5 Reasons to purchase the Cisco UC

Cisco Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications (UC) has transformed work places by facilitating improved and effective customer transactions and internal connections. Cisco UC provides multiple functions including voice, web conferencing, mobility and messaging across the same network, seamlessly integrating your company’s communication platforms.  By purchasing and installing Cisco UC, you can improve your business processes and streamline communication.  

Here are some other great reasons for your business to purchase Cisco UC.

  • Unlimited collaboration

By integrating video, web and IP based voice, Cisco offers enhanced collaborative environments across remote locations, allowing quality video conferencing and visual calls to be conducted anywhere in the world. Cisco allows companies to increase productivity, improving collaboration and simplifying communication within the company and with customers. It broadens video conferencing capabilities and makes voice systems more effective. 

  • Single network for multiple platforms

Cisco in an Internet Protocol (IP) that is comprised of layers, enabling it to manage data traffic, voice and video over a single network infrastructure.  It is also able to interface with network protocols that are standards-based.  

  • Affordable and scalable

Cisco UC can be deployed for up to 80,000 users over public or private cloud, remote or on-site. Licensing is priced according to the number of users, devices and features required, making it affordable for small businesses as well as medium and large companies. As companies expand, the Cisco solution can grow to match new requirements.  Cisco is purchased through Cisco Smart Software Licensing which allows self-registering and reporting and eliminates the need for a product key. Licences are merged into a single account making it easy to share across devices.  

  • Centralized control 

Cisco UC can work alongside third party vendors, controlling all phone registration and call processing. The ability to integrate with multiple technologies allows upgrades, troubleshooting and analytics to be carried out across the network. Cisco streamlines user authentication, allowing one authentication executed against either the external or local directory. Partnerships with major vendors such as Microsoft and Google bring their own collaboration tools that are smoothly incorporated into the system. 

Key Features

  • Instant messaging which connects workers and managers immediately, allowing rapid decision making, and visibility of who is online and available.
  • Extensive analytical integrations are available, including Webex Cloud-Connected Webex Cloud-Connected UC analytics reports, headsets and endpoint KPI and deployment distribution, multiple metrics on call quality and status and utilisation metrics of CPU, memory, disk, cluster and node availability. 
  • Call recording set to customable programmes such as automatic, selective silent recording and user selected.

Unified trouble shooting and performance management is available to ensure an optimal user experience.

  •  Cisco is easy to use by any member of the team. 

Your company relies on good communication for success.  Ensuring seamless, integrated communication across all your collaboration platforms will enhance productivity and help your team to be effective.  Cisco UC has benefited many organisations with its unique layered structure, providing integration with other vendors and strong connections with team members and customers. 


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