What Food Do You Take Hunting or Scouting With You?


What Food Do You Take Hunting or Scouting With You? When you think about it, the kinds of food and snacks you take hunting, scouting or hiking can make a huge difference. Not only that but the nostalgia and memories that food and snacks give us go hand and hand with hunting. 

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I’m sure those of us who had the great opportunity to go hunting with our fathers will always remember a few things from those hunts.

1. The hunt.

2. The hike.

3. The kill.

4. The food and snacks.

Food and snacks on a hunt are things that we never forget. I can still remember as a young boy hunting with my father. There are a few items of food/snacks that he never failed to bring. Hostess cupcakes, Twinkies, Kipper snacks, saltine crackers (sometimes Ritz crackers) and jerky. Those items seemed almost mandatory whenever we’d go hunting. That’s how I first came to love Kipper snacks on saltine crackers. And now every time I crack one of those tin cans of fish open it brings back a flood of good memories.

I still bring a couple of tin cans of Kipper snacks with me on every hunt but I’ve definitely added to my list of items.

One thing I learned the hard way and that was when you’re hunting and hiking hard you need a ton of energy. When I was young, dumb and full of….piss and vinegar I used to not bring very much food or snacks with me. I thought it’d weigh me down too much. And I’d end up hiking all day and being burned down to the ground when I got back to camp. Of course, the next day was a struggle just to get out of bed. I hadn’t properly fed my body the calories it required with the amount of hiking I was doing.

Over time I learned to feed my body the right amount of calories to keep up with the amount of hiking that I was doing.

Here’s a list of items that I always take hunting with me now.

1. Powerade or Gatorade. I drink one before I start hiking, one with me out in the field and I down one when I get back to camp. They really recharge your body.

2. Powerbars of all kinds.

3. Kipper snacks and Ritz crackers.

4. Jerky and lots of it.

5. A sandwich if possible and depends on my mood at the time.

6. Granola bars (sometimes).

7. Hostess cupcakes or Twinkies. Which always seem to get smashed in my pack.

8. Mountain House dinners.

9. Whatever looks good while I’m at the store.

10. Doritos or some brand of chips.

So this is a list of what I like to take with me. Sure it’s not health food but with the amount of hiking that I do, I don’t think I can give my body enough calories or energy.

What kinds of food or snacks do you take hunting with you?

Be safe and good hunting my friends.


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