God of war sequel

god of war sequel


The God of war sequel is full of action, unbridled anger, and loads of fun. The game firstly started with the battle with a hydra. Since now, the game jumped a massive distance with tons of acrobatic movements, chained blades, furious enemies, and more. By the next year, God of war will release the latest God of war sequel Ragnarok for PS5. 


Even though Sony gave many teasers for the newest sequence, most of us know nothing about it. In order to make the game a little more fun, the game developers game bought back Kratos and his begotten son. To learn more about the game, read the stuff below and let us know what you think. 


God of War sequel for PlayStation 5 in 2021

In reality, not much is available on the internet about the upcoming God of War Sequel. But, there is a teaser on youtube and other sites. I saw many things about the upcoming game on social media sites. Aside from many rumors, Sony’s original teaser reflects what the game will be. So, let us see more about the God of War Sequel of 2018.  


Note: Sony is surely keeping many secrets for the latest God of War: Ragnarok. So, everything you are going to see here is a blend of both fanfiction and sony leaks.


Release Date for the God of War: Ragnarok 

If you are waiting for the latest God of War sequel Ragnarok, then your waiting will pay off within a few days. Sony confirms that, by the upcoming year, the game will have its official release. However, the game will be for PS5 users only. If you desire the game, then a PS5 is what you need. However, Sony may let PS4 users play this game as well. So, you should not be disheartened and pray. 


Developers of God of War Sequel

The developers for the next God of War Sequel will not change. So, Sony’s Santa Monica Studio will take full responsibility for the game. That is why the visual experience will greatly enhance, and the events will get fascinating. In reality, Santa Monica Studio really did a great job.


Teasers of the game

Presently, we saw only a few leaks on the internet about the game. So, many full reviews of the God of War: Ragnarok is pretty much fake. However, the teaser is that the journey of Kratos and his son, Atreus, will continue. When you further progress into the game, you will have to fight your enemies for your survival. Furthermore, the batter against gods will continue in the God of War sequel. 


The game also includes Thor as a god, and Kratos will most likely battle Thor in a death duel. But this is just fanfiction and might even be false. 


God of war (Over the last thirteen years)

God of War has been around us for more than a decade now. This game series is still the fan-favorite among all gamers. The game has come up a long way with graphics and also gaming features. Though you need the latest gaming Console (PS5) to play the game, the experience is totally breathtaking. So, now let us take an overview of all the versions of God of War. 



The God of War: Betrayal was indeed a great influencer for other mobile games of 2007. Though the 2007 phones were low in the hardware specs, the developers did a great job on it. The Kratos character became quite famous for the low-end games of that time. 


Furthermore, the God of War: Betrayal was more similar to the Prince of Persia game. That is why the game reflects a fantastic 2D experience. However, you will face no problem in fighting your enemies and having loads of fun. If you have an old phone, then this game can be quite enjoyable. 



In the year 2018, Facebook and Sony combine their efforts to make a text version of God Of War’s famous game. Firstly, the game will let its users play as Kratos’ son Atreus. In the game, Atreus plays an important role. The main reason is that Atreus assists Kratos in the Combat. However, the story of this version of the God of War indicates the growth and experiences of Atreus. 


When you advance deeper into the game, you can choose your path. But only manage not to die in the game, and you will be just fine. And after you survive, you can gain access to the some collectible God of war artifacts. 



The God of War: Chains of Olympus is a combination of both action and adventure. Surprisingly, Santa Monica Studio couldn’t pull out the game alone. In reality, Ready at Dawn helped Santa Monica to make this wonderful game. This game is available for all Playstation Portable (PSP), which is a handheld console. 


On the one hand, the game is full of dangers and, on the other hand, loads of fun. To begin the game, you have to take command of Kratos and play accordingly. You can surely play the combo-based Combat, platforming, battel with gods, and more. If you want a game that is full of mysteries and battels, then this game will indefinitely be your best choice. 



During the ending months of 2010, Ready at Dawn and Sony Computer Entertainment pulled off another amazing game. This version of God of War is the extension of the Chains of Olympus(2008). So, the developers made both of them authentically for any PSP. However, this game is totally out of this world if you compare other games of that time. 


