Five Common Mistakes Amongst Roulette Players


Like all online gambling games, there are things you should aim to do in roulette and things you should probably avoid. For the most part, it is easy enough to find a strategy guide to playing roulette well. The mistakes you can make are seldom discussed. We’re here to do exactly that with our short and swift guide to five common mistakes roulette players make online.

Assuming All Tables Are the Same

Never, ever assume that all roulette tables are the same. This is a rookie mistake. Sure, you might think that roulette is a one-size-fits-all kind of game, but nothing could be further than the truth. Simply playing European Roulette over American Roulette lets you play with half the house edge. Going one further and playing French Roulette halves the house edge action. Never assume all roulette tables are the same.

Don’t Believe in Multipliers

You may see plenty of live dealer roulette games offering multipliers. While these multipliers do sound great, things are not as rosy as you might believe. For instance, these multipliers usually only apply to straight-up bets. Furthermore, while you can win up to 500x a bet with these multipliers, without them, a normal straight-up win won’t pay anywhere near the 35:1 prize you’d typically receive. Instead, you’re looking at shockingly low payouts of less than 25:1, sometimes as low as 17:1, to compensate for the multipliers.

Not Setting Your Bankroll

Roulette can be quite a fast-paced game. If you don’t set a bankroll, you can rapidly regret it. As gameplay moves fast, you can rapidly churn through bets. Without a proper bankroll and budget set, you are likely (very likely) to spend way more than you want to. This may then leave you tempted to chase losses to compensate for that. It’s just smart to set a bankroll long before you decide to wager on games.

Using the Martingale System

You may have heard that the Martingale System is a suitable roulette strategy. It isn’t. Firstly, it’s not exclusively dedicated to roulette. It can be used with any even-money bets in games. Secondly, it requires you to double your bets following losses. This can rapidly see you bankrupt if you go on a losing streak. You can run out of cash in no time at all – therefore, we strongly advise you to avoid placing bets using betting systems such as these.

Don’t Bet Blindly

Don’t be silly with your bets. As we’re sure you know, there are all sorts of bets involved in a game of roulette. Inside bets, outside bets, racetrack bets – don’t hesitate to learn how each of them works and what you can achieve from them. We strongly urge you to practice and play for free. Don’t bet blindly with stakes you have no idea about. Only ever bet an amount you are comfortable losing on games on wagers that you truly understand.


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