Technology: A Bane or Boon For Financial Sector? Find Out Now!


As technology continues to grow and we see more and more industries embracing it, it is very clear that digital technology has become very important and influential to all sorts of businesses. And one such field that technology is helping to prosper is the financial industry. Many technological firms have popped up over the last few decades to help the financial sector in order to enhance their business.

Currently, people are using various services based on technology such as online and mobile banking, e-wallets, contactless cards, and some people have moved ahead into cryptocurrency. All these are possible only due to advancements in technology.

Here in this article, we will go through some of the evolving technologies that are bringing a massive change in the lending sector. Let’s just explore them:

Role of FinTech

Financial Technology or FinTech has become a huge sector in the field of financial services. The UK can be considered as a world leader in this field due to a large number of FinTech companies working here.

These companies have developed technological solutions that have contributed a lot to the improved business for the banking and lending sector.

For example, online lending, with the advent of such types of lenders you can easily obtain loans such as 12-month loans loans from direct lenders such as in the UK.

Apart from lending, many other things such as peer-to-peer lending, fund transfer have become easier, wealth-management, etc. Indeed, technology has made financial service a lot improved like never before.

Artificial Intelligence

Now Artificial Intelligence is prevalent in almost all sectors and finance is not behind. More intelligent systems and other AI-based technologies are being designed daily.

With the help of AI-based products, banks and lenders can improve their services many folds. They come in handy for a faster application process, better customer service, etc.

With respect to lending services, it has become a lot easier for lenders to prevent potential loss or fraud with the help of AI-based technologies. These devices are designed on the basis of a certain algorithm that can detect any probable loss in advance. Hence, more and more lenders are adopting these technologies.

Big Data

It is being said that “Data is new oil”. The next big thing in today’s technological world is data. Everything is based on data. Every day billions of data get generated as people use the internet. Companies are using this data to improve their service and create new products to cater to the needs of their customers.

The same goes for lenders as they too use these vast amounts of data to better their service and design products based on the needs of customers.

Apart from making new products, they can also get complete details of prospective borrowers with the help of their previous record. Lenders can use old data of a borrower to decide whether to offer a loan or not. Sometimes people have bad credit due to some financial mistakes in the past. Lenders can check all that and if deemed feasible, they can offer loans for bad credit.

With the help of data, it will be easier for lenders to assess the loan application which results in faster approval.

Decision making also becomes easier with the help of data.

Online Lending

Lending is one of the essential traits of financial services. Earlier it used to be a difficult and cumbersome task to avail of this service. People had to visit the physical office of lenders in order to get a loan. A lot of paperwork was involved and it was a time-consuming process.

But with the introduction of online lenders, it has become easier for people to borrow money. Online lenders have a simple and easy online application process. You just need to submit a single application form and with instant approval, you can get the money within a few hours. Also, the main advantage of these lenders is that you can get the loan even with a bad credit score.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it can be said that technology has become an integral part of all businesses. With the help of it, industries are designing innovative products and services for people. As far as the financial sector is concerned, it has gained a lot from the tech world. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc lending service has improved. Lenders are now able to provide specially designed loan products based on the need of borrowers. It has also contributed a lot to better customer service and experience. Seeing these benefits, even conventional lenders are adopting these technologies.


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