Can you sue your employer for a chemical burn?

a chemical burn

Workplace environments can be extremely dangerous places if you work in a location that is exposed to several pathogens and chemical substances. Because you need to go to work in order to make a living, it is extremely important that your employer has safe working conditions for you to effectively complete your job. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and some employers insist on their employees coming into work even though the work environment itself does not have the safest working conditions. If you have been exposed to such an environment, then this article will give you some insight into the legal protections you have and what you can do to take action in the case you are dealing with a chemical burn. In this blog, you will know that Can you sue your employer for a chemical burn.

The Initial Situation Involving The Dangerous Chemical

Since most companies have safety protocols when it comes to dealing with chemical elements, it is a rare situation when chemical exposure occurs. If, however, the safety protocols have been violated by the employer and harm employees whether through skin contact or inhaled through the respiratory system, a case may be brought to trial or through a settlement. Additionally, chemical exposure can seep through the water system where individuals might ingest it that can lead to harm against the employee. This can also bring about a class-action lawsuit if several individuals are exposed. In this article, we will look specifically into chemical burns. A lawsuit may be filed when containers are not properly sealed or the employer uses a cheaper kind of container for the chemical. This chemical may then burn the skin of the employee. Whether through financial means or an issue with the supplier, the company must be held accountable for any kind of chemical burn injury that may have hurt the employee. 

The Injury Sustained

An employee that sustains an injury from a chemical burn should first find medical help whether It be through the company or through a private provider. Once adequate treatment has been found and begun, the employee should begin to think about all of the events that led to the injury. By going back and making note of what the circumstances in the factory were like, to begin with, you can get a more accurate picture of the working condition that led to the issue. Additionally, make sure that you have clear evidence of the injury from the chemical burn. A photo combined with the statement of events that led to the injury can make for a compelling case your burn injury attorney can make to an arbitrator or the judge in front of a jury. 

Worker’s Compensation Claim

An employer that exposes their employee to hazardous chemicals in factories and plants are open to lawsuits that will involve whatever the employee has sustained as a result of the injury. The damages that are accrued towards the employee from the employer is known as a worker’s compensation claim. A worker’s compensation claim can include medication, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, as well as mental health rehabilitation costs. Additionally, the lack of work from rehabilitation that has led to financial difficulties is also often on the table during these claim negotiations. These financial obligations can not only impact the employee but can also impact family members and loved ones that are dependent upon the money earned. 

The severity of the burn can also determine the likelihood of how much you are able to be compensated for all of the additional and relevant damages. While first and second-degree burns can cause major scarring it is third and fourth degree burns that will result in damage that will need permanent care as the destruction of nerve endings has occurred. These situations, as well as second-degree burns, will require more intensive reconstruction support that will require many days of surgical care as well as many months of rehabilitation. The monetary damages associated with medical costs and the cost of not being able to work during the time of rehabilitation should be factored into trial or arbitration negotiations. 

When it comes to having someone by your side to fight against a corporation that has harmed you through negligence, you will want to partner with an experienced firm that can fight for your rights and net you every penny you deserve. There are several damages that can occur as a result of chemical burns and you are at fault for absolutely none of it. By partnering with a legal team that has several years of experience fighting for individuals in these same circumstances, you can rest assured that you will have someone by your side fighting hard. Set up an appointment with us as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. 



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