10 Must-Have Features for your Dating App in 2020

Dating App

The online dating industry has created a revolution. It has changed the way how people know and date with each other. Online dating has become faster and more efficient as compared to traditional dating because it provides a wide number of choices to users.

Due to this, various entrepreneurs and developers are entering into the dating industry by launching their business. In this post, we will provide the list of features that you should include when you build a dating app.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

First date suggestions

A person using the dating app knows very well that it’s not that easy to find the perfect date. In order to search for a date, one has to constantly go through the swiping process, reach their match at the right time; otherwise, they will lose them. The last thing one might think of is a magical date idea.

To resolve this, apps can provide first date suggestions, like “Modern Date: Jazz party and dinner,” “Classic Date: Movie and Dinner,” or “Instant Date: Dinner and Karaoke,” a user will feel less pressure. Moreover, if the date suggestion is super lame, at least one gets someone to share their feelings.

Option to check if a user is blocked by others

Why should a user waste their time and follow a detailed process in getting to know a stranger who is not worth it for him/her? For this, dating apps should inform directly whether that person has been blocked (particularly by more than one person), this will save their time and process.

Feature to form a 1-2-1 and Group Meet-up at Real Locations

One of the most prominent features you can include in your dating app is allowing users to form a 1-2-1 and group meet-up at real locations. If someone has found has a perfect date, then they should get an option to arrange a face-to-face meeting at any nearby location.

Also, you can enable users to arrange a group-meet-up, where different users can meet-up, talk, enjoy, and find a perfect match. By meeting and chatting with different people, they will be able to find their interest.

Moreover, you can also provide different proposals where app users can meet with each other. You can provide a wide number of nearby suggestions, from which they can select a place and share it with each other.

Chatting and Video Messaging

When you go for dating app development, the first and foremost option is to include a chat feature. With this feature, users who found the match will know each other, get familiar with each other, and organize real-world dates.

Apart from this, you can also allow users to share photos, images, and videos. You can also include different mediums of conversation, such as audio and video calling. This will help users to check whether they are talking to the same person as their profile picture.

One much essential feature you can provide is auto-suggestions to start a conversation with their dates.

Ability to edit messages after they are sent

There are times, when a user sends something which he/she might want to change it, during this time you can provide a time limit in which user can edit the messages before their date reads them.

Real-time push notifications

A real-time push notification triggers a user to open the app instantly. Informing users that someone has liked them is the best thing as they don’t want to miss even a small notification when it is about dating app. Push notification is also a powerful tool to enhance user retention.

For instance, alert a user if someone liked their profile, sends them a message, or anything else. Your users are curious about things that interest them, and they always want a notification without opening the app.

Better search filters

There might be a lot of people who might be looking for a specific type of person on the dating app. For them, why not provide better search filters?

You can provide a highly-organized search feature in which allow your users to find a perfect match based on different things such as interests, hobbies, location, photos, etc.

User Blocking and Reporting

Similar to everything, dating app has two sides. Apart from connecting like-minded people, users have a risk of bad guys such as scammers who threatens people by sending them sensitive messages or images.

Users should feel secure while during the dating app. For this, dating app should give power in the hands of users to block and report bad guys. By providing this feature, you will keep a good-quality user base along with increasing the experience of all the users on your network.

Premium features to improve user experience

You should provide premium features in your dating app, by which users can find and enjoy fun dates with ease. Here, they will get the option of unlimited swipes, super like, etc. For these premium features, you can charge them nominal fees.

By including premium features, you will not only help someone to find perfect dates but also increase the conversion rate of your app.


Now, you have become familiar with the various features that a dating app can have. Consider this post when you are entering into the dating app market and include all the features that you think will be valuable in your region. Also, make sure that your app stands out of the competition.

If you are not familiar with how to create an excellent dating app, then approach a dating app development company, they will understand your idea and provide you the best solution as per the current market requirements.


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