Writing While Traveling – How It Makes Your Journey More Amazing

Writing While Traveling

Writing is more than just picking a piece of paper and scribbling notes. In fact, studies show that brain activity during writing is akin to that of a professional sportsman during the heat of play. In this article, you will get to know about writing while traveling and how it makes your journey more amazing.

People can develop writing as a habit at an early age or become addicted to it in the later stages of their lives as well.

Delivering meaningful work that others can comprehend, writing involves incredible cognitive levels that can be intertwined with imaginative skills to accomplish the impossible.

According to a recent study by Statista.com, over 45,800 authors and writers worked in the United States. Furthermore, in a 2018 survey, it was revealed that just 21% of full-time published authors made 100% of their income from books.

Moreover, a few globally renowned authors who got big breaks made millions of dollars per year. As of June 2018, the world’s wealthiest author was James Patterson, with a recorded income of $86 million, exceeding J.K. Rowling and Stephen King.

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways writing while traveling can make your journey all the more incredible.

  • Authenticity of Settings

Traveling can take you to places, and this means that you can observe real venues and inspect them much more closely. This can help writers to develop authentic settings for their stories and narratives.

One of the most intriguing parts of storytelling is setting the surroundings in which the main characters interact. This allows the readers to imaginatively experience the grandeur of the environment where the main narrative takes place.

For anyone familiar with J. R. R. Tolkien’s works, they would understand just how significant it is for the storyteller to inform the audience about the sites, locations, and sceneries where the story takes place.

The audience can thus visualize and experience the narrative as it was happening right in front of their very eyes.

  • Create Your Own Travel Log

A travel log is a type of chronological writing that records your every action during travel. Also known as a travel journal, a travel log can help you archive the events that happen during your travel. Thus it is reminiscent of all your memories and notable proceedings that occurred in the past.

Hence it can help you have a great time remembering your journeys and trips. You can also share them with other people, which means that they too get to experience your traveling expeditions and enjoy them to a great extent. Some exciting aspects for a travel journal or log include:

  • It can include a pre-travel plan and preparations that you made before the actual journey commenced.
  • You can also write about your expectations and how you imagine the destination and trip itself could be like to experience.
  • Jot down important dates and times, including your day of departure and arrival, along with all the adventures and experiences you had during travel.
  • Taking pictures and adding them to your travel journal makes it more enjoyable down the memory lane.
  • You can also add a summary after your journey is completed and share your thoughts about how it impacted and changed your life.
  • Enhanced Self-Awareness

We, humans, are beings filled with curiosity, and as much as we want to learn about the universe, people, and places around us, we also yearn to understand our own selves and find out who we are.

Writing during travel is an astonishing experience that enables us to learn about new people that we meet and the locations that we visit, but deep down, it also makes you self-aware and helps you find your place in the universe.

It broadens the mind and assists you in seeing the big picture, realize where you stand, and find out how things are connected.

Overall, travelling alone is an incredible way of learning itself, and it can teach you more about yourself and the world than any book or encyclopedia out there.

  • Getting the Details Right

One of the most gripping parts of writing is attention to detail, and those who read your work thoroughly enjoy this descriptive form of writing. This is because attention to detail brings your audience closer to the actual and lifelike experiences and creates vivid images in the minds of the readers.

When you travel, you actually reach your desired destination and experience firsthand what it means to be physically present at a particular venue or place.

All of your senses are synched to your immediate surrounded include your senses of sight, smell, taste, and touch. This offers you the unique ability to jot down all the interest details and dive further and deeper into them their striking aspects that touched you.

  • Inspirations from Surrounding

Traveling brings an effective change in scenery, and as the surroundings around you begin to shift, it also starts to impact the way you think and feel. This is a result of you experiencing new sounds, sights, and even the smell in your environment changes. Experiencing the new or something for that matter for the first time can greatly influence your viewpoint about things in life.

The world is bigger than our perception of it, and naturally, it helps break barriers. You are able to discover the limitations of your own standpoints, and as things start to seep in, you realize wonderful changes are happening everywhere.

This leads to you becoming inspired, and the lock on your imagination certainly breaks, making you more agreeable and acceptable of the process of change. It is when you welcome this transformation that leads you to become inspired.

  • Memorabilia

Collecting souvenirs, mementos, and knick-knacks during your trip is only natural because it helps you to remember and share your experiences with others. This is where writing while traveling can aid you to jot down some of the best and most impactful moments during your journey.

Many people like to collect postage stamps, cards, and other collectible items during their trips which can reflect and validate their stay at a particular. Hence your writing, along with a collection of memorabilia, could help you relive some of the most enjoyable and fantastic times you had experienced in the past.

This will allow you to always look back and be reminded of the influential times you spent while travelling that deeply impacted you and your life in general.

In the final year of college, seniors who seek best assignment writing services UK at the time also collect items and things to create their own memorabilia to remember the good times they spent with their peers and college friends.

  • Pure Indulgence

When you travel, it offers you a break from your busy schedules and daily routine life. When you detach yourself from your everyday regimen, it unsurprisingly offers you something to look forward. Here you can use your writing utensils to reflect on your life so far and indulge yourself in writing some of your best work.

This form of reflective writing helps you think about the actions you took and the decisions you had to make in order to reach this point in time.

Hence, you experience self-realization to a whole new level, and this can help you find closure with some of the darkest moments of your life and help you overcome some of your biggest fears.

  • Stupendous Research

Writing while traveling is also great for your research work as it can help you find things from a first-person perspective and discover the true nature of things first hand. This makes your work more authentic and credible and enables you to research cultures, traditions, people, and places at a much closer distance.


As a final word, I would like to say that writing while travelling can also substitute greatly for a missing partner. Hence if you are travelling along, writing can pretty much keep you occupied and feel less lonely.

Furthermore, it can also help you improve your writing skills as the more time you spent travelling, the more time you have to practice your writing skills while moving from point A to point B.

In fact, writing can also be an excellent excuse to tell people not to disturb you and that mind their own business would be a good decision. That’s it for now. Cheers, and all the best for your future endeavors!



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