Summer Gardening Tips To Keep Your Lawn Fresh


Summer Gardening Tips To Keep Your Lawn Fresh. Summer means we collect the memories of past holidays, vacations, ice creams, and mangoes. But the real summer is not like that, it has negative sides higher than positive happiness. Not only for humans but also it is hard for other living organisms too. Like animals, humans – plants also highly affected due to the high temperature of the summer. Is it our duty to protect our garden? The hot and dry summer can severely damage our trees, scrubs and little plants too. In this article, we goanna explain the tips about keeping your lawn fresh in hot summer too. It really needs some extra care during the summer. Maintaining your lawn greenly and fresh also make your house cools and makes you can breathe the fresh cool air in the hot summer too. So, now we goanna see those see special tips for you.

WATERING – the major lifeline of lawn:

Water is the most important factor when it comes to summer especially. Compare to other seasons this summer makes your lawn dry quickly. So, it is necessary to water your lawn deeply for hydrated and prevent it from going dormant (turning brown). Water regularly makes your lawn fresh at the same time. It is necessary to conserve water too. So, it is better to use a rain gauge, it highly helps you to conserve water. Even you can feed the rainwater to your lawn. Rainwater is essential and highly nutrient, so it will help your garden. By using a quality garden hose for long life can keeps your law freshly hydrated for a long time and healthy too. Just watering is not only a thing, but the time of watering is also an effective one to keep your lawn fresh. The watering lawn in the early morning or at night time will prevent evaporation. If you water in day time means the high temperature of land evaporated it quickly. Water deeply and thoroughly around 10 minutes per zone with a sprinkler system because of perspiring 85% more than human, means they are often thirstier than we are!


When your pets or kids overuse the lawn area means over time the soil beneath, your grass can become very compacted. Even the regular chore of mowing can also, cause soil compaction. This soil compaction causes a serious problem with air circulation, water drainage, and nutrient absorption. Aeration is the only treatment to protect your lawn from soil compaction. The easiest and cheapest method is to use garden folk, simply punching holes throughout your lawn to about 3 inches deep. With this regular interval of aeration, you can help your grass to get good growth in and loosen the soil to breath free. At least you should aerate your lawn about once a year that will help to maintain your lawn healthy.

Weed Removal

Weeds steal Precious nutrients and moisturizers from the soil, at the same time. It invites various insects and disease to damage your garden. To minimize the damage we have to find weeds and remove them in the beginning stage itself. Otherwise, it totally destroys your dream lawn. Using a post-emergent weed killer now will prevent weeds attack from taking over the upcoming year’s. Treat the weeds in the early morning or evening when the temperature is lower than the day time. Otherwise, Due to hotness, we can miss it and you must always follow the manufactures direction, to avoid it spreading. Regularly hand pulls weeds to keep them away from deep-rooting that affecting the soil and other plants too.


During summer you must avoid dropping your lawn mowing to lower level. Because cutting the lawn to a deep low level may cause brown or bare patches. At the same time, it causes dryness easily. It is better to keep your grass at an optimum height of three inches. It will act as a guardian to the soil below and reduce the evaporation of soil moisture. Lawn mowers are worth for money as they have good performance. Keep the freshly cut grass clippings to lie where they fall can act as a hassle-free form of your green areas. it protects the soil from the harsh sun rays which steal the moisture soon. This clipping act as a sunscreen to your soil. So it may be hydrated as long as it can be.


Fertilizing your plant is one of the basic and needy steps you have to follow this summer. This extreme hot summer makes your plant to a low their growth rate and even affected the disease easily. It is better to water your lawn the day before you mark a plan on fertilizing.  Avoid applying fertilizers in the day time, as this can lead your lawns to get brown spots. And avoid seeding when the temperature is hot wait until it becomes cool off.

These are some of the summer gardening tips which will protect your lawn from drying up. I also need to do these in a routine manner so that the results will be good. Make sure you provide enough water to help the plants to survive in the summer heat. So follow and enjoy the green fresh gardening.


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