How common are delivery truck accidents?

delivery truck accidents

Delivery truck accidents continue to rise. The volume of commerce carried by trucks is growing, and with the higher number of trucks on the road, there is a greater chance of truck accidents. A common cause of delivery truck accidents is distracted drivers. Safety measures are enforced, such as emergency brakes, rearview cameras, and lane departure signals — but driver recklessness mitigates such measures. In this blog, you will know How common are delivery truck accidents.

It frightens sometimes to share the road with trucks if you consider the factors that often contribute to delivery truck accidents — speeding, driver fatigue, distraction, driving under the influence, and recklessness. 

Delivery truck drivers are usually under a lot of pressure to transport goods as quickly as possible. The best intentions of a driver to simply get the job done quickly can result in careless and negligent actions. This ultimately leads to serious injuries.

Truck accidents cause the most severe injuries. It is scary because they’re likely to result in serious injury or death compared to car collisions. If you’ve been involved in a delivery truck accident, you may not know where to turn. Take note of the following common causes of truck accidents to help you in a lawsuit for an accident with a delivery truck.  

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Here are the common causes of truck accidents.

Driver fatigue

A truck driver can be under pressure and stress. Often, the company requires them to deliver goods to a certain destination within a short period. This means they drive long distances with few breaks and a little rest in between. 

Sometimes the distance to carry the consignment would require several days on the road, so the drivers have a few hours of sleep — and less quality of rest. As a result, truck drivers lose concentration and coordination, and are slower to react whenever road situations occur. 

There is a dangerous possibility the driver will fall asleep at the wheel.

Driver fatigue is a common cause of vehicle mishaps because companies don’t follow laws and regulations for how many hours the driver can work in one shift.

Driver Distraction

Driver distraction is a problem everywhere. It is an issue on the local roads as it is on the highways. When the person on the wheel is distracted, attention is shifted from the primary task of driving. Truck drivers try to multitask. They eat or take phone calls behind the wheel. The GPS systems on the vehicles also take the driver’s attention off the road.

Drugs and Alcohol 

Drugs and alcohol impair motorists’ judgment. Some of them use drugs and/or alcohol to stimulate themselves to stay awake while at the wheel. Despite the drugs and alcohol keep drivers awake unnaturally, they also compel them to take more risks like faster driving, the use of unsafe lane changes, and risky maneuvers in bad weather. Once the effects wear off, a motorist is likely to fall asleep at the helm.

Speediness and Overtakes 

One of the major causes of delivery truck accidents is speediness. Sometimes the motorist can’t deliver on time, but they try anyway. So they driver faster than is suitable for the road conditions. A vehicle in front is seen as a hurdle so a motorist speeds right up behind it. The car in front tries to swerve and get into another lane, which leads to accidents.

Poor Preparation and Maintenance

It’s the responsibility of the company to prepare and maintain their trucks before the journey. The driver should follow up on this since his safety is at stake. Mechanical failures like tire blowouts, failed brakes and electrical issues lead to accidents.  

The driver should be well trained to handle different scenarios on the road like wind, rain, or snow. He should be amply trained and experienced to maneuver through such scenarios. 

Delivery truck accidents tend to result in more serious injuries. Sometimes the aftermaths can stick with a person for life. It is your right that you receive money from the responsible party to handle your ongoing, future medical, and care expenses. There may be more than one party responsible for reimbursement. 

Ensure you receive what you deserve in a settlement. Potentially responsible parties include: truck driver, truck maintenance Company, truck manufacturer, and truck driver’s employer. 


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