How to become a personal trainer

personal trainer

The whole world is now facing a challenge. Factories and industries are down, including personal businesses. But this not the end of the world. Find the details about becoming personal trainer.

While another loses, there is the other who gains. Despite this, opportunities are still opening up. The emphasis is on work from home jobs. There is no time better for you, provided you have the passion and the willingness to learn.

How do I work from home?

The only and sure way is to find your passion, learn it, and do your best at it. Find out what is enjoyable at home, but most importantly, learn to do it for those who need this service. Next is to study the market share. Find out which is the most loved and which occupies the largest market share. 

What are the opportunities?

These are innumerable. It could be cooking, cleaning the house, laundry, and many more. Dwell on what you love, and you will receive great rewards for your services. The places to work could be at a private or commercial health and fitness club or even on a cruise ship. Study the market first and identify the most lucrative one.

Where do I become a personal trainer?

Getting the best and accredited training is the basis for your success. Finding an institution with proper accreditation will make all the difference. CATHSSETA, REPSSA, SAQA, ACAP are a few of the credentials that you should look out for when selecting an institution. These are global accreditations. With a personal training diploma from such institutions, you increase your locations of operation.

Where are the institutions? What credentials do they give?

The institutions are plenty. It is upon the trainee to investigate thoroughly and establish it gives credible internationally recognized credentials. Whatever the reputation of the institution, the credentials play a vital part. A personal training diploma is your sure bet of getting the best opportunities in the market for becoming personal trainer.

How long does take to become a Personal Trainer?

A typical course should take 12 months, but it can stretch to 18 months. It entirely depends on the trainee. If you consider it just as a career to keep you busy, it might take even longer. 

What are the earnings of a personal trainer?

Like in all professions, you decide your earnings. I can only talk about the minimum here. The least a professional home trainer can earn is $500.00. But just like the weakest salesman can get the same, the best salesmen reap in the thousands.

The rules are the same, just find the best paying market and be professional. Your limit is the sky. Do not be a social professional who is comfortable with a cup of coffee, make a decision on what you earn.

As an example of how earnings can be, think of a cruise ship. We all know who rides cruise ships. I can guarantee there will be more from the recipients of the personal training. Aside from the career openings, there are more personal training courses you can take. As with any professional course, the higher you go, the more value you have in the market. 

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