Benefits of scalp massager for hair growth

scalp massager

For proper hair growth, it’s essential to provide a scalp messenger that helps to stimulate hair growth. Due to much stress and tension, your adequate hair growth is induced. In that case, a proper scalp massaging will help you regarding this matter. In this article, we have analyzed the best scalp massager with the user guide and the benefits of scalp massager with some tips and tricks. All these will help you to get a good idea about scalp massaging and some fantastic products.

What is a scalp massager?

Scalp massaging means massage to the scalp. Scalp messaging is a process through which you will get a relaxed feeling. As we all remain in so much stress or have to endure much pain, then we need a relaxing scalp massaging. It is as familiar as your neck, back, or body massager. But in the case of scalp messaging, you have to message a little bit gently. It not only helps to remove the stress but also helps to increase the growth of hair. Scalp messaging has to do with your regular oil or specific scalp messaging oil. You can also add some extra ingredients to get a better result. 

Best scalp messenger for 2020:

There are several types of scalp messenger. Some are manual, and some are electric. It’s your option what you want to pick. Here are some best scalp messenger as follows-

Maxsoft scalp cares massaging shampoo brush:

You can add Maxsoft shampoo brush as a part of your daily routine. It is considered as best scalp massager for curly hair. It has a simple handle and soft but thick bristle that help to grip your hair quickly and massage properly. If you have thick hair, then you can feel a little uneasy while using this. It gives a spa-like feeling. But the thin hair user will get a good massage without any doubt. It provides a satisfying massage while washing your hair to get rid of shampoo, providing a shiny texture. 

Hay electric scalp massager:

It is an ideal choice if you want a suitable scalp massager. Its modern design helps its user to operate efficiently. It is not like manual massagers. It takes less effort to get the intensity that you want.  It promises to give a full 36O message with the option of two different speed settings. It’s most significant feature is that it has 84 nodes that provide a smooth transmission. Again you can use it both for dry and wet hair. According to the user reviews, it seems like crawling with little feet, and users are amazed about its intensive use through even the thickest hair. You have to charge it through a USB cable. After a full change, you can use it. Considering all these, it is an all-rounder scalp massager.

Amirce electric scalp massager comb:

If you want to buy an upgraded scalp massager, then it is a good option. It is different from the regular scalp massager. This unique scalp massager comb delivers a high frequency of massage with a vibration of 7,500 pen minutes. It is considered as best scalp massager for dandruff hair. Its red light therapy is a proven theory for hair growth. The red light wave stimulates blood circulation. But it’s one most important limitation is that you can’t use it for a common purpose for a long time. It will put an adverse impact that will suffer from hair loss.  

Liba scalp massager tool:

If you have to buy the best manual massager, then you can choose it at a reasonable price. It is a hand manual massager. It has a gold color, appealing contemporary handle that gives a prominent look. It is considered as the best massager for long hair.

Some users consider it as a magical fingertip as it slowly massages the scalp. It gives pleasurable massage throughout the scalp in such a low price. It messages both sides at the same time on different sides of their head. But don’t mix it with other expensive scalp massagers because it has less strength compared to a powerful massager.

Vanity planet scalp massager:

It is also considered as the best massager for hair loss. It has a two-speed controlling mode that provides gentle and sturdy vibration. Its flexible rubber tips are so soft that you can use it both for wet and dry hair.

Breo scalp massager: 

This is a suitable massager that you can add to your daily routine. You can choose three different settings including regular, gentle, and combination modes. You have to set your mode according to your preference. It consists of four massage head and each head is consist of 24 scratches through which you can get an excellent scalp massaging. You have to charge it through a rechargeable battery.

And its one most amazing thing is that it is waterproof so you can even use it while taking a hot or cool shower. It’s one important feature is that you can remove each node separately for the easy wash that’s not available for many massager. Due to its small size, you can keep it in a desk drawer or take along with your small travel bag.

ikeepi scalp massager:

If you want more than a message then you can choose ikeepi massager. It is a small hand tool with lightweight and provides user comfortability. It consists of 3 points round massage head and can be used for your face and eye area. It is a suitable massager for dandruff hair. If you have itchy scalp then it’s finger gripper scratch gives you a relaxing massage. Again, it is most popular among the people who are suffering from pressure behind their eyes. They can use it for a smooth massage.

Benefits of scalp massager:

The massager benefits depend on some considerable matter. Such as how you do scalp massaging, what type of massager you use, use of hair oil, and so on. So the benefits of scalp massaging can be discussed under the following section- 

  1. Type scalp massaging: If you do a proper scalp massaging then definitely you will get the benefit. If can be done by the following way-
  1. Message through the traditional way. It can be done through your fingertips of both hands applying light and medium pressure to your scalp in a circular motion. Massage up to 5 minutes. You can also do a scalp massage through a licensed massage therapist.
  2. Massage while washing hair requires less time using your fingertips. Simply massage over your head with shampoo or conditioner while taking a bath for 5 minutes.
  3. Most dermatologists recommend a massager through Brushes and massage tools.  As you can adjust speed and your hand will not also feel restless by using a massager. 


  • The proper way of massaging:


Pour some oil into a bowl and warm the oil so that you can put your finger for a while. Use cotton pads or your fingertips or a scalp massager and apply oil as circular motion. Apply oil little by little and cover the entire scalp.  Leave the oil for 30-60 minutes or a whole night. After a proper scalp massage, dip a towel in hot water and wrap it around your head for softening your hair. It will provide a silky texture. Then clean your hair with a mild shampoo.  


  • Type of scalp massager brush:


The massager benefits also depend on the type of massager brush that you use. Every electrical and manual massager has its specialty. Again, soft silicon bristle containing massager is suitable for someone where metal spindles also give a harsh message. Think about the type of massager brush- is it soft and gentle or powerful and intense.

All these considerations will help to narrow your choices among so many options. Again the people who want a scalp massager for hair growth then it’s important to have magnets with your scalp massager. Scalp massager including red light therapy improves hair growth. So scalp massager with Magnets and red light therapy will be much beneficial than normal or traditional scalp massager. Vibrating scalp massager benefits is much more than a normal scalp massager  


  • Type of hair oil for scalp massaging:


The base oil is an important fact to get the utmost benefit from your scalp massager. You can use coconut oil, avocado, or olive oil. Use any of these oil as a lukewarm form that helps to set oil properly. The use of some essential oil is also beneficial. 


  • Depend on Massage and speed settings:


If you want many options then it’s better to choose an electric scalp massager. In an electric device you will get several options including an intensive, mild, and gentle massage. But manual scalp massager doesn’t have this option. Again high priced electric massager have more option than a cost-effective or low-cost scalp massager. Speed is another important thing that anyone wants in a scalp massager. If you find the flexibility of the speed controlling then you have to choose a suitable electric scalp massager.

After considering the above you will be able to get the best result from your scalp massager. The scalp massager target benefits include-

  • Encourages hair growth
  • Improvise the scalp condition
  • Give a relaxing feeling
  • Improvises the blood circulation
  • Reduce muscle tension and balance the nervous system
  • Act as a natural remedy for migraines and headaches

Some tips to get maximum benefits through using scalp massager:

  • Avoid excessive shampooing and brushing.  
  • Use a minimal amount of chemical compounds for your hair.
  • Try to use Rogaine for a genetic hair loss problem.
  • You can also consult a doctor to adopt laser therapy, hair transplant, or corticosteroid injections for hair growth treatments.

Buying guide for a proper scalp massager:

If you are struggling a lot to find a suitable massager then this section will help you a lot. Take a look above the part-

Size and weight of it:

The size of the massager is the most considerable thing for any user. If you want to take your massager along with you other stuff then pick up of a small and easily fitted this is a good option. Avoid buying large size and heavy massager.  


It’s the most important thing that you have to fix before going to buy your preferable massager. If you have a high price range then it’s better to buy a more functional electric massager and if you want to spend less then a manual or cost-effective massager will be a good option. Mainly the price range of massager varies from 5 to 200 dollars.


If you want to use a scalp massager while taking a bath then a waterproof scalp massager is a suitable option. Manual scalp massager you can use but some electric scalp massager is more suitable that is waterproof.


It’s better to choose a standard rechargeable battery containing massager.

Now last but not least the most important thing is that scientific evidence has shown that only using a hair scalp can’t cure your hair loss problem, but it can assure the growth function of hair. You can do massager through your fingertips through a massager or from a trained therapist. Now it’s up to up. 



  • How to scalp massage with essential oil?


 You can use massager with essential oils. Mix 1 or 2 drops of lavender or peppermint oil as essential oil with 1 tablespoon of jojoba or melted coconut base oil and then apply this on your scalp. Use fingertips or a to gently massage.


  • Is it beneficial to use a massager for hair growth?


Yes, it is as it improvises the blood circulation of the hair follicles and thus stimulates hair growth.  


  • Can I use a massager daily?


Dermatologist or researchers have recommended using massager 1-2 times per week.


  • Will I feel pain while using a scalp massager?


Not actually. If you use an electric massager and can control the speed properly then you will feel no pain.


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