How to control Pests on Rose Plant

pests on rose plant

Roses are the most popular plants that grown easily on all-time of climates. Same time maintaining the rose plant is also the main facts to get healthy flowers because the common pests easily affect the plant and cause damage to the whole plants, finally make plan death. To avoid such damages, increase your daily inspections to detect the pest infestation in the early stages, which helps to control the pests counts and reduce the damage.

The early inspection also helps to avoid the spreading of plant disease from one plant to another. To handle the pest control method effectively, it is the mandatory one the identify the pest type. There is more than one option to control the pests, so the best one is to handle the biological pest control measure first to avoid the toxicity.  In a necessary case, you can go for the chemical pest control.

Any kind of pesticide is used after a clear understanding of the label instruction. So always be sure to read the label instructions and usage before purchasing the pesticide.

During the cool climate and wet weather, some cultural controls are not a favor for the battling pests and bugs. Cultural or natural control need more frequent application to control the pests. Natural control has a significant of fewer health issues, cost-wise not an expensive fact.

Common Pests on Rose Plant

  • Spider: Spiders are found on the lower side of the leaves 
  • Snail: snails are also found on the plant stems and under the leaves.
  • Beetles: Beetles have a strong body, covered by the hard shell
  • Mites: You can inspect the mites along the root side of the plants 
  • Aphids: Aphids are soft in nature and it appears in red, black, green and yellow. Presents on the stem side of plants. Aphids increase their reproduction rapidly and end in rapid growth.

How to confirm the pest infestation on Plants

These are the following symptoms you can easily conform there is the presence of pest on rose plants.

  1. Spotting of Pales and yellowish leaves
  2. Powdery Mildews near plant roots
  3. Yellowish Stem or weak stem
  4. Cropped of leaves
  5. Spotting of Black and white dots
  6. Rapid falling of leaves

Control Measures

Citrus-oil cleanser – Dilute citrus cleanser in the cup of water and transfer this to the spray bottle. Gently spray on the leaves or wherever you spot the infestation.

Soap water- Soap water is also effective for pests. Pests naturally hate the soap smell, Mix the mild soap agent with the lemon oil. Gently spray on entire plants.

Turmeric spray- Turmeric is the best antibiotic for all kinds of plants. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with warm water and pour it on the roots. It eliminates bugs and mites.

Splash with hot water– If you spot any pests or bugs pour the bucket of hot water directly on the leaves, it will reduce the spreading of pests. Keep in mind don’t pour the hot water on the roots.

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