Tips To Keep Truck Tyres In Good Condition

Truck Tyres

Driving at the wheel of a truck safely has a lot to do with vehicle maintenance. In fact, the poor condition of the truck is one of the main causes of accidents in which these vehicles are involved. In this sense, truck tyres are one of the fundamental elements for Road Safety and their status is decisive in the truck’s response to risk situations.

In the transport of goods by road, in which the trucks have to make long routes very loaded and in diverse climatic conditions, the tyres of the truck bear great to wear. And yet, having a tyre in good condition is a safe circular key with our truck, because it is the point of contact between the vehicle and the pavement.

Elements to consider in the maintenance of the tyres

To be safe behind the wheel of a truck, it is very important to be careful to perform preventive maintenance on the vehicle and pay close attention to the condition of the tyres.

In order for the truck’s wheels to continue offering safety guarantees, it is important to periodically review several elements that are essential to confirm the good condition of the tyres and change the wheels at the moment when wear reduces their faculties. We remember them:

Check tyre wear

The most basic maintenance of tyres is to regularly check the depth of the drawing of the wheels. It is a simple task, but it can save our lives since only a tyre in good condition and with the right grip can respond on the road to the various traffic conditions we can find.

The low depth of the tyre drawing may be the signal that indicates that it is time to change them. There is a legal minimum of 1.6 mm, although most manufacturers recommend not rushing so much and changing the wheels when it reaches 3 mm.

Watch your truck wheel pressure

A truck whose wheels are at the right pressure is safer because the risk of losing control of the road vehicle is less. It is advisable to check the wheel pressure once a month, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Normally, the wheels lose some pressure from us, but we must bear in mind that a tyre that is slightly inflated increases consumption and is less safe for the truck.

Balanced tyres to last longer

One way to save on tyres is to ensure that our tyres are properly balanced. In this way, we will not only eliminate the annoying vibrations while driving but also prevent premature wear of the wheels. In addition, other elements of the truck, such as suspension, steering and transmission, also benefit from tyre balancing.

Valves in good condition

The valves, even if they are metallic in the tyres of our truck, owe their tightness to the closing tonic seals and end up deteriorating over time. If we notice higher pressure losses than usual, it may be time to change them.

The valve plug is also important, as it is the closure of the valve and protects it from dust and dirt. Regularly check the good condition of the valves and plugs to extend the life of the tyres.

Take care of your truck’s rear tyres

In trucks, the rear tyres are not connected to the steering wheel and that can hinder the control of their adhesion. If we want them to be as safe as possible, we must monitor their pressure and the good condition of these wheels taking into account, in addition, that many trucks specify different pressures for different axles.

Light Truck tyres, as with other types of vehicles, are very important because they are the only contact element between the vehicle and the road. Hence, to avoid accidents, which remain a serious problem in the transport sector, it is very important to take into account a number of factors when acquiring them.

Having the tyres in poor condition, worn out or with an air level that is not optimal, poses a great danger to the vehicle and, also, to its occupants. That is why in a review, to which we must always submit the vehicle and its tyres, tell us that they do not meet the requirements demanded, they must be replaced immediately.


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