Genius Tricks for Having a Perfectly Organized Desk

Organized Desk

If you find it hard to get work done or notice that your office supplies keep diminishing, then it’s the high time you took a good look at your workstation. Having a cluttered desk can make it impossible to locate vital office stationery and affect your work performance. Things like papers, files, books, and junk can distract you from accomplishing your work. The untidier your desk is, the harder it will be to concentrate, thus slowing down your work. Furthermore, a disorganized desk can ruin your office’s visual aesthetics. This can make it difficult to meet clients or colleagues without coming off as less professional. In today’s article, we discuss genius tricks you can put in place to help create a perfectly organized desk and professional lifestyle.

How Do I Keep a Clean and Perfectly Organized Desk?

Endorsing a clean and perfectly organized desk can help you feel energized and focused when accomplishing your daily goals. Even if you work in a limited office space, reducing your desk clutter can improve your space and aesthetics. Here’s are a few desk management tips to help you get your desk organized.

  1. Create A Working System

Assort your stuff into a labeled system, comprising of stickers and tags. This will help you locate essential items as well as improve your desk organization. A handy tip would be to use folders to store away your files and keep your desk clean.

  1. Focus On Important Items

Your desk should only have the most necessary daily items on it. This means, you need to discard unnecessary junk and find a spot for your most crucial things. More so, keeping your essential items on your desk makes it easy to spot and use whenever the need arises.

  1. Use A Stack Tray

Stack trays are useful desk accessories that help reduce clutter and take little space. This will help you store away your papers, files, and books above your desk, keeping it clean and tidy.

  1. Cut Down On Paper

Paper can cause disorder and chaos in any functioning work environment. Your best bet for keeping a clean and organized office desk is to cut paper usage. Use a scanner and softcopy documents to cut down on printing bulks or paper.

  1. Manage Your Cables

A lovely mahogany office desk riddled with wires is enough to send the gentlest person you know on a raging frenzy. Not only do running cables look bad, but they also impede your productivity and leave your desk in disarray.

How Do I Organize My Desk Drawer?

A simple rummage through your drawer will resurface long-lost items that you thought were never to be found. Your drawer is one of the most comfortable places to compile clutter and leave your office looking organized. To help improve your drawer’s appearance and functionality, take an inventory count of the items you’ve stored in it. This means, exploring your drawer space and categorizing your items as recyclables, trash, and supplies. This will help you assort your items and be left with the essential things that you need, leaving your drawer organized.

Organization Tips

The top drawer closest to your dominant hand should bear your entire daily office essential as it will be easy to reach. These can include stationary, paperclips, and other items. A drawer organizer can go a long way to arrange your drawer contents into an assorted system.

How Do I Maximize My Desk Space?

A desk management tip to increase your desk space is to replace bulk equipment, like monitors and keyboards, with smaller and ergonomic ones. This can cut down on the amount of desk space used. Furthermore, you can opt to use storage furniture, such as shelves and file cabinets. They provide ample storage to tuck away lingering items from your desk’s surface. More so, this helps reduce junk and prevents a decrease in productivity, focus, and anxiety.

How Can I Make My Desk Look Nice?

Skipping out on decorating your desk can leave it looking dull and plain. Consider making the most of your improved desk space by adding a picture frame or a colorful mug to help paint your office in an array of vibrant colors. You can also add a few ornaments, like a brass horse statue, a Newton cradle ball, or a globe, to help make your desk look nice and presentable. Additionally, you can add a few plants, such as cacti, peace lilies, philodendrons, or a bonsai tree. Flowers and plants can enhance your desk and reduce stress levels and anxiety.


Using practical desk accessories can help in maintaining optimal work performance and peace of mind. With these tips, you can maintain an organized desk with stylish yet straightforward ideas at no extra cost.


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