How to help your employees gain additional skills to excel at work


The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to remote working. With employees having more time on hand, many expressed the desire to improve their abilities and hone their talents. For managers, it is essential to encourage team members to keep their spark for gaining skills and knowledge alive. 

Offering employees options and access to career development can have many benefits. It can increase their motivation and improve job satisfaction. Having a plan in place to help employees continue to learn will allow them to excel at work.

Tips to help employees learn new skills

There are many ways in which you can help your employees learn new skills, gain knowledge, and keep up with the latest industry developments. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started.

Skill assessment

One of the best ways for your employees to advance in their careers is by having a true understanding of their current strengths and weaknesses. Different roles require specific qualities. The HR departments in many companies can work with staff members to help them assess their current skills and guide them toward the skills they need to develop, based on their career goals. Skill assessment can help your employees find strengths they may be unaware of. They can get a better understanding of the areas they may excel. Highlight the qualities of employees that are their biggest strengths and guide them to gain an understanding of their underdeveloped skills. This will allow them to create a career development path for themselves.

Support training programs 

When employees do not have the opportunity to develop skills and gain new abilities, they may not be able to develop professionally. Training programs can provide them with the knowledge they need to develop new skills. This will help them gain confidence, perform new duties, and become an asset to the organization. Companies with strong training and development programs are valued by employees. Cross-training, upskilling and reskilling programs will ultimately be a benefit to the company. Employees will gain new skills that will prepare them for senior positions and will be able to perform their responsibilities more eficiently.

Mentorship programs 

Consider having an in-house mentorship program so new employees will be able to learn their workplace culture and their roles better. Mentorship programs can help employees form new connections, make onboarding easier, and will help them understand the expectations, values, and culture of the company. Mentors can provide them with valuable advice and answer any questions they may have about their role. Mentorship programs can also be valuable when employees are transferred to different departments or when they are promoted. They can gain an accurate picture of what to expect when they join a new role and gain valuable experience.

Leverage online courses 

With so many online courses and degree programs available, it is easier than ever before for employees to learn new skills while working a full-time job. Digital courses can help employees develop critical skills that are essential in the workplace such as critical thinking and technical skills. When they enroll in an online MBA course such as the one offered by Aston University, they will learn skills to lead teams and manage organizations. They will learn about essential skills such as strategic thinking, decision-making, and business communication. Encouraging your employees to enroll in relevant online courses is one of the best ways to help them expand their skills.

Manager training

If you want your employees to grow within the company, manager training programs are an excellent way to do that. Talented employees are given the opportunity to pursue managerial roles. This increases their work ethic, motivation, and their drive to perform better. Having such training programs in place will also ensure that employees do not resign for better opportunities in other companies. Training employees and promoting them makes onboarding easier because existing employees are already familiar with the culture and practices of the company. Training programs can be customized to help employees develop the specific talents and skills needed for a particular role.

Career coaching services 

Many employees may be unsure about which career path to follow. They may not have direction about their future or may not have the information they need to approach a particular functional area in the organization. Career coaching can provide employees with the guidance they need so they feel more invested, confident, and fulfilled in their professional lives. Help employees learn more about themselves through self-discovery assessments so you can work with them to create a clear strategy for their professional goals. Career coaching ensures employees stay motivated and productive.  

Career development planning 

When managers are invested in the professional growth of their employees, the working environment stays positive and supportive. Helping employees with their career development plans are an effective way to show employees that you are invested in their success. This will motivate employees while improving the brand image of the organization. There are several different ways to help employees make a clear plan for their careers. Providing them with easily available resources such as informational articles and blogs, career workshops, and webinars can help them gain new knowledge and change their outlook. Having career coaches in the company is also an effective way to provide professional help to employees when they need it.  

Identify special traits 

Every employee has unique skills and special traits that can make them valuable for certain roles. These skills may make them an asset for new roles in different departments, even when employees may not be aware of their skills. As a manager, it will be your responsibility to identify these special traits and encourage employees to take pride in them. Encourage them to use these unique skills in different ways so they can explore career options they may not have considered in the past.

There are many ways employers can provide employees with the tools they need to excel in the workplace. Helping employees learn new knowledge and develop skills is a great way to create a team of efficient, talented, and loyal employees.


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