How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Door in Toronto?

Replace a Door

Doors are an essential part of any house. They protect the dwelling and are a part of the exterior. But sooner or later you realize that it’s time to replace a door. What budget to plan for? What material option to choose? Which door company in Toronto offers the best prices and services? 

Read our article to know all the information about the cost of door replacement and make the optimal choice for your needs.

Average Door Replacement Cost in Toronto- Replace a Door

First of all, the price of a new front door is affected by material. If you decide to add, for example, glass inserts, high-quality locks, colors and finishes, thickness, etc.,the price will also be higher. Add the price of the work and you will get the approximate cost of replacing the door.

  • Standard PVC door will cost you (including installation) from $1680-$2400.
  • the doors made of this material provide great thermal insulation, that is a great quality for cold Canadian winters;
  • they have a good price-quality ratio;
  • little maintenance is required
  • Waterproof But they are flammable and have a shorter lifespan because of temperature changes. 
  • The price for Steel door varies from $2040 to $2400. 
  • a budget option;
  • little maintenance is required
  • fire-proof, and there is a possibility of reinforcement for additional security;
  • larger sizes are possible;
  • can be customized with paint.

But steel doors are very heavy. In case of scratches they need a quick repair to prevent rusting. Are not an energy efficient option when inlaid with glass. 

  • Fiberglass or Composite door price in Toronto starts from $2160 to $2880. 
  • Provide a good thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • resistant to scratches; 
  • look like wood, but don’t absorb humidity like wooden doors;
  • little maintenance is required.

Their cons are comparatively short lifespan and sensitivity to temperature changes. 

  • Wood doors price range is from $1920 to $2400
  • Are a popular design choice
  • good insulation; 
  • temperature changes resistant; 
  • well sealed.

But Wood doors are expensive, require much maintenance for a long lifespan, and are sensitive to scratches. 

Now that you have gotten the rundown on front doors replacement costs, as well as their pros and cons, it’s time for renovation! We understand all the difficulties that come with searching for a reliable and high-quality contractor for your project. We would like to take away that stress! 

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