How to Get Rid of Moles at Home

how to get rid of moles

Everybody should know how to get rid of moles with home remedies. Mole is a skin growth that grows almost everywhere in our body, like moles on the face, trunk, foot, and hand. These are the common areas where you get moles. However, most of the time, it is not a severe issue.

But sometimes it can get dangerous if someone overlooks or ignore it. Almost every one of us has experienced moles in our body in our lifetime. 1 to 100 moles are normal. Some don’t like it; some do not bother it. Whatever it can be related to some severe health conditions, so one should have proper knowledge about a mole. 

There are three types of mole:

  • Congenital: It appears at birth.1 out of 100 children experience such kind of mole. But most of this kind does not get cancerous later in life.
  • Acquired: It is that kind of mole that appears later in life due to some reasons like sunburns, injury, and related to other medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, immune suppression, etc.
  • Atypical: These moles are of unknown etiology. Causes are unknown. But they are the most dangerous. They can get serious at any time. 

The actual causes of the formation of a mole are unknown. However, there are some medical conditions where some persons experience moles in their bodies. Unfortunately, the most common medical cause is Diabetes. 

Diabetes is an immune-compromised condition of the body. Here immunity shrinks to a low level. And when a person got immune-compromised, he experiences different kinds of skin conditions, and the mole is one of them. However, most of the moles are not dangerous at all, and someone can easily ignore it if he wants. But when it grows excessively, it became so irritating, and the person wants to know how to get rid of moles. 


There is no proven way to get rid of a mole at home. It would help if you did not scratch it or cut it with a knife or blade. It can cause bleeding and infection. To get rid of moles, you should lead a healthy life. A healthy diet and stress-free experience can give you a general improvement in your physical health.

Yoga is an excellent option to get free from your daily stress. Stress is not only harmful for your mental condition but also responsible for many skin conditions like acne, moles, blackheads, dark circles, etc. Hydration is essential. You should drink at least 3 liters of water daily to get rid of various skin conditions. It also improves your general health.

You should cut off sugar and excessive carbohydrate from your diet. It can help to improve your health. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is also essential. Light exercise is also necessary to boost your immune system.

These things do not help you directly, but it will improve your general physical and mental health, and thus, it can help you to get rid of skin conditions like moles. There is no definitive way of removing moles at home.

However, there are some popular methods that people use to get rid of moles:

  1. Garlic: It is said that if you apply garlic on your mole every day for some time, the mole eventually starts to shrink. Because garlic has an enzymatic effect, although it is a vegetable spice, it has powerful enzymes, and it can cause skin burn. So be aware of it.
  2. Castor oil and baking soda mix: Baking soda cut off the hydration of the mole, so eventually, it dried out and fell off from your skin. Castor oil moisturizes the skin and protects the surrounding skin. 
  3. Lemon extract: Lemon is citric acid. It is a vegetable acid. Its acidification power can dissolve a mole if you apply it for some time.
  4. Oregano oil: It is not very popular because it is harsh on the skin. So if you are going to use oregano oil, some carrier oil like castor oil should be mixed.
  5. Iodine: First, you have to apply petroleum jelly around a mole then use iodine over the mole. Because iodine is toxic to the skin so that healthy skin should be covered.
  6. Coconut oil: It is not a popular way of removal of a mole. But it moisturizes skin, and people said that it could reduce the size of a mole. But studies don’t show any evidence.
  7. Potato extract: It has a natural bleaching effect that can help you with a mole if you apply it for several weeks. But also it is not a proven way.
  8. Sesame oil: It has a perfect effect on your skin. It has an antioxidant effect, which is right for your health in general. If you use it for 2 to 3 weeks, two times a day, you will get a good result. 
  9. Honey: It is also a good antioxidant and has an acidic effect. This helps to dissolve the mole a bit if you apply it for two weeks, at least. It also glistens your skin a bit. 
  10. Banana peel: Not only for mole but in general, it is beneficial to moisture your skin. It has an enzymatic and acidic effect, which helps to peel off the mole if you apply it for an extended period. For a good result, use it two times a day. But it is a slow process.
  11. Hydrogen peroxide: It is very corrosive, but if you mix some water or alcohol and dilute it, then you can apply it on the mole. But the risk of burning off surrounding skin exists. So it would help if you were cautious using hydrogen peroxide. If you consult a doctor before using it, you will be benefited.
  12. Tea tree oil: It is an excellent essential oil which has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity. Though it is costly, it can remove a mole if someone uses it for at least two weeks two times a day.
  13.  Aloe vera: It has excellent moisturizing power and can help to remove a mole. But who is allergic to aloe vera should avoid it.
  14. Apple cider vinegar: It is commonly used ingredients to remove moles. It contains malic and tartaric acids found in the vinegar can actually dissolve the mole and eventually remove moles from the skin. Take a cotton pad and apply some apple cider vinegar to it and wait for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Now, clean the mole with a warm wet towel and leave it over the mole for an hour. Repeat this remedy for two to three weeks to get rid of the moles.
  15. Pineapple juice: Pineapple juice has antibacterial effects hence it is used extensively in many skin creams. To make an effective scrub you have to take some pineapple juice and some sea salt. Mix them well and get a good scrub for your skin. Apply the mixture over the mole and scrub. Scrub the area for at least 20 minutes to remove the top layer of the mole. Use this scrub for two weeks for the complete removal of the mole.
  16. Many Pharmacies and online stores also sell mole removal creams that have side effects. Consult a dermatologist before using those creams. First of all, you have to scrape off the top part of the mole. Then you apply the cream into the mole. It will scrub your skin well within a day after applying the cream. Following the falling of the scab, the mole will go on its own.
  17. But the safer way to conceal moles is to cover them with makeup. Sometimes there is hair on the mole. The easiest way is to clip or pluck the hair off. 

