Netflix or Amazon Prime: Pros and Cons

Netflix or Amazon Prime

As the days grow shorter and the weather gets cooler, you are likely to consider ways of passing the time. On-demand streaming services offer access to a wealth of content, and you can choose from a variety of options. Netflix or Amazon Prime-

Since streaming platforms became mainstream, we have been able to enjoy endless content at the touch of a remote without waiting a week for episodes of a favorite show. There is, however, stiff competition among streaming platforms today.

Streaming services tend to be divided into two categories according to the content people want: those who demand all available content and subscribe to every platform, and those who prefer to keep things minimal. Now how can you decide between Amazon Prime Video and Netflix? What are the best movies to watch on Prime or Netflix? What about series? Cost? Benefits?

You will find that out shortly. This article highlights all the pros and cons of both streaming services so that you can choose one that best suits your demands and budget. 

But before that, do you have a reliable internet connection to have no interferences during your binge-watching? If not, get one soon. Just like you have so many options for streaming services, there are a variety of internet service providers and plans out there for you to choose from. Just make sure to check reviews. It is best to go with a provider that does not come with a data cap. For instance, the Spectrum TV and internet plan is one that fits in this situation. Not only are the services affordable, but they also have legendary customer service and bring the best of both worlds. 

Once you are done selecting a reliable and affordable internet and TV plan, the next step is to choose a streaming service. For that, keep reading the next subhead. Netflix or Amazon Prime-

Let us start with Amazon Prime Video.

The Pros and Cons of Subscribing to Amazon Prime Video

One of the most recognized names in the consumer industry is Amazon. A variety of products and services are offered by the company. Amazon Prime is one of them.

Prime Video is one of the services offered by Amazon Prime, a subscription service that offers customers access to various Amazon services. Take a look at the pros and cons of Amazon Prime before making a decision:

Pros of Amazon Prime

Amazon offers its Prime membership and Prime Video streaming service, one of the most popular online shopping destinations in the country, with a number of advantages:

  • Free shipping

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you will receive free shipping on all Amazon products.

Online shoppers can save a lot of money by using this service. Prime memberships, aside from a few specific products, reduce shipping costs for over 100 million items.

  • Fast shipping

In addition to faster shipping, Amazon Prime subscribers also enjoy other benefits. Your desired products will be delivered within a couple of days if you choose standard shipping. You can, however, order items even sooner if you choose express shipping.

  • Stream Prime Video

You can try changing to Amazon Prime Video if you are tired of Netflix shows. There are hundreds of TV shows and movies available on the streaming service, in addition to original series.

  • Prime Exclusive Brands

Prime members have access to exclusive products that are not available to other customers. It is exactly for this reason that Amazon has created a section of its website dedicated to supporting these products.

  • Special Discounts

You can get special deals and discounts on specific products if you subscribe to Amazon Prime, including baby products. Additionally, there are discounts and deal offers on presale items that you can take advantage of.

  • Prime Reading for Free

An online store has been launched by Amazon for its customers. Subscribing to it will provide you access to hundreds of magazines, news articles, and books that you can read on tablets, phones, or Kindle devices.

  • Storage of unlimited photos

Does your Google Drive storage space exceed 15 GB? The Amazon Prime service provides unlimited photo and video storage, so you don’t have to worry about devices running out of storage space.

  • Gamer’s Twitch Prime

Those who enjoy video games will find Amazon Prime to be an excellent choice. With Amazon Prime, you can access Twitch Prime, an online service for gamers.

In addition to free in-game loot, it offers several other exclusive surprises in-game each month. A version of the service without advertisements is also available.

  • Additional Benefits

Over two million songs are available on Amazon Prime. You can create your own playlists and stations with this service. As well as audiobooks, users have access to a variety of documentaries via the Audible app.

Cons of Amazon Prime

Amazon has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages you should be aware of.

  • Costly

You can expect a high subscription price with so many benefits. Amazon Prime costs up to $119 per year, while the monthly fee is around $12.99. If you purchase the annual subscription, you get the first month free.


  • Limited music options

Compared to popular streaming services like Spotify, the two million-song selection is limited. Obtaining unlimited music requires an additional monthly subscription.

The Pros and Cons of Subscribing to Netflix

A popular streaming service is Netflix. With it, you can watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries on a variety of devices. . You should try Netflix if you have not done so already. It is available worldwide. You can test the service for one month free and then decide whether to pay. Netflix has pros and cons like any other service. We will discuss that below.

Pros of Netflix

Let us begin with the obvious.

  • User-friendly and simple

 Netflix is incredibly easy to use. No setup is required. Go to and log in if you use Netflix on your computer. Netflix apps are available for Android and iOS if you wish to stream movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet. There are several ways to browse, including by name or genre. It is all very easy.

  • Commercial-free

Commercials interrupting your movie or show can be extremely annoying. On Netflix, there are no commercials. By clicking Play on a movie or show you want to watch, you will not be interrupted by advertisements. This applies to both a free trial and a monthly subscription.

  • Original program

Netflix offers a great selection of TV shows and movies. Popular videos are available in the library, as well. Netflix has a large collection of original TV shows, movies, and documentaries, such as “Ozark”, “Never Have I Ever”, and “The Last Kingdom”.

Take advantage of Netflix’s free trial period and watch some of its original programmings. There are some real gems in there, and you might find some of your favorite TV shows or movies.

  • The content can be downloaded and viewed offline

You can now download Netflix content to watch it offline. It is a fantastic option for a road trip or for a vacation, especially if you’re traveling with friends. If your internet connection is not great, you won’t be able to stream these shows or movies. Netflix makes sure you are able to watch wherever you are.

  • Various membership plans

Netflix also offers you the option to pick the membership plan that is best for you. Upgrades and downgrades are available at any time. Three plans are available: basic, standard, and premium. Each plan has different features. 

Cons of Netflix

Now let us talk about Netflix’s cons.

  • Delay in New Content

Despite its previous seasons being available on Netflix, you will not be able to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show right away. Netflix’s shows will, however, be premiered there right away. This also applies to movies. It might take some time for new content to become available.

  • Outdated library

In addition to not adding the latest TV shows and movies right away, Netflix’s library is also quite old. The site needs a lot of time to be updated, and new content added. This causes many users to be unsatisfied with it. Compared with Netflix, Amazon Prime updates its library more frequently.

  • Location determines the selection

According to us, this is Netflix’s greatest flaw. It is easy to find great movies and TV shows in the United States. Otherwise, you are likely to be disappointed. Therefore, the content depends on where you live. However, it is likely to change from time to time. 


So, you see, both streaming services have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will not tell you which one is the best because that varies from place to place and person to person. It depends on your budget, the type of content you watch, and where you live. Now that you know the pros and cons of both in detail, you can make a choice yourself.

We hope this post helps you make the right choice. Tell us in the comments below which one do you plan to go with. You can also add your questions and suggestions, and we will get back to you soon.


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