Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai

Seafood Restaurants

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai. India is a peninsular country gifted with surrounding Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea, which provides long coastlines to the country. Many cities settled along these coastlines are the hub to the best-ever seafood varieties available in India. Among them, Mumbai is one such a renowned place for seafood varieties to enjoy the delicious and spicy tastes. The Arabian sea of Mumbai is the reason behind Mumbai’s popularity for seafood tastes.

To enjoy these delicious tastes, it’s sure we have to look out for Mumbai’s famous Seafood Restaurant.

Let’s check out here Mumbai’s top 5 seafood restaurants.

1. Konkan Cafe:

Konkan cafe is a special and unique seafood restaurant in Mumbai, part of Vivanta by Taj. It’s completely a decor restaurant that looks like a replica of a seaside bungalow on the Malabar coast. The credits and specialty of this unique restaurant go to the Chef Ananda Solomon. He experienced several months in South India to educate the skills and secret recipes from the people. That’s why here the seafood varieties taste quite different from others. An interesting thing is they used to cook in earthenware.

Best-try: Meen Polichattu (fish in banana leaves)is a must-try special of this restaurant and the others are Curdee mango, Mangalorean fish curry, seafood thali, and pomfret recheado.

2. Mahesh Lunch Home:

Mumbai’s oldest and trustworthy seafood restaurant. From the past 37 years, this restaurant was serving its best delicacies of seafood to Mumbai locals and tourists. Itspopularitymade to spread several branches in Andheri, Juhu, Thane, Pune, and Banglore. Moreover, using traditional ingredients and recipes is the thing made this restaurant the best-one in Mumbai.

Best-try: Clams sukka, fish Balti, Squid koliwada, tandoori pomfret, Dakshin fried crab, and various crab specials are the best- try seafood of the restaurant.

3. Trishna:

Trishna is one of the best seafood restaurants in Mumbai to visit but it is a little bit hard to locate it. In zig-zag Sai Baba Margthe restaurant is located, which is hard to find it. However, after locating it the savors of the restaurant will lock you there with its mouth-watering dishes. Here what the varieties of seafood draw your attention means, Mangalorean and Hyderabadi influenced flavors.

Best-try: Mangalorean seafood is the first and special dish to try here and crab specials, prawns koliwada, lobster kalimiri, ravas Hyderabadi, butter garlic squid are the other delicious items to try.

4. Gajalee

Gajaleehas a separate fan base for seafood lovers in Mumbai. Every day it seems to be crowded with hordes of people and tourists. In many areas of Mumbai, you may find the branches of Gajaleebut try to visit the Gajalee at Vile Parle West. Here you enjoy the best savors of seafood. For many years this restaurant serving fantastic North Indian style seafood not at all comparable with others.

Best-try: Tandoori crabs, clam masala, clam koshimbir, stuffed bombil, stuffed bangda, etc are the delectable seafood varieties to try.

5. Fresh Catch:

Where ever we go for restaurants in Miami beach we will definitely find the taste of handmade food. Particularly, seafood like varieties highly impossible, Fresh catch restaurant offers you fresh and reminds your home food. An interesting thing is the menu chart in the restaurant was prepared by the owner, Francis Fernandes collected from his hometown. Even the ingredients were imported from his hometown. Due to all these specifications, the taste and dishes find unique and awesome.

Best-try: What the best pick from the restaurant means, Konkan treasure prawns. It is delicious seafood to try here. Others to try here are Ravafried Kane, pomfret curry, rechadprawns, crab meat butter garlic, and tisriyasukke.

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