Difference Between Managed and Shared WordPress Hosting

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If you have been thinking about creating a website using WordPress, then you can also find the WordPress web hosting at some point. Hosting is one of the most important, but regularly neglected factors of running your website. WordPress web hosting combines the benefits of an effective hosting platform that optimizes the services and features of WordPress. Both plans have the benefit of a unique and special WordPress web site users will gain from each. Types of WordPress Hosting is mention below:

Shared WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is a simple and cost-effective hosting selection. But this does not take away the quality of your website’s performance. Co-hosted WordPress users also get access to all the important benefits, including one-click Download WordPress and even pre-installed WordPress. With WordPress hosting also offers automatic upgrades and upgrade WordPress Plugin. The main difference between managed and shared WordPress hosting a managed WordPress hosting configured for every aspect of WordPress. In other words, the server that holds your website exclusively created

Here are some benefits of managed hosting WordPress:

  • As of the date of the server with automatic updates, you can ensure the remnants of your site quickly and securely without the added work on your end.
  • The support of a dedicated team WordPress hosting offers you the support staff who are fluent in WordPress and can help you to quickly fix any problems hosting or website.
  • A high level of security With WordPress hosting that you have a secure hosting environment designed to protect against specific WordPress.

The benefit of WordPress Hosting:

Security enhancement: The site’s security should be your biggest concern. There hacker attacks every 39 seconds and your website can easily become victims of intelligent hackers.

Improved Speed ​​and Performance: The speed and overall performance of your internet site affect your website more than you think. In addition, search engine marketing ranking is also a major factor. Since WordPress web hosting optimized for overall performance WordPress website, you will acquire the best quality website buy web hosting option. But remember, every WordPress hosting company provides special services and benefits. Updated usually to the latest version WordPress web sites are generally compromised by outdated plugins and core files.

Managed WordPress Hosting and Shared WordPress Hosting which type of WordPress hosting is best for your site

WordPress sites that get less traffic should use WordPress shared hosting plan and if your WordPress site is getting higher levels of traffic than that website should go for managed WordPress hosting. If you have little or no budget, then you probably want to opt for this style of accommodation WordPress hosting managed will be the most expensive option, but you will also spend less time managing your site. All technical and maintenance tasks will be supported by a WordPress expert team.


Your hosting plan plays a very important role that’s why you should consider when developing new sites or blogs. One of the primary choices you’ll make is whether or not to prefer a basic shared hosting or take managed WordPress hosting. Shared hosting is very popular for developing smaller sites and blogs because it is a very affordable option for small sites. Managed WordPress hosting is hosting for those who want their site to be highly optimized and secure and for this reason only the managed WordPress hosting costs you more. Finally, shared WordPress hosting can be a very good middle way, because it was well priced and well optimized for the platform.


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