7 Fun Things to Do While Studying from Home

Things to Do Studying from Home

If you have decided to go back into education, because of COVID-19 your only option at present may be to study from home. When learning away from a classroom, being stuck in the same four walls day in day out can be mind-numbing and take its toll. No matter what course you’ve signed yourself up for, it’s important that you take some time for yourself along the way to keep your spirits up. With that in mind, here are some fun things you can do while studying from home.

Play Music

During your course, how you study will have a big influence on your overall grade. While many people prefer to study in silence, others like to blast music that keeps their spirits up. If you fall into the latter, make sure you put music on that boosts productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re a lover of pop, rock, rap, or RnB, a bit of music can do wonders when it comes to studying from home.

If you can’t focus with music on in the background while learning, listening to your favorite songs during breaks can give you time to relax, help to clear your head, and get back to your studies with a fresh mindset. There are many health benefits you can gain from listening to music, such as reduced stress levels, an elevated mood, and relief of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Have a Dance

Once you’ve got your music playing, you may have a hard time sitting still. When having a break from learning, why not get up and have a little dance? Whether you’ve got the moves or not, having a dance can be highly beneficial for your mind and body. Dancing increases muscular strength, boosts coordination, flexibility, and agility, and also helps you manage your weight better.

What’s more, as you are studying from home and there are no prying eyes, you can dance all around the house without any worries. Make sure not to overdo it as the last thing you want is to pull a muscle!

Do Some Exercise

While exercise may not be at the top of your agenda when it comes to having fun, working out can release endorphins in the brain which are known to make you feel happier. Factoring in some time in between your studies for exercise can make an enormous difference both to your health and outlook on life.

If you’re looking into online accelerated BSN programs for non nurses at Baylor University, for example, having time to exercise away from your modules can benefit you when it comes to getting stuck back in. Thanks to technology, there are virtual physical activity programs you can participate in which allow you to connect with other like minded fitness fanatics without having to leave the front door. Once you get your heart rate and blood pumping, you should feel more optimistic and be more motivated to continue studying.

Pamper Yourself

If you love nothing more than a pamper and your nearest spa is shut due to the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself from home. Regardless of what degree you’re doing, high-stress levels and anxiety can lead to skin problems and breakouts, so if you’re looking for something fun to do, why not have your own pamper night?

There are lots of things you can purchase that will promote all things relaxing, such as a face mask. Having a long soak in the bath with scented candles can help you relax and destress from the pressure of your course too. Relaxation techniques like meditation and deep breathing can slow down your heart rate and help you feel at peace.

Pursue a Hobby

With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, you may be twiddling your thumbs on what to do outside of studying. While a lot of your day and focus will be on your degree, make sure you have plenty of space to do the things you love. If you want, you can use the pandemic as an opportunity to take up a new hobby and learn a new skill.

Whether you’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts and want to get stuck into painting, or you have a spacious backyard and want to try out gardening, there are tons of hobbies you can do from home without needing to leave the front door. Having a hobby to focus on can help to declutter your mind, keep you in good health, and even open career doors.

Virtually Connect

While COVID-19 may restrict you in regards to seeing your loved ones in person, technology allows you to connect with friends from home. You can use platforms like Skype and Zoom to virtually see your nearest and dearest which can be used as a much-needed break from your learning.

To keep things fun and exciting, why not join the millions of others and host your own quiz night? Even if there is no prize involved, you will still have tons of fun playing with your friends and family. There are other games you can play that may bring out the competitive side in you and your loved ones too, giving you hours of enjoyment.

Go for a Walk

If you’re spending most of your time inside, this won’t do your mental health any favors. You need to have breaks from learning, so make sure you get outdoors in the fresh air and go for a walk. To make things fun, you may want to go on an adventure and take a trail you’ve never been on before.

There is so much wonderful scenery to explore in the world, especially if you’re lucky enough to live near hilltops and mountains.  Even towns and cities tend to have parks and trails that can be explored.

Whether you opted for online learning originally or not, there are tons of fun things you can do alongside your studies without having to leave the front door. Whether it’s factoring in some exercise, or taking up a new hobby, having breaks from learning is critical for your mental and physical wellbeing.


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