High School DxD Season 5: Release Date, Cast And Plot [Internets Best Information on 2021]

High School DxD season 5
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It is an intriguing harem series, including demons and angels. They have been doing the same concept in the anime series High School DxD for multiple seasons. High School DxD anime series is based on a 2008 light novel written by Ichiei Ishibumi and illustrated by Miyama-Zero. They are returning with High School DxD season 5 anime series, which is excellent news for the anime fans.

In 2012, the first season of the High School DxD came out. Fans love and get attached to all four seasons of High School DxD just because of its tremendous and exciting storyline. And all their characters were so memorable that they were unforgettable.

So by seeing all four seasons’ success, it is sure that the 5th instalment of the show will be in high demand. The cine talk has confirmed the Season 5 of High School DxD. So keep reading this article to explore everything about High School DxD season 5.

What have we seen in High School DxD till now?

Directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Written by Takao Yoshioka
Producer TNK
Light Novel: High School DxD
Written by Ichiei Ishibumi
Illustrated by Miyama-Zero
High School DxD season 1
First aired 6 January, 2012
Last aired 23 March 2012
Total episodes 12 episodes
High School DxD season 2
Known as High School DxD New
First aired 7 July 2013
Last aired 22 September 2013
Total episodes 12 episodes
High School DxD season 3
Known as High School DxD Born
First aired 4 April 2015
Last aired 20 June 2015
Total episodes 12 episodes
High School DxD season 4
Known as High School DxD Hero
First aired 10 April 2018
Last aired 3 July 2018
Total episodes 13 episodes

As previously mentioned, High School DxD anime series is based on a light novel of the same title. The anime series is written by Takao Yoshioka, produced by TNK, and directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa.

From 6 January to 23 March on Tv Tokyo’s satellite channel AT-X, the anime series aired. The anime series follows the adventurous storyline of the life of a high school student Issei Hyodo. The plot of the High School DxD is all about the struggle among the fallen angels and devils. The first season started in 2012, and it got 12 episodes that got massive engagement from the fans.

Fans loved the show just because the anime series was so good and had a great and adventurous storyline and memorable characters. And all the fans are really excited for High School DxD season 5.

The Plot of High School DxD

The storyline of this anime series follows the adventurous life of a high school student Issei Hyodo. The story is all set during the fallen angels and the angels and struggle among the devils.

Issei’s eyes are all set on becoming a harem king, and he is also a little bit of a pervert. But unfortunately, on his first date, he got killed and then revealed to be a fallen angel.

A devil with a crimson-haired beauty named Rias Gremory revived Issei Hyodo and became his servant. However, the first season of High School DxD is totally based on the first two volumes of the light novel and a few side stories from volume 8.

On the other hand, the second season of High School DxD depends on the third and fourth volumes of the light novel, and season 3 of High School DxD adapted the material from the fifth to seventh volumes.

Lastly, High School DxD season 4, titled High School Hero, revolves around the material from the ninth and tenth volumes.

High School DxD season 5 Release Date

Is there a High School DxD season 5? Yes, of course, the renewal news of High School DxD is correct; Cine Talk confirms this news. But unfortunately, there is no official announcement for the upcoming season.

However, according to the Cine talks, the fifth season was going to premier in 2020. But unfortunately, there is a break in the planning of the 5th season due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Much other anime series are also delayed just because of the coronavirus pandemic. Otaka kart, the author of the light novel, confirmed that season 5 is on the way. The anime fans were encouraged by the Otaku to purchase and read more of the light novel stories.

Encouraging fans will increase sales of the novel that may jumpstart, resulting in the production of the upcoming season 5. However, if High School DxD season 5 is going to be released this year, it may debut in October.

Otherwise, if that does not happen, you may watch the upcoming season at the start of 2022.

What is going to be the plot of High School DxD season 5?

High school DxD consists of an exciting, adventurous, and a little bit of comedy storyline. That was the biggest reason the series became the best anime series and got massive engagement.

The High school DxD season 5 will be slightly different from previous ones as it will focus more on Issei and his adventurous life. High School DxD’s fans loved the amalgamation of action, romance, drama and supernatural elements.

Also, the upcoming season will focus and explore more about the chemistry between Rias and Issei.

Cast and characters

Characters Played by
Issei Hyoudou Yûki Kaji
Asia Argento Azumi Asakura
Rias Gremory Jamie Marchi
Kiba Sean O’ Connor
Yuto Kiba Kenji Nojima
Xenovia Lauren Landa
Azazel Phil Parsons
Irina Shido Maaya Uchido
Akeno Himejima Shizuka Ito
Koneko Toujou Ayana Taketetsu
Koneko Jad Saxton
Ddraig Christopher Sabat
Asia Chloe Daniels
Azazel Rikiya Koyama
Irina Kristi Kang

Who will be seen in the High School DxD season 5 cast?

Still, there is no update about the cast of the upcoming season by the officials. But it can be expected that the cast from the previous season will be seen again in this season. Also, it says that the animation team will also be the same in season 5.

However, in the first three seasons, the production team Studio TNK was the same. For the fourth season, the production team changed to studio Passione under the direction of Yoshifumi Sueda.

It says that some anime fans will get surprised after the sudden change in the styles and studios. On the other hand, others are pleased with these types of changes. That’s why we come to the point that Passione and Sueda will be the animation team for High School DxD season 5.

Wrapping up

We hope that the detailed information in this article is enough for you to know what is going to happen in High School DxD season 5. However, anime fans are curious about the show’s release due to its previous season’s adventurous plot and characters. The makers didn’t announce the release date of the upcoming season. But it is going to happen. So stay tuned with the article and be the first to get the update.


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