Honda CB500X Adventure Range Review

Honda CB500X

Do you love to ride a motorcycle? and do you love Honda bikes? here is a short review of the latest model of Honda CB500X Adventure Range. Honda is no doubt a big name in the auto industry, every year they produce different models of motorcycles with exciting new features bundled with the latest technologies.

Hands up those out there who like fish and chips. I might just as well ask: who likes riding motorcycles? We all like both, don’t we! My local chippy is award-winning – it even won the best fish and chips in the country award in the Nineties.

If you are free-spirited, the CB500X Adventure Range is made just for you, or you want to ride in the jungles, CB500X is built for your adventurous mind.

It is very rare for me not to treat my self to such a delicacy when out and about on my travels, but to end up at the ‘Elite’ at Ruskington in Lincolnshire is top of my list. Ok, so all of you out there will have your favorite chippy, so good on yah.

In the winter months, up-to 20 motorcyclists descend on the Sleaford Elite Restaurant for Sunday lunch meets. Like-minded, methinks.

Now, not being a vain fellow (well, I don’t think so), I’m getting a bit fed-up with seeing myself in the reflection on the dashboard every time I take a glance at it. Actual mph and gear indicators are quite large, so no problem here, but trying to see the fuel level, clock and any other small details can be a pain.

I mentioned this to my Honda CB650 owner friend Patrick, who had the same problem with his machine. He was able to overcome this by purchasing and fitting a motorcycle dashboard screen protector – he reckons that the product cures the vanity issues! Bless him, only a few days ago he dropped off a protector for me to try – not yet fitted.


Now let’s talk suspension – as the miles have added up on the clock, I am beginning to find the ride a tad hard on the bumpy back roads – well, okay, this might be an age thing and wanting comfort to be to the fore over the above sheer handling ability. So, experimenting with the preload adjusters over a half-day ride with several stops to make those changes found me back to square one with the factory settings.

Backing the preload right off made the ride superbly pliant, but boy was it soggy on the corners when pushed hard. I even tried the preload at maximum – yes, it handled better through the twisties, but these old bones couldn’t cope with the hard ride. Ah well, at least I tried all options.


Christmas is coming early to me in a couple of weeks; a trip to the Honda Press Fleet workshop at Corby will see several accessories being fitted. The Honda CB500X will beat Corby for four days and a CB500F will be in the hands of yours truly during that time. It will be interesting to compare bikes back to back.


  • Cost New: £6069
  • Engine: 471cc Liquid-Cooled, DOHC parallel twin
  • Spec: 47bh p–maximum power output 35kw@8,600rpm
  • Kerb Weight: 197kg
  • Tank: 17.7 liters
  • Average mpg: 72.2mpg
  • Current Tyre: Dual op Trailmax Mixture


  • More than 200-mile tank range+
  • Low seat height (for short-legged me)


  • No heated grips (to be addressed)

That’s it! we know this isn’t a detailed review but we tried to cover all major qualities in this short space. What do you think about this highspeed bike? please let us know using comments section below.


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