In the game. Kartos becomes quite depressed and thinks about his mortal past. Therefore, he decides to explore his old self in the game. When you progress further into the game, you will meet Kratos’ mother. Then he goes to save his brother Deimos in the Domain of Death. The game is full of awesome adventures, family love, and more. But in many cases, the game is somewhat similar to the previous game. 



PS3 lovers surely enjoyed this God of war game Ascension in the year 2013. For many of us, this was the key reason for getting a PS3. In the very first part of the game, the play will know that Kratos killed his daughter and wife. However, Kratos didn’t do it on purpose, and Ares tricked him in doing so. 

That is why Kratos broke his blood oath to God and had to be in imprisonment. However, Kratos escaped with the help of Orkos. The game progressed a lot in graphics quality and gaming modes. So, improve your gaming performance with friends and show who is the boss in Gods of war. 


GOD OF WAR (PS2, 2005)

We all know about the first installment in the God of War series. God of War PS2 fully shows the influence of Greek mythology in the game. In the game, Kratos is a Spartan Warrior who is a servant of Olympian Gods. Further going into the story, you will see Kratos goes on the quest to find the mysterious artifacts. According to the story, Kratos needs those artifacts to stop his God enemies once and for all. 

In reality, the game is a combat game and will be quite enjoyable for everyone. However, this game’s graphics are not up to the mark as the game is the first reason for this God of War line up. 


GOD OF WAR 3 (PS3, 2010)

In the God of War 3 game, everyone is searching for Pandora that can open Pandora’s Box. This game surely was the best Combo-based battle game in the year 2010. Furthermore, in this game, you will see Kratos’s magical artifacts, the former God of War. Unlike other versions of God of War, this version has magical artifacts that let Kratos defeat even the gods. 

However, the game shows Kratos as a power-hungry character. That is why you will see very less about the affectionate part of Kratos. In fact, the game results in more bloodshed than needed. 


GOD OF WAR (2018) (PS4, 2018)

God Of War 2018 PS4 is truly a game-changer in the world of PS4 gaming. The Graphics properties in the game are one of the best till now. As there are two protagonists, Kratos and his son Atreus, this version is the first of this story. The games follow the death of Atreus’s mother, i.e., the second wife of Kratos. Then the father and son journey begins with an amazing story. 

At the beginning of the game, Kratos doesn’t let his son know about his past life and how he became a warrior. In the game, Kratos uses a magical battle-ax and kills his enemies. If you desire to grasp more about the game, then you sure have to try it. And don’t worry, you will like it indefinitely.



Will there be a God of War sequel?

If you are waiting for the God of War sequel, your waiting will pay off within a few days. But in the middle of the next year, Santa Monica will finish developing God of War: Ragnarok for PS5. This God of War sequel will come very soon. 


Will the next God of War be on ps4?

Sony game its notice about the release of God of War Sequel for PS5. However, it is not sure whether the game will support PS4 or not. We are hoping that the game will also run on PS4 consoles. 


Is Kratos immortal?

In reality, not even Gods are immortal in the God of War games. So, Kratos being immortal is fake. But again, Kratos is very strong, and he can easily escape death with his might. 


Why is Atreus called Loki?

Firstly, Loki was a frost giant. Atreus’ mother was also a part of that race. As Atreus is also part giant, my people call Atreus Loki. 


Is Loki a god or giant?

Surprisingly, Loki belongs to the Frost giant’s race. In the very beginning, Loki’s real parents didn’t want him as he was a week and small. But fortunately, King Oden saw Loki and took him as his own. 


Is Odin evil or good?

During the time of Odin, he was always a guy that no one trusted. However, many rulers seem to follow Oden due to his power and might. 


Wrapping up with the God of War Sequel

God of War Sequel is always one of the most exciting topics in the year 2020. We can find many leaks about the God of War: Ragnarok. But other than its release date, price, and the trailer, we know nothing much. The last God of War for PS4 got the game of the year award after its release. 


However, we don’t know anything about the recent game other than its amazing graphics and minor leaks. In conclusion, please wait for the next God Of War Sequel if you are a Gaming fan like me. 



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