Free audio editing software

free audio editing software

Intro of free audio editing software

Even though paid sound editing apps work the best in editing, there are still some free options as well. In fact, the free audio editing software you will see in this article is surprisingly good. If you want to make a podcast, remove noise, or record songs, these free editing tools will indeed be useful. 

Furthermore, there are about seven of these free sound editing software in this article. The results of these apps will surely surprise and make you think twice before going premium. If you need to open a studio, then these premium sound editor software are completely at your service. 


Seven best free audio editing software for PC

In particular, creative-minded people need multiple software to edit their projects. These projects, such as sound editing, casting, or simple sound editing, require professional quality software. If you are a newbie or a pro, the apps bellow will be quite handy. So to create a masterpiece of your own, try the free sound editing software below. 


Wondershare Filmora

Surprisingly Filmora is not just a free song editing software. In fact, this app is both a video and a sound editor. So, Filmora has a useful UI and the latest editing features. There are tons of reasons why Filmora is at the top of the game. 


In reality, Wodnershare Filmora works on pretty much any operating system, including Windows and Mac. Secondly, it has a well-detailed sound compressor with auto sound management. Furthermore, you will get noise reduction and also audio transition feature. 


The Filmora’s features are so useful that only a few free audio editing software could surpass it. However, you will need to install the crack version of Filmora to use the pro version. 



Audacity is a totally free audio editing software that has multiple uses. In fact, Audacity is very user-friendly, powerful, and also well balanced. If you are a Windows person, this free app is just what you need. You can surely do anything with your audio after installing Audacity. 


The use of this free audio editing software will surely be fantastic. Multitrack audio editor, various formats support, audio mixer, 16-32bit support, etc. are essential. Furthermore, Audacity supports Audio unit effect plug-ins that experts undoubtedly want. That is why Audacity is the best choice for both freebies and pros. 


Properties of Audacity

  • Live Record
  • WAV and AIFF support
  • Noise removal
  • Cross-Platform Operation
  • Multitrack Mixing


Audio Cutter

Firstly, Audio Cutter is not an application software for any PC. Instead, it is a web-based software that you can use from any PC. So, you can edit your sound on the go just by using your web browser. Surprisingly, this Audio cutter has a totally free three hundred format support. 

When you open the Audio Cutter, you will see many useful editing tools. In general, we don’t need so many tools to improve our sound quality. However, experts need them for various projects. Finally, Audio Cutter will delete your data after you are logged out. 



You will not know about DVDVideoSoft until you personally try it out. This free audio editing software is truly for the general public. In fact, even a straightforward child can use DVDVideo Soft for their sound editing. You can surely split sounds, attract sounds, delete unwanted parts, and so on. 


Shortly after you open this software, you will see an Intro portion above. After scrolling down, you will find different editing options. This software features include sound conversion, format change, noise clean, volume adjust, and more. There are many other useful options, but these are some of my favorite. 


Free Audio Editor

Are you searching for a simple option for your editing projects? Then the Free sound Editor is the most straightforward choice for you. In fact, this software is the first choice for most newbies and children. Free audio editing software has the easiest to use tool for you. You can effectively convert any ordinary sound into something beautiful with a free audio editor. 


The power features of this software are trimming, splitting, sound fixes, and noise removal. Furthermore, you will have tons of saving options for your audio. So, try out this fantastic sound editor and then notice the difference. 



The Ocenaudio app makes excellent filtering and noise reduction for your sound. You can effectively clean all sound problems with its amazing tools. However, Ocenaudio is quite hard to use for a beginner. It has a user interface similar to Audacity but produces better results. So, if you want to use this app, then first try out other simple software from above. 


The features of Ocenaudio are,

  • VST Plugins 
  • Real-time Preview
  • Cross-Platform support
  • Efficient editing
  • Time saver
  • Fast interface



If you want complete sound editing software on your PC, then Zortam can help you a lot. This app has all the cool features for both pros and newcomers. The best part of Zortam is that you can use it for windows, mac, Linux, and even android. Furthermore, there are tons of saving options for Zortam. 


The smart recognition feature of Zortam can easily detect art, lyrics, songs, and more. So, this software is one of the best free audio editing software yet. 


Choosing the best free audio editing software (Guide)

For those of you who want something mind-blowing, they should read the stuff below. While choosing an excellent sound editor, you need a good studio setup. Any software has its limits. But the main goal is to process the best sound when you are producing it. 


