of the live webcast on Periscope who missed it due to hectic schedules. Live Streaming on Periscope comes with enormous benefits that can help any brand to expand its reach globally. But understanding how to go live on periscope live is a must. 

Let’s have a look at how to live webcast on periscope

1. Create an account to live broadcast on periscope

Downloading Periscope on your smartphone, tablet or laptop is the first step when you think about live streaming on periscope. Create an account on periscope and log in, you are ready to live webcast on periscope. Create a twitter account next in the line as it allows you to live webcast on periscope by logging in with Twitter.

2. Hit on the camera button 

After downloading the Periscope and Twitter app you are now ready to schedule live broadcast on periscope. If you are live streaming on Periscope from IOS, tap the broadcast icon at the bottom of the screen and in android tap the camera icon in the bottom right of the screen. You can even opt to invest in an external high-quality camera for giving a professional approach to the periscope live stream. A professional live stream is likely to gain more exposure and attract a more niche audience base. Just hit the camera button to start the live webcast on periscope and reach millions globally. 

3. Add an attractive title and a brief description to your periscope live stream

Adding the title that describes your live webcast on periscope gives your viewers an insight into the video content. It will gain an audience’s sight more quickly and gives them a brief overview of the live stream. The usage of right keywords in the title and video descriptions makes it rank high thereby giving it more exposure. After adding the title and description to live broadcast on Periscope, you are now ready to hit the “start broadcast” button. 

 4. Set privacy settings for periscope live stream

Live broadcast on periscope can be public as well as private, it entirely depends on the choice of the broadcaster. Periscope live streams are set to public by default, which gives access to anyone around the world to view periscope live streams. If you want to keep your live broadcast on periscope private you can simply change the settings before live webcasting on periscope. You can even select a specific set of audiences to view your periscope live stream and restrict the rest. Apart from the audience, you can even select your location preference, enable or disable chat options before going Live. You can even share location by tapping the compass icon. An audio option without any video content is even available with a periscope live stream. You simply have to change the privacy settings if that is the demand of your live stream. Tapping the microphone icon above the ‘GO LIVE’ button helps you to live broadcast on periscope with audio-only. 

5. Strong internet connectivity is a must 

When you live broadcast on periscope, a large number of audiences around the world tune in Live. If the network is not strong enough it won’t be able to hold traffic, resulting in the blurry or unclear live stream. The audiences who tuned in Live with excitement tend to leave as soon as they find woozy and unclear streams. A strong internet connection with a larger bandwidth is a must for live broadcasting on periscope. 

6. Select multiple platforms for sharing periscope live stream

By sharing periscope live stream on multiple platforms it will get more exposure by reaching a wider segment of the audience. If you want to share your periscope live stream to several platforms, go to the settings page and select multiple platforms and grant the necessary permission. 

7. Tap on “Go Live” to start the live broadcast on periscope

Now you are done with all the necessary settings, you are ready to go live on periscope. Tap on the GO LIVE button to stream live on periscope while engaging a larger audience base globally. When you are done with the broadcast simply end it by swiping the screen down and by clicking stop broadcast icon. 


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