These are the home remedies. But you should consult a doctor if you see any abnormal changes. Home remedies sound easy and harmless. But is not. Most of the mole removal cream has bad side effects. These can occur permanent scar on your skin. To avoid a visit to your dermatologist’s clinic you may try those home remedies. But there is no proven evidence that home remedies can remove a mole.

You can’t tell if a mole is cancerous and that’s why you should visit a doctor. It could spread throughout your body and become life-threatening if you continue to ignore it.


As I have said earlier that most of the moles on face are benign type and do not cause any harm to your body but there are some types which can develop into skin cancers and other life-threatening conditions. Melanoma is a skin cancer that grows from a mole. So you should not ignore it. So what are the signs and symptoms to know that the mole is getting worse? Let’s see… 

  • Irregular margin: If you notice that the margin of a mole is getting irregular and part of it is broken you should be concerned.
  • Discharge: Whitish or yellowish discharge from the mole is a danger sign you should not ignore it if you notice it.
  • New origin: Old moles are comparatively more innocent than a new one. New origin moles are always dangerous.
  • Bloody secretion: It is the most dangerous sign one can have with a mole. If you notice any kind of bloody discharge from a mole you should rush to your doctor and evaluate it. 
  • Rapidly changing shape: It is also a danger sign which should not be ignored. More the rapidity of the growth of the mole, the more the potentiality to convert it into skin cancer. 
  • Color change: If the mole changes its color to red or black, you should be concerned then. Red means it has a vascular origin that is related to a blood vessel. 
  • Bigger size: If the diameter of a mole is more than 2 cm then you should see a doctor and evaluate it.

These are the danger signs you should look into. Because a mole can convert into skin cancer and skin cancer can look like a mole also. There are some other medical conditions where you can develop a mole. In that case, you should not worry about the mole. But you should worry about the underlying medical condition.

Here are some conditions where you can develop moles in your body:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Liver cancer
  • Pregnancy
  • Drug reaction
  • Immune suppression
  • Chemotherapy etc.



  1. Cryotherapy: It is a procedure of removing a mole by simply freezing the mole it is a proven and less hasty way. However many clinics and health centers do not have this facility. You can have this facility in a more specialized health center.
  2. Cauterization: In this procedure firstly your doctor may numb the area and then just burn it with an electrocautery machine. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt you. Full recovery can be achieved by this procedure.
  3. Laser therapy: Mole remover laser therapy is very popular nowadays. It is popular because there are no skin marks available after the therapy However you can do it in a highly specialized skin hospital. Many general hospitals and clinics are offering laser therapy nowadays.
  4. Surgery: It is the definitive way to get rid of a mole. Your doctor may numb the area first and then cut off the mole. Then ligate the cut skin with suture material. You don’t have to stay in the hospital. Though recurrence is rare. 



No one should use home removal methods as a substitute for being examined by a doctor. A doctor can identify cancerous moles that are life-threatening conditions. Home remedies might be of low cost but one should be knowledgeable about moles and the side effects of home remedies. So don’t think about mole removal costs, just go to the doctor.   


  1. Can I remove unwanted moles at home?

There is no proven way to remove moles at home. So it is better to consult a doctor. If you are unable to visit a doctor you can wait and see. If the mole does not change or grow rapidly, you don’t have to rush to the hospital. You just can ignore it. But there are some home remedies you can use with caution.

  1. Can a simple mole convert to cancer?

Yes. A mole can convert to cancer. If you notice any changes like abnormal discharge, irregular margin, color change, or rapid growth you should consult your doctor immediately.  

  1. Are mole removal creams helpful?

Mole removal creams can help you to remove moles but they have side effects. They can cause permanent skin changes. So it is better to consult a doctor before using it. 

  1. Does apple cider vinegar remove moles?

Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory effects. It is how to get rid of moles too. It can help to shrink moles. But complete removal is unlikely. 



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