The Hole Punch History: Everything you Need to Know

Hole Punch History

The Hole Punch History. We all know what a hole puncher is but most people don’t know the history behind it. We use it in our daily life and all the students, businessmen, shopkeepers and people from all fields use it. There is no denying the importance of its usage. Everyone has a hole puncher in his house or workplace. It is the most important tool that is used to create holes in papers or sheets. The purpose of creating holes in papers is necessary so they can be easily attached in a folder file. There are many kinds of hole punchers which are used in offices, schools, and workspaces. 

The invention of Hole Punchers

The invention of the hole puncher and its history go way back in the 19th century. People felt the need of holding their important documents and files in a file holder. They felt that there should be some kind of assistance so they can punch their holes in a feasible way. They urged that there should be a hole puncher. So that’s where the hole punch history started. Benjamin Smith made a hole punching machine with the help of steel and metal. This proved very helpful and people appreciated his efforts. This made ticket punching and paper punching very easy. After that, another patent for punching machines was developed by a man named Charles Brook. 

This invention proved a lot of help for everyone who uses papers for writing and storing information. Now this invention and discovery of the hole puncher have become our necessity. Every office goer, businessman, shopkeeper, ticketing officer, and student uses it for their tasks and assignments. 

Different kinds of Hole Punch

There are many kinds and shapes in hole punchers. But they all serve the same purpose of punching holes in a paper. It doesn’t matter which type they are. They all are helpful to their users in every way. The main function of hole punching includes steel rode with two or three knucklehead holes in it. It is accompanied by a metal sheet underneath it to handle the pressure of the punch. On the upper side of it, you can find a metal lining that covers the hole shaped structure of the hole punch. There are many types that you can find in the market. 

A basic hole punch will be made of metal. Aluminum and steel ones are the most common. You can also find some plastic ones which are really cost-effective. The hole punch designs are customizable and there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to hole punch. In all of the hole punch history, we have seen a lot of punchers uniquely made from different kinds of stuff including steel, glass, plastic, aluminum, and some queen in Europe also had a hole punch made out of gold. I mean that is really impressive. 

Mechanism of Hole punching

In this heading, all the works and techniques included in the Hole punch history are shared with you. It will be explained in easy steps and you will get a nice idea on how a hole punch is created with the help of a hole punch. 

  • First of all, the pressure is applied through hands-on the machine’s upper surface. Then it forwards the pressure down.
  • When the pressure is received by the symmetrical hole punchers, they create hole punches on a sheet of paper or cardboard. 
  • The diameter of a hole is just about 20-25mm and not more than that if you are working on a thin piece of paper. It varies if you are punching holes on metal sheets like aluminum and iron. 
  • The hole punch history is very unique and in the past time, people also used hole punchers to identify animals. Holes were punched in the tails of animals just to identify them. This a very sick method to identify your animals but it is what it is. 
  • Hole punchers used in factories have a different mechanism. In their case, holes are punched through the help of big machines and high-tech robots which are programmed this way. 

Number of Holes and the Hole Punch History Explained

Back in the days, every hole puncher had its own diameters and symmetrical shape. People realized that the file folders could not fit the papers and documents if they were not the exact size. People felt that there should be some standard size of hole punchers. Hole punchers should have a specific diameter and size and it should be general nationwide. It creates uncertainties if it does not stick to it the proper way. 

By realizing the problems, the people decided to have the same numbers for the punchers as there are for the folders. The size between the folder points should be the same between the punchers. So there is a uniform size for every folder size. If you want to prepare a comb size document for a folder then there is a 19 hole punch number size for it. Moreover, if you are looking for a simple document standard size then the 22 size puncher is enough for you. 

Advancements in Hole Punchers 

Back in the nineteenth century, things were made up of heavy metals and were very hard to carry. The same was the case with hole punchers, this problem also needed to be solved. Hole punchers are used by children, teachers, and students who are unable to lift such heavy devices. Many companies then started to use lighter materials for punching machines. They used plastic and fiber for it. Even the lightweight aluminum was used in this regard. It made it very easy for people to carry bulks of hole punching machines around the city and supply it to stationary shops and schools. 

By the time technology arrived, many kinds of stylish designs also came into the market. Some online internet stores also offer to make customized hole punchers. You can choose the design, shape, and styles you want to see in your hole puncher. 


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