3 Ways to Market Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

real estate mailers

Real estate is a booming industry, but you may feel lost with how to stand out in the sea of other agents. To get a strong customer base, which will bring you more in revenue, you need to use good marketing strategies. Using mailers, social media and testimonials is a great way to market yourself as a real estate agent.

1. Mailers

You might think that mail is no longer relevant, but it can be a good tool to get your name out to local customers. If you specialize in real estate in a certain area, send out real estate mailers in that area. If anything, residents will see your face and name and hopefully think of you as being an expert for their area when they decide to sell or buy.

2. Social Media

When your grandma is on social media, you know that practically everyone has a social media account of some kind. It is very important to take advantage of that marketing tool. Create a Facebook and Instagram page just for your business. Use it as a guide for people on how the real estate market is doing and what properties are for sale in the area. You can be known as a trusted source for all things real estate.

3. Testimonials

When you are looking for a new restaurant to try, one of the first things you might do is go to Google and lookup reviews. People do the same for real estate agents. When you help out a client make sure to ask them to add a review online to help your ratings. Then future clients will see that you can be a good source to use when he or she wants to buy a home. It is important if you are going to use testimonials that you are offering good customer service to your clients so they will want to give you a good review.


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