Now comes the editing portion of the sound you recorded. So, let us see how you can take a free audio editing software. 


Quality of Sound

So, you are searching for the best and free sound editing software. Right? Well, this is undoubtedly an easy and challenging task at the same time. Firstly, the thing that matters is the sound quality of the software. If your software doesn’t produce a good base for your audio, don’t keep it lying around. Uninstall it and install a new audio editor. 


Furthermore, many apps will produce similar results. Examples of them are Audacity, Adobe Audition CC, Ocenaudio, etc. However, everything depends on how you choose them to be. So, try to install multiple sound editing apps and then select your favorite. 


Select according to OS

In general, tons of audio editors may produce unbelievable results. But, when you are using the software in a different operating system, the UI may change. For example, when you are in an android operating system, your editing tool will indeed differ from a PC. In order to get top-grade outcomes, you need to select the perfect app for your OS. 


The Adobe Audition CC, Audacity, Acoustica standard edition, etc. will be handy for the Windows OS. Again, when you are on a Mac PC, then TwistedWave Mac, Hindenburg, etc. are better options. Therefore, look for online reviews of the free audio editing software for your OS and then download it. 


Basic features

Since you are trying to find a expert audio editing application, you need some basic features with it too. In general, we use sound editors to improve the sound of casts, music, and mixes. That is why you need the latest noise removal, simultaneous recording, variety file option, virtual instrument rack, etc. Additionally, you may also need replaceable patches, a sound mixer, and of course, a prerecorded file uploader. 


If you have the above features in your sound editor, you can easily do miracles to your audio track. However, your work will impact what type of features you need. So these basics are a must before installing free audio editing software. 


File size and Type

Of course, the file size of your software plus the type of audio will matter greatly. To explain the reason, you need to see which kind of file is right for you.


If you want the best audio quality type, then FLAC, WAV, or AIFF will serve you best. But mp3 is the most common audio Type for sharing on social media. 


Finally, for professional editors, the WAV file type will be more appropriate as they are totally uncompressed. Furthermore, this formate will produce great results for loops and web animations. So, get the audio editor that will suit your needs perfectly. 


FAQs of free audio editing software

What is the best free audio editing software?

Firstly, there are many audio editing software out there. But I’m sorry to say, not all are good, free, or even premium. You can definitely find free sound effect apps for your PC. Among them, the best free audio editing software is,


  • Audacity: Indeed, free and the best for all OS users.
  • Ocenaudio: Alternative of Audacity. 
  • Zortam: It is fully packed with all the best tools. 
  • Audio Cutter: Easy to use and straightforward.


Is Audacity the best free audio editing software?

Yes indeed. Audacity is one of the best free sound effect apps. This amazing sound editing software has many great tools and features. In reality, many paid sound edits cannot give you what Audacity offers. Surprisingly, Audacity is the only software that is meeting the standard for more than twenty years. Finally, you will get a regular monthly update for Audacity. 


How can I edit a voice recording for free audio editing software?

The internet is full of free sound editing software that is pretty good. Additionally, there are many crack-version of premium software that will work too. But nowadays, the free version and the premium version applications are quite the same. So, you can try free audio editing software like Audacity, free audio, Zortam, etc.


Is Audacity really free audio editing software?

Audacity application is the best sound editor for its various features. And yes, it is wholly free. However, you will need to install lame and FFmpeg for the best edits. Therefore use this amazing free software without any registration as well. 


Does Windows 10 have free audio editing software?

Windows 10 does not have a sound editor of its very own. However, you can download different apps to make your recordings better. Simply get any good quality sound editors for your PC and start editing. If you face any problems, then google it or search it from youtube. 


Is there anything better than Audacity?

Yes. There are surely many free alternatives for the audacity application. Among them, the best is Wavepad. Finally, this software is very simple and flexible to use. The most useful feature of Wavepad is that you can edit video sounds as well.


Wrapping up with the free audio editing software

Many of us try for the paid or premium sound editing software for their projects. But there is more than one option to choose from when it comes to free. In fact, the free audio editing software above will give you a full premium feel. Furthermore, you will not have to pay a dime for them. 


But before downloading a free sound editor, make sure it has the four basic things above. The basics are what you generally need, and the rest are extras. 


Nowadays, the difference between premium and free software has decreased dramatically. And all is thanks to the efforts of many developers and tech enthusiasts. So, create any sound you like, improve it, or make the noise go away with a few clicks. Have a good day. See you later. 



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