Get Maximum YouTube Views with These Simple Hacks

YouTube Views

How much have you thought about how you would be as successful as a Youtuber? Here are a few tips to get success on youtube and maximum youtube views. 

Get that proper Primary Keyword

What happens is that when you put your content out there, it needs to have that primary keyword with which the SEO can work on your video. You can use different platforms to find these trending primary keywords. For example, you have KWfinder which can help you to find the short tail and the long-tail keywords. You can find the keywords suitable to your content and make sure you put them in your description s or the titles of the videos you make. You need to optimize your content up to the keyword so that it doesn’t feel like click-baiting. Also, the algorithms are quite smart enough to realize that if you do match the content with the title then they will not consider it.

You must get YouTube Tags

When you need to get youtube views, what do you do? You get Youtube Tags. You need to have to get the tags for your video and this is the right way to do. Find the appropriate tags for your video using some help and you will get there. For the best results, you can always use alternative keywords that are relevant. Use only relevant tags to your content. Otherwise, it is all going to go down for waste.

Make your own video!

No matter how worse it is, try to film by yourself. When you make your own video, you learn about different aspects of filming. Apart from that, the more mistakes you make early, the better you will realize. So do not be afraid and actually try to film your own videos. Try creating the videos from scratch. 

Keeps the keyword coming in the video content too

If you keep the keyword occurring in your video, then this is a great way to get youtube views. You will have to speak your keyword at the beginning of the video so that google can confirm your video is right about the content and relevant to it.

Input Your Keyword as the Video Filename

A lot of people put some random keywords as the video filename but always save or name your video file with the keyword so that you can rank better than the other videos. You need to be as relevant as possible to be noticed by Youtube’s algorithms. Thus, try doing this and look at the results for yourself.

The keyword as Thumbnail Filename!

Yeah, the same concept which is explained above is applicable here also. You need to name your custom video thumbnail as the primary keyword so that you can be relevant to Youtube. Never take Youtube’s automated thumbnail. Edit your own thumbnail and upload it.

Put Your Keyword in Your Attractive Title

As we already told, you have to bring up an attractive title and place your primary keyword everywhere in the video. You want your title to be attractive but at the same time have the keyword. So, place the primary keyword everywhere in the video include the titles, the description, the content, the link, the video file, and the thumbnail file. You need to keep the title very attractive so that the viewers are interested to know what your video is about.

Also, you need to know that the first 120 words about your description are very important. Please never take this for granted at all! Include your keyword in it and make sure you make it all engaging and exciting. The key here is consistency and if you are consistent with your efforts, you will see the results.

Always mention a decent length description for your video

So as we said above, the first 120 words of the description are super important. You need to put your primary keyword in there and then you need to work the later part too. Do not focus only on the first 120 words because people will look for information in the description box only. So any useful tips or links you can put it in here.


It is quite common to know that everyone thinks of having all their dreams fulfilled. If you are Youtuber, then, having the millions of likes, comments, and views for the content you produce is what is going to matter to you. There are a few people who think they have to put in a lot of work. Youtube SEO is one of your assets and sort of magic bullet that helps you to get youtube views, it is only legitimate to work on it and work along with it. You can apply all the above steps to check your way of working for your Youtube channel.


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