Mass Marketing vs. Targeted Marketing: The Comprehensive Guide to Maxing Out Your Resources

Mass Marketing vs Targeted Marketing

Mass Marketing vs. Targeted Marketing. Have you ever bought a particular product or service after watching its advertisement and promotion? Well, no wonder, as it is marketing in its best form, which means the aim of the brand to convert one viewer into consumer, becomes a reality.

Marketing, earlier confined to the limited options of visiting cards, big banners, and formal invitations, has now shifted from physical to the digital medium.

However, that is not all; there are two significant types of marketing, including mass marketing and target marketing, with each having its pros and cons.

In this article, we shall help you understand both types of marketing, but it is time to first focus on what mass marketing is and how it can benefit a business.

Mass Marketing – In a Nutshell

By definition, mass marketing refers to a marketing strategy aimed towards getting the attention of a considerable chunk of the target audience.

In other words, a good mass marketing strategy always aims to cover the maximum number of customers. However, it does seem to ignore the demographic difference.

Mass marketing places its focus on large sales volume with low prices to acquire maximum exposure for a particular product or service.

As far as advertising is taken into consideration, mass marketing is quite effective in the sale of necessary products, which the target audience has to purchase.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects of this type of marketing; It is time we find out how these can improve your online presence.

Elements of Mass Marketing

Some of the significant elements of a mass marketing campaign include:

  1. Product Development – Mass marketing usually considers general-purpose products, which often have a broader appeal to a wide base of customers.
  1. Pricing – Pricing includes providing the product within an affordable price range to a variety of customers.
  1. Product Design – The product design included in a mass marketing campaign is accessible.
  1. Promotion – The media preferred in mass marketing helps in the broader public of the product to cover maximum conversion.

However, we know that not everyone is a Marketing Guru, so it is better to lead by example.

With that said, we shall now look at some examples where mass marketing has proven effective.

How Mass Marketing Helps Brands

A considerable effect of mass marketing for a brand includes the telecom operators using it, as these services are in demand by almost everyone on the planet. Moreover, many FMCG products, including soaps, also use mass marketing campaigns for maximum impact.

Similarly, body deodorants and other personal hygiene products also apply this form of marketing, as these products cover a vast market segment.

A great example of successful mass marketing campaigns includes brand YouTube using advertisements for promoting various brands. Since the brand covers a broader audience base, its mass marketing campaigns have been highly successful.

However, many wonders as to how mass marketing campaigns can leave such a lasting impact on the target audience’s mind.

Now, pay attention!

The Mediums of Mass Marketing

For a mass marketing campaign to be highly successful, the ads need to cover products, which are in-demand in the target market.

With that said, here are the elements, which help mass marketing make such an impact.

  • TV and Radio
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Newspaper and Magazines

Nevertheless, even with all this, we know there will be some skeptics of mass marketing.

However, since we are not the ones to give up easily,  given below are some of the major advantages of mass marketing.

The Advantages of Mass Marketing

The most significant appeal of mass marketing is that it provides you with a much broader audience base, which can help in expanding your business.

If you are amongst those who believe that mass marketing is the key to business growth and expansion, read on to know about the various mass marketing advantages.    

  1. Executing mass marketing strategies can quickly provide a higher sales volume to your business. It is for this reason that the maximum audience will become aware of the product or service a company is offering.
  1. Creating mass marketing strategies will help your business stay organized and find a systematic approach to reach a broader audience base. With that, there will be increased chances of success when it comes to reaching sales goals.
  1. Choosing activities fit for a mass marketing campaign will also make it more efficient in reaching the final goal, aka better sales volume and customer experience. In short, the larger the market under the business, the stronger the brand will become.
  1. Any business looking to decrease the cost of marketing can efficiently utilize mass marketing, as it requires a single strategy to cover the maximum ground. So, no matter what the niche or segment, mass marketing will reach all.

How Can I Execute the Best Mass Marketing Strategy for my Business?

We are sure that by now, anyone interested in mass marketing would agree that it focuses on the whole market rather than a particular segment or niche.

For a mass marketing campaign to be successful, you, as the business owner, need to know the elements to consider when executing the different activities under this form of marketing.

We recommend you do proper market research instead, understand mass marketing, and develop a plan for maximum impact.

Without any further delay, check out the seven steps, which you can use for implementing the best mass marketing strategy.

  1. Have a sharp vision regarding the development of the product or service you want to offer to the audience.
  1. Always have a specific plan with how you would like to brand the products to increase its appeal to the maximum audience group.
  1. Identify the platform or medium, which you choose for promotion or advertising.
  1. Sustain the identity set amongst corporate regarding your business.
  1. Have the exact idea of the marketing material, which you will use to create a great impression on the target audience.
  1. Keep the right appeal for your product or service with the execution of the mass marketing strategy.
  1. Do not forget to develop the best pricing strategy, which will help your business gain the upper hand.

Now that we have handled the concept of mass marketing with all the necessary information, it is time to look at the other side of the coin, aka Target marketing.

Targeted Marketing – At a Glance

Targeted marketing includes the identification of the specific target audience, which is more likely to buy services and products. Moreover, they work to promote their products and services to that particular audience group.

Also, any promotional message and emails are sent to that particular group only, as compared to mass marketing, which covers a broader market area.

Who Uses Targeted Marketing?

If your business offers specialized products and services, which mostly provide advantages to a specific target audience, then targeted marketing is for you.

In other words, when the marketing is relevant for the chosen target audience, they are more likely to spend money on buying that particular product or service.

The Brand Using Targeted Marketing

The best example of using targeted marketing is Starbucks, which has the highest share in the coffee industry in the USA. The company focused on advertising for women and men between the ages of 25 to 40 living in urban areas.

Starbucks ‘ primary target market comes under the category of high-income groups with a salary around $90,000. It is a major reason why there is a Starbucks in every affluent neighborhood.

At the same time, many of Starbucks coffee shops are present in middle-income neighborhoods, where people do not earn such high neighborhood. It focuses on groups having a moderately high income, professional careers, and interest in social welfare. Starbucks knows these groups are more likely to spend money on specialized coffee drinks.

Now that we are through both targeted and mass marketing, now we shall find out what sets one type of marketing apart from the other.

Mass Marketing vs. Targeted Marketing

Want to know an interesting fact? The majority of corporate including big brands prefer a combination of both mass and targeted marketing creating maximum impact.

Target marketing might be helpful when promoting a particular product or service required by a specific group of customers. However, it is mass marketing that works maximum for brands looking to expand their customer reach and sales.

On the one hand, target marketing does need a lot more research; it can provide results for businesses looking to target specific customers. It is the reason why many small businesses tend to focus more on this form of marketing, as it’s reliable and gives more value. In short, targeted marketing has the chance to go viral and create a significant impact on consumers.

On the other hand, mass marketing sends out the message of a new product or service to everyone, and it is a bit costly; but still useful.


Within the last few decades, marketing has upgraded from simple visiting cards and banners to digital platforms. However, at the same time, it has two different types, including mass marketing and targeted marketing. Both these forms of marketing offer certain perks and have specific drawbacks, but a combination of both can quickly help brands climb the corporate ladder